munich subway


Artwork at the four new Second Avenue Subway stations!

Jean Shin, “Elevated”, at 63rd Street Station. Ceramic tile, glass mosaic, and laminated glas fabricated by Frank Giorgini Handmade Tiles, Udu Inc., Miotto Mosaic Art Studio, and Tom Patti Design.

Vik Muniz, “Perfect Strangers”, at 72nd Street Station. Glass mosaic fabricated by Franz Mayer of Munich.

Chuck Close, “Subway Portraits”, at 86th Street Station. Ceramic tile, glass and ceramic mosaic fabricated by Mosaika Art & Design. (Detail of portrait of Zhang Huan).

Sarah Sze, “Blueprint for a Landscape”, at 96th Street Station. Porcelain tile fabricated by Sarah Sze Studio, Alcalagres, and Estudio Cerámico.