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I think i love the part about underwear and kisses //dies omg this is so perfect bro

but dude imagine them planning to have a cute dinner or something but then it rains/they go too late at night and the place they were gonna go is closed. Its stupid and they are mad. So they go home and take off all tehir nice clothes and just play minecraft or halo or super mario until way late at night. And the winner of each round gets kisses or whatever they are betting. After like 3.5 hours they are getting tired and end up just making out on their family room floor until bedtime

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[cracks knuckles] Here we go

  • falls asleep on the couch - Ibuki usually but sometimes Kirino will lay on him and they will both sleep there
  • makes friends with the neighbors - Kirino can make friends a lot easier than Ibuki and is more social. But once Ibuki gets dragged along he can get along with their neighbors pretty well. If they meet people close to their age that live close they even go out on the town with them
  • is the adventurous eater - Ibuki. He has a hard time convincing Kirino to try new foods
  • hogs the covers at night - K I R I N O. But Ibuki is a pretty warm guy so he will usually just cuddle up to his blanketed bby and be just fine
  • forgets to do the dishes - Kirino is the one that says he is going to do them and never gets around to it. Ibuki will do it if asked but otherwise he doesnt bother with it.
  • tries to surprise their partner more often - Kirino has this game okay? he tries to do things to get a reaction out of Ibuki [bc ibuki is a pretty chill guy]. He doesnt usually succeed but really loves when it does happen.
  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor  - Kirino is the infamously bad one about it. Ibuki will leave a shirt here and a jacket there but he isn’t too bad about that kinda stuff
  • stays up til 2 AM reading - Neither one really. They will stay up and watch movies or tv until after 2 am tho.
  • sings in the shower - Kirino. Unless Ibuki gets in with him
  • takes the selfies - Kirino again. but ibuki always participates and is the one to print them off all special for Kirino as gifts
  • plans date night - Most of their non-indoor date nights are doubles or triples with friends. They relax more at home where they can sit around in their underwear or play video games and steal kisses

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8 with MuneRan /hi bro <3

The inazuma town fair was bustling with people. The smell of funnel cakes and cotton candy was intoxicating to the point that just inhaling the air could make you hyper. The moon seemed bigger tonight but maybe it was just the wonder of the atmosphere. Lights flashed on rides and game hosts spoke out and called on any poor soul that had to pass by to go to the next ride. People dressed in costumes and outrageous outfits as they walked in groups of three to seven. Those on dates were honestly too easy to spot as they seemed to ignore anything but each other as they walked about or snuck onto the ferris wheel for the 8th time.

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