Help what is with me and ugly sweaters on my OCs???

Also no pants (see Piper)

This is, uh, nameless Mundkopf girl after she obtains clothes. She likes thigh-highs but her long legs and feet don’t quite fit.

She also has a small stubby tail

And a rough pic of her mouth open

Had to redraw her hands and do a shitty job with the speckled/motley skin

Also Mundköpfe have no nipples since they don’t feed their young breast milk. On females, the breasts are nothing more than lumps that are there to distinguish between genders. Their ears are expressive and function not unlike bat ears, though they don’t need echolocation since they have the ability to sense their surroundings to “see”. They get easily confused in empty spaces though since there is nothing there for them to “see”. Basically their ears are a way of confirming what they sense.