“The hell do you think you’re doing in sharkfolk territory, mermaid?” ~ Dark Waters

Ahhh, read it, it’s perfect! n_____n Felt like I needed to do another pic…I may do a traditional version too, just because I love it so much! <3

Also, I borrowed Approvesport’s idea for Gajeel’s sharkskin pattern. Yay, awesome ppl everywhere!!!!

“The voice hissed at her side, and she started, drawn from her thoughts to find a head of golden hair and brown eyes wild with worry. The sight of her friend was a sudden flash of colour in the otherwise grey-and-green of their surroundings.”

Dark Waters – by Mungoe

Everyone draws mermaid!Levy so I drew mermaid!Lucy instead because I’m 100% Lucy trash I’m sorry sobs

The design is heavily inspired by rboz’s one, even thought I gave it my own twist (´∀`)

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a very late wedding gift for mungoe, it was supposed to be a single request but i love this amazing person so i decided to expand it a bit.

In case you didn’t know, it’s a crossover of Gajevy and our favorite movie ‘The Hobbit’: Gajeel as the king of the Dwarfs and Levy as a peace-loving Hobbit girl ^^ all ideas are suggested by Mungoe, i just drew the illustration. 

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"Give them to the Leviathan." 
                  Dark Waters chapter 6 - by mungoe

This time I included some new characters (sharkman!Lily yay) as well as my design of Acnologia. Also, I was inspired by this song, i think it really fits the dark atmosphere of this AU and I played it through the process, I recommend checking it out so you can feel what I feel lol. Lastly, thanks for joining the stream, I had so much fun talking with you guys! 

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Dark Waters

Every gajevy artists had their takes on mungoe’s masterpiece so yeah, here comes nothing from me…Gajeel’s design is totally torn from Micaela’s, Rusky’s and blackracoon25​’s designs (honestly the best designs i have ever seen tho) and i tried myself on Levy’s a bit, hope it isn’t so unoriginal…

And of course this is dedicated to the talented mungoe

for the colour palette meme - mungoe asked for Olivier Armstrong in #6

I’ve never drawn Olivier with her hair up before, so I thought it’d be a nice challenge. She feels like a slightly younger Olivier in this drawing somehow.

Author Interview #10: Miss Mungoe

Miss Mungoe is a hugely talented writer who joined in April 2009 and has written 56 stories for One Piece,Fairy Tail, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Fullmetal Alchemist, Jak and Daxter, and How to Train Your Dragon. She describes herself as “twenty-something lit. student with a fondness for inappropriate puns and underrated pairings.”

I’ve already talked about Hard Liquor which is a Gajevy 1920s story and is one of my favourite Fairy Tail fanfictions. I’m also really enjoying Dark Waters, a mermaid AU. Of course, she’s written a lot more that I can’t possibly list here so check out her profile here.

I enjoy her stories a lot so I asked her some questions: 

1. How did you discover fanfiction?

By accident, more than anything else. I was just browsing for art when I found some links, and a few clicks later I happened upon the site. Needless to say, I stuck around. 

2. Why did you decide to write fanfiction?

I found it fascinating! For as long as I can remember I’ve been making up stories in my head with characters from my favourite novels, video games etc. and for years and years I did it without knowing that if I’d put pen to paper, it would be fanfiction. And so once I discovered that there was a whole community where I could share my stories, the choice was easy. I loved the way the fandom works, with people meeting to share stories and art and headcanons, and I wanted to be part of it. 

3. Did you read fanfiction a lot before starting to write it? If so, from what fandoms? 

I read some, but it didn’t take very long before I started writing myself. The first fandoms in which I was an active reader were Jak & Daxter, Final Fantasy X, The Longest Journey, Naruto and Bleach. 

4. How did you feel when you posted your first fanfiction?

Terrified! I was 13 at the time, I think, and horribly nervous about whether or not people would like my writing, or if I’d get people calling me out on my weaknesses. Obviously, I didn’t have the same grasp of the English language as I do today, but I’m proud of where I started out, and the mistakes I made. 

5. What’s the story/meaning behind your username?

I wanted something that didn’t necessarily mean anything? In the spirit of Lewis Carroll I wanted something fun and meaningless; a pseudonym that didn’t connect me to any specific thing or fandom. But at the same time I wanted something catchy, hence the alliteration with the repeated M-sounds in “Miss Mungoe”. I wasn’t super excited about it in the beginning, it was mostly a means to an end, but it’s grown on me. 

6. What do you think is your biggest strength and biggest weakness in your writing?

I like to imagine my biggest strength lies in characterization, which is what I put the most effort into. I want the dialogue to fit the characters, and their actions to be believable. My biggest weakness I would say is that I sometimes get a little heavy on descriptions. 

7. Do you write original work, other than fanfiction?

I do! I’ve always wanted to publish a book of my own, and I’ve worked on different projects over the years, from short stories to longer novels. I write a lot in English, but recently I’ve started writing more and more in my native tongue as well. 

8. Do you find it difficult to work on several stories at once? 

Not really, it’s actually how I work best. I’ve always had a knack for working on several different projects at the same time, and I don’t feel it impairs me in any way. The variation, since it’s always several very different stories, helps me from getting into ruts. It actually reflects how I am as a reader: I can never just read one book at a time. I always have at least five, that I move between depending on my mood. 

9. Do you have a special ritual or certain things that you do when you write?

I need coffee as well as good music. I make playlists for the fics I’m working on, with appropriate songs to get into the right mood for writing. 

10. Do you refer to the original material often to help you when writing?

Yes, I make copious references to the canon material in my AU-stories. 

11. Is there an aspect that you don’t like about writing and posting fanfiction?

The entitlement of some of my readers, I think is my number one annoyance. I mostly get wonderful and supportive reviews and messages, but there will always be those who demand without giving much back, and who will hold me personally responsible if I don’t include a ship they want,or don’t take the story in the direction they want it to go. 

12. What is the biggest challenge for you when writing fanfiction?

Finding the time, honestly. I’ve also mentioned that I’m a non-native speaker, and even if I’ve got a degree in English and a pretty good grasp of the language, I still struggle sometimes, because my head will think in my native language and I’ll structure sentences that make no sense. 

13. What are your favourite fanfictions for the Gajevy pairing?

It’s been a while since I’ve been an active reader in this fandom, but I pop by from time to time. Here are some stories I keep coming back to read: 

‘Plans and Execution’ AuroraLeona
'Ironbound Paperbacks’ by Corrose
'Atheneum’ by Lionus 
'With the Tide’ by feari teiru
'Make Your Nest and Lay in It’ by Silver Inklett
'Misconceptions’ by Yssa B

14. Who are your top 5 writers that you would recommend to check out?

Choosing a top five in one fandom is difficult enough, but a top five out of all my favourites was extremely challenging, after 10 years with fanfiction. But here are some of those whose works I’ve read so many times I know some of them by heart, and who I would give my left arm to meet, let alone achieve a fraction of their skill: LoquaciousQuark (writes for Dragon Age), notbecauseofvictories (Lord of the Rings + original), leupagus (The Hobbit), Mira-Jade (everything from Marvel to Shakespeare) and tarysande (Mass Effect). 

For gajevy, the authors listed in the question above! 

15. You’ve written for many different fandoms, why is that? Which fandom do you prefer writing in?

It ties in with why I like to write several stories at once: I like to move about. If I write for the same fandom or the same characters for an extended time, I grow restless and my inspiration wanes. I tend to follow my inspiration wherever it takes me, and sometimes that means writing for a completely different fandom. 

My favourite is actually the One Piece fandom. I had a story there on hiatus for years, but the only thing I got was supportive messages, not a single disgruntled or demanding reader, and people were just generally lovely and kind. Some of the other fandoms I write for have a lot of issues with this. I have very little patience when it comes to dealing with entitled readers, but I can’t say I’ve ever come across that in the One Piece fandom. Maybe I’m just lucky, but that’s my experience, at least. 

16. Have you had unpleasant experiences with some of your readers?

Not really unpleasant, they’re mostly kind. I’ve had a few people disagree with how I’ve chosen to do things, but that’s about as close as I’ve gotten. 

17. Do you think there will be a time when you decide to stop writing fanfiction?

I don’t know, it depends on how my life turns out, I guess? Right now it’s a way for me to relax and unwind; I’m a full-time student working part-time, and writing fanfiction helps with stress. To be honest, I hope I never stop writing it, but at the same time I don’t know. 

18. If you could sum up your experience as a successful fanfiction writer in three words, what would they be?

Take. No. S***. 

19. Would you have any advice to aspiring writers?

Write. Just do it. One sentence a day or ten pages, it doesn’t matter, just keep writing. Start out with something small – drabbles, ficlets, what have you, and let yourself grow. Improve, take risks, read and reread your work and learn to love it. Dare to make mistakes, and if you do, take a breath and move on. And most importantly: write what you want, the way you want it. 

20. Anything to say to your readers and potential readers?

I write a lot for myself, but I also write for my readers. So thank you so much for your support; for being so lovely and for sticking with me even if I’ve got so many different projects going at once and I don’t focus all my energy on that one particular story you’d like me to update. Thank you for all the thoughtful messages and the fantastic artworks, and I only hope I can someday come close to deserving it! 

For potential readers: here there be crack-ships and AU. Tread lightly

Thank you for doing this interview and for your wonderful fanfiction! Check out her blog mungoe :)

“And in his mind as it tore apart, the blue of her hair and the endless dark of her grinning eyes.”

Wrought Iron Heart - by mungoe 

I dedicated this piece to Mungoe , thank you for converting my ideas into golden words with your amazing talent <3 

“You are not property.”

Liliacs out of the Dead Land by mungoe

The pic was actually done a couple of days before the story was published, but I thought it fit well with this particular part of the fic. :D

Mungoe is an amazing writer and I would recommend her fics if you are a One Piece, Fairy Tail and FMA fan, especially if you like  these pairings:

Gajeel/Levy, Shanks/Makino, Hancock/Mihawk, Laxus/Cana, Mira Armstrong/Buccaneer