munich 1972 olympics


In September 1972, during the Munich olympic games, 8 palestinian terrorists from the group ‘Black September’ attacked 11 members of the Israeli olympic team and took them hostage, demanding the release of over 200 prisoners. This event became known as the ‘Munich Massacre’, as all 11 members were murdered.

Pictured above is the iconic image of one of the terrorists on the balcony of Apartment 1, where the hostages were initially held. Two of the hostages were shot and killed while in the apartment building during the initial attack. The remaining hostages were kept in this blood spattered apartment for less than 24 hours, during which the siege was widely televised and reported, and numerous rescue attempts failed. The terrorists had been specifically instructed not to hold the hostages for more than a day, and should their demands not be met they were to request an airplane to transport them and the hostages to a middle-eastern country of their choice.

During this process the German authorities saw another opportunity to ambush the terrorists at the runway, however the whole operation was poorly orchestrated and resulted in a fire fight that lasted over an hour. During this fight the hostages were bound together in two helicopters that had transported both them and the 8 terrorists to the air strip. In the middle of the gun fight the terrorists took the opportunity to throw a live grenade into one of these helicopters, while another terrorist emptied a machine gun into the remaining helicopter, killing all 9 of the surviving hostages.

H&K P7

A unique 9x19mm semi-auto pistol that was designed in response to the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre. The strict requirements eventually led to the culmination and creation of the P7 and its siblings.Considered very accurate and reliable, they do have some flaws; particularly weight which concerns some people for concealed carry use, lack of spare parts and aftermarket parts, and a tendency to get rather warm around the trigger guard area due to the low bore axis. (GRH)


September 5th 1972: Munich Massacre

On this day in 1972, the Palestinian terrorist group Black September broke into the Olympic Village of the Munich Games and took five Israeli athletes and six coaches hostage. The 1972 Games were already a tense one, as it was the first Olympics held in Germany since 1936 (which took place under Nazi rule). The Israeli athletes were particular nervous but everything went smoothly until early in the morning of September 5th when eight members of Black September broke into the Olympic Village. Two Israelis were killed that night and the remaining nine were taken hostage. The group demanded the release of 234 prisoners in Israeli prisons. A standoff ensued, and by the evening the terrorists realised they would be overwhelmed when they arrived at the airport where they were supposed to leave the country. All nine hostages were then tragically killed and the authorities struck down five of the eight terrorists; the surviving three were arrested. They were later released after other Black September members hijacked a plane and threatened to blow it up unless the Munich terrorists were released. In retaliation to the attack and the release of those responsible, the Israeli government’s intelligence agency Mossad targetted Palestinians with supposed ties to the event; in reality many innocent people were killed for a crime with which they were not involved