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Man, middle names are such a wasted opportunity. Everyone always has the same generic names like “Anne” or whatever, or they’re named after a relative. Boring.

What middle names SHOULD be for is cool titles. Maria Skullcrusher Chavez. John the Destroyer Thomas. Emily Fireheart Brown. What the fuck are parents doing giving their kids mundane middle names

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How do you apply the "write what you know" idea when you're writing fantasy ? Is it more like, basing characters off of people you've known or dealt with? Love your blog btw. Oh and *curtsies*

Here’s the thing: the only fantasy that actually works is fantasy that doesn’t alienate a reader. And how you avoid alienating readers is by making the world familiar but different. So your idea about writing real, recognizable characters? Spot on. Don’t copy real people’s personalities wholesale in the same way that you wouldn’t copy a real city wholesale, but absolutely put your real-world knowledge to work. The best example I can offer you for this is Pat Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind. It’s high fantasy, but it’s engaging and believable because he knows how to write a showbiz and university environment that’s recognizable from real life. 

Here’s the other thing I think people forget about fantasy: even characters with magical powers have mundane, everyday lives. Kids at Hogwarts take standardized tests and go to sporting events and write each other embarrassing love notes. That’s all stuff that happens in the real world too, and it’s relatable. 

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jimon + sports

•i know that simons like notoriously geeky but i mean…bro has abs. he definitely played a sport and im thinking tennis, which luke taught him how to play when he was like 8 and he used a tiny spiderman racket
•he’ll train with jace and there will be some move where he has to swing a weapon with a lot of force and he’ll fuckin nail that bc of years of tennis
•jace probably never did mundane sports as a kid but when he starts dating simon they’ll take walks in the park and see people playing football and he’s eager to try
•simon makes all of their friends gather in the park to play football (touch not tackle bc they have Too Much Power) and jace has so much fun
•he starts trying other sports and he likes a lot of them except ice skating, which he does exactly once and then never again bc he fell and hurt his elbow and now he’s eternally bitter about it
•they’ll watch soccer games together and jace will randomly pick a team to root for but then immediately mix them up and end up cheering for everyone

Scribble-Doodle: (Not) A Kid

Teen parabatai feels ahoy!

Jace will never forget the first time that Alec hugged him.

They join a routine patrol, he and Alec - Izzy’s a year too young for that and she makes her displeasure known very vocally - to see “how it’s done in the real world.” Demon killing, that is. They’re there strictly to observe and, “don’t you get in the way, boys!” Mundane kids do that too, apparently, go on “school trips” and stuff like that, but they go to museums and zoos and to other places like that. And they don’t usually carry weapons stashed all over their persons.

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by the way, of all the Dream Jobs that I like to imagine for Future Mayday

Basketball Coach at Xavier’s will always be my favorite

she’d be so happy!!!

but the idea of her working on the police force or as a case worker (2nd fave) does have some appeal, in no small part because then her and Reilly’s paths would cross and they’d give each other shit in a professional setting and everyone else would hate them

Jace not knowing what a GI Joe is just made me remember how much I want fics where Jocelyn and Luke have to figure out how to raise a mundane kid.

Like I know they’d have to figure out how taxes and home insurance and other normal stuff works but I mean fics where neither of them know what to get like a five year old Clary for her birthday because what do mundane kids even like

And they wind up having to ask Magnus for advice because he’s lived in the mundane world for so long; plus if she’s 18 now that means Clary was a child in the late 90s so can you even imagine:

“I’m gonna get her that Cabbage child doll, what do you think, Magnus?”

“It’s cabbage patch doll, first of all, and we go through this EVERY YEAR Jocelyn, just get her a Tamagotchi.”

“Is that some kind of Japanese river monster because I swear, Bane–”

“No, it’s like an electronic pet; it goes on a keychain–you know what just give me 20 bucks and she can have my old one, I can’t keep the stupid thing alive anyway.”

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do you have a patreon?

Unfortunately I don’t draw enough weird fetish porn to justify getting a patreon.

Nope! Maybe I would if I could think of stuff worth doing for it. Tutorials or comics or drawing requests probably?

i completely forgot i had this blog. go me. well, might as well put it to good use. i’ve been putzing around the novels again lately and this one scene has kind of been niggling at the back of my brain ever since i first read it. from the 4th KH2 novel:

Kairi was seated on the floor of the cell, her arms encircling her knees as Pluto licked her cheek.

“I wonder if Axel will be okay,” she mused, and Pluto whined softly in reply. She looked at him and ventured a smile. “Someone will come for us, I’m sure of it.”

She dropped her head onto her folded arms, staring into her lap. Surely someone would come. Axel, or Sora, or Riku–someone would come and help her.

Why was I even brought here in the first place? she wondered. Twice now, I’ve watched as Axel was hurt right in front of me, and I was unable to do anything about it. How many times has he saved me?

Kairi paused and lifted her head.

How many? she asked herself again, frowning. Something wasn’t right. She’d only met Axel twice, hadn’t she? Once, when he had kidnapped her, and once more just before now, when he’d come to find her.

Why, then? She couldn’t figure it out. Why do I feel as though he’s come to my rescue so many times before…?

okay, a little context: despite having fought him with all she was worth when he kidnapped her, Kairi does come to understand Axel a bit, which is something we didn’t see in the game at all. they chat in the corridors before she’s taken away by Saïx, and she determines that Axel really isn’t the villain he pretends to be. after she’s taken, Axel then actually goes back to the castle with intent to free her, but is apprehended by Saïx and gets his ass handed to him. again.

what intrigues me about this scene, though, is Kairi supposing that Axel has come to her rescue before. she says it right there, that she’s only met him those two times: when he kidnapped her, and when he came to free her but was stopped… so what in the world does this mean?

i’ve heard theories that it’s because of Naminé’s influence, since Axel did help Naminé out in Castle Oblivion, but the thing is, Kairi hasn’t met Naminé yet. there hasn’t been any transference of memory between them yet. so where does this idea she’s even encountered Axel before, let alone been rescued by him before, come from?

they do both hail from Radiant Garden, recall. there’s no specific indication that Lea and Kairi had met when they were younger, but there’s also nothing that disproves it. Kairi remembers basically nothing from her time spent in Garden, and it’s unclear just how much Axel remembers, but even if he suffered no loss of memory for his becoming a Nobody, do you specifically remember every little neighborhood kid you might have run into when you were fifteen? Isa accuses Lea of having a tendency to pick up strays: if Lea made a common practice of looking out for the little ones in Garden, he could have easily helped Kairi out a few times and just sort of forgotten about it.

or maybe he didn’t forget. maybe that’s why he went back to help her escape. maybe he knew the whole time that this girl was the same girl he knew all those years ago, and maybe it was more than just a pang of passing conscience that sent him back to her prison.

i think he did know her. and i think he remembers. it’s pretty clear that Axel has a soft spot for kids: in the manga he even lets himself get ‘captured’ by the lost boys when he and Roxas go to Never Land. imagine, The Flurry of Dancing Flames, captured by a bunch of mundane kids in animal costumes? balderdash. he didn’t even bother putting up a fight. because at the end of the day, Axel was never a villain. all he ever wanted was to dick around and eat ice cream and hang out with his friends. and nap. he played the dutiful soldier in Castle Oblivion because he didn’t want to be erased, it’s a recurring theme in his internal monologue that he’s scared of disappearing, of being turned into a Dusk. Axel never wanted to hurt anybody, but like any respectable Chaotic Neutral, he looked out for #1 first. at least right up until he found something that was worth more to him.

how cool would it be if in KH3, while he and Kairi are training with those shiny new keyblades of theirs, Lea wound up telling her about a past they shared in a place called Radiant Garden, a past that no one else knew they had in common all along…?
Bath (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder)
  • Eisuke: Luxurius. The bath water is warm, and the surface is littered with a thick layer of bubbles. He's on one side, pouring a glass of champagne. You hesitantly sit across from him. Earning a scowl from him. "You're not allowed to sit there, you're only allowed to sit in my lap."
  • Soryu: Simple. He's so busy that you often settle for a quick shower. Though it only lasts about ten minutes you're always happy to spend just a little more time with him. In fact you actually look forward to it. His hands rest on your uterus. "Is the water warm enough?"
  • Baba: Normal. Everyday you and lBaba always take a bath before bed. He sits across from you, and you both usually read with matching tray tables and beverages. His feet press against yours as you flip a page. The bright blue cover of his book catching your eye. His gaze steadies with your own as he smiles. "You know I feel like you could be Daisy, and I could be Gatsby, in a different life. I mean I love you just as much."
  • Mamoru: Sleepy. You get so relaxed when you lean against his chest, that you usually fall asleep. It ends with a heavy sigh on his end as he either hoists you out of the tub, or taps your face until you wake up. Of course when he tries the latter you usually just snuggle further into his chest and then you start to drool. "You are seriously a kid!"
  • Ota: Mundane. He drys your hair after washing it in the tub. He always washes your hair. "Geez Koro, what have you been rolling in!"
  • -SKY
  • Um, so I'm going for be traveling for a month. So I don't know if I can update because I'm traveling to the indigenous areas in India so their might not be wifi, but I'll try my best! So don't get mad if I don't reply or something

Okay but TMI AU where everything is the same except Jonathan got angel blood and Micheal Wayland’s son that got killed in the fire got it instead and Valentine raised Jace and the Wayland kid like he did Jace and Sebastian. He still kills and claims to be Micheal Wayland.

-City of Bones: Jocelyn and Luke took 18 month old Jonathan out of Idris while Jocelyn was pregnant with Clary. Jocelyn moves to New York and raises her two kids as mundanes. One night Clary sneaks out to a club with her friend Simon and sees the Lightwoods and Jace kill a demon. She runs home and swears Jonathan to secrecy before telling him. He asks her to draw out some of the “Weird tattoos” they had and he confesses he has seen some people with similar markings when he’s gone out with his friends. They both take on the Ravener and Jonathan helps Jace carry Clary to the Institute. Jonathan and Jace develop a weird bromance while Jace continuously flirts with Clary. Alec sees how protective and cautious Jonathan is about Clary being put into a bunch of dangerous situations. Alec takes time to explain everything and ways to protect her effectively to Jonathan. 

None of the weird incest stuff happens because Jonathan Morgenstern hasn’t been declared dead.

City of Ashes: After finding out Jace was raised by Valentine all the crazy stuff with the inquisitor still happens but this time it’s Jonathan keeping Clary from Jace because he’s afraid Jace would hurt her. Jace and Clary break up at the end and he and Jonathan have a falling out because Jace feels like he can’t trust either of them because they turned their backs so fast. 

City of Glass: Jace still lies to Clary about the portal time so Clary, Jonathan, and Luke end up portalling themselves just like the book. Clary still walks in on Jace and Aline. Jace tells them both(Jon and Clary) off about being mundanes. They stay at Amatis’ house and Jon comforts Clary over Jace while everyone else is at the Penhallows and Sebastian/Wayland’s kid and Jace still have their “i’m cooler than you” contest. Sebastian still takes a major liking to Clary and sees her as a potential Queen.

City of Fallen Angels: Pretty much everything that happens stays the same except Jonathan is also there being hella confused about everything that’s happening as everyone else. Also Jace and Clary are back together.

City of Lost Souls: Jonathan goes against Jocelyn’s wishes and takes Clary around the world following Jace and Sebastian Wayland as they travel around looking for the materials to make the infernal cup. Jonathan and Clary serves as a kind of “travelling” branch of team good.

City of Heavenly Fire: Pretty much everything is the same except Jonathan(who is still bi/pansexual with a leaning towards guys that’s my headcannon) is there and equally disgusted by all of the heterosexual nonsense in hell as Alec is. Also since Jonathan didn’t grow up in the shadowhunting society he had more freedom with his sexuality than Alec did (he still kept it secret from pretty much everyone but Clary though) so when Alec and Magnus break up Jonathan pulls him aside and tells him about a couple of his own break ups to try and make him feel better (it doesn’t but Alec appreciates the fact someone isn’t just telling him to get over it).

Overall Jonathan acting like a decent brother and being bros with Alec and Jace. PLUS Clary and Izzy bond a ton over their big brothers who don’t think they can handle themselves. 

Eye of the Storm


Set just after the ending of episode 3 of Shadowhunters. Raphael wanders back through the Dumort and comforts a dying vampire.

Raphael watched the door close and darkness fell once again. He stayed where he was for a while, just looking at the door, as if he expected it to open and the Shadowhunters to come back in. He could hear their muffled voices beyond the door, out in the daylight where he couldn’t go. He turned his attention away from them and listened carefully for any sound of approach inside, but the Hotel was quiet. It was this silence that pulled him back to himself. It shouldn’t be this quiet.

He made his way down the corridor and down the stairs. The hallways were deserted. The other vampires must be hiding in their rooms, trying to keep out of danger. Raphael didn’t blame them. Most of them had no idea what was happening. Camille’s inner circle was small in comparison to the rest of the clan. The others probably had no idea there was a mundane in the Hotel. But they’d have smelled the Shadowhunters. That overwhelming smell of the sweetness of angel blood mixed with the saltiness of adrenaline. You could smell the Nephilim from a mile away. But the vampires had not been tempted. If the Nephilim were in the Dumort, it was not for anything good.

And they’d have heard the violence after that. The yelling, the clashing of weapons, the dying screams of their clan. Raphael hoped none of the innocent ones had gotten caught up in it. He hoped they had all reached safety in time.

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me and my friends do a lot of illegal stuff but like really mundane boring suburban white kid illegal stuff, like smoking weed and climbing onto the roof of elementary schools at 1 in the morning and taking squat pics


“Hold him down, drain him. He’s a pureblood which means that he has better health and is faster and stronger than other vampires. Don’t sedate him. We need him know what real pain feels like. Go for the main arteries and veins. The neck, wrists, legs and upper arms.”

Hector squirmed under the six vampires grasps, the seventh vampire standing over him. “How are you all vampires, since when?” He choked as he was pinned down by the throat and limbs. They were the same gang who had attacked him when he was thirteen.

The leader smirked. “I have always have always been a vampire. I sired the others. Oh don’t you worry, I used a glamour so strong that even nephilim would struggle to detect that I am a Downworler.” He traced a nail along Hector’s jugular. “I wanted to sire you, remember? But you refused the offer I gave you. No one turns me down.”

Hector’s eyes widened. “You were never clear in the details, they were vague - hence why I refused.” 

The leader raised an eyebrow. “Okay then, Hector let me make this crystal clear. I am going to kill you. One of three things will happen as a result. One: you will turn to ash, two: your corspe will remain - buried in your family crypt or three: you will become mundane. If number three happens I will turn you into subjugate. Do you understand me?” He leant down and pressed a kiss to Hector’s neck. Hector nodded weakly. “Tell me, how many daymares did you suffer from. How many times did you go through the daymare I gave you?”

“I lost count in the end. What happened - we used to be friends.” 

The leader laughed. “Friends with a weak, abused mundane? Don’t kid yourself.”

Hector went quiet. “Just get it over with.” The leader grinned, biting into Hector’s neck and proceeded to drain him along with the others.

The pureblood closed his eyes, feeling weaker and weaker as the minutes passed by - thinking of the one person who kept his mind strong: James Grayshade.

The seven picked up the unconscious vampire and carried him to the Benton crypt and placed Hector in a metal lined casket. The leader smiled. “Sweet dreams, Hector Benton; son of Alistor Delacroix.” He sealed the lid and indicated for the others to leave. “We arrive back at dawn to determine his fate.”

The moon shined on the crypt as it was closed.

Gray yelled at the top of his lungs looking for hector.  He was becoming frantic as he moved.  He Loved him and he knew he was the curse that would end Hector, he was the curse to end all of his loves.  

With a mad dash he saw some people leaving He ran as fast as possible looking at the crypt.  with out a moments hesitation he barged in. “Hector?”  there was nothing but tombs and coffins.  "He said they were going to drain him.  Is he here some where?“  He muttered looking around.  I cant just stand here." 

Shaking his head he moved away and was about to leave when he saw something.  this one had been moved.  He pushed a the lid trying to get it open but he was too weak.  "If your in there i can’t open it alone”

Fight Club 2 HC by David Mack

Fight Club 2 HC
Chuck Palahniuk (W), Cameron Stewart (A), Dave Stewart ©, and David Mack (Cover)
On sale June 21
FC, 280 pages
HC, 7” x 10”
Some imaginary friends never go away …
Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, he lives a mundane life. A kid, a wife. Pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won’t last long—the wife has seen to that. He’s back where he started, but this go-round he’s got more at stake than his own life. The time has arrived … Collects issues #1–#10 of the series.
“Poignant and very funny.”—The Atlantic
“Entertaining.”—Comic Book Resources
“Perfect.”—Forces of Geek
“Jaw dropping.”—Geek Chic Elite
“Excellent.”—The Beat
“Compulsively readable.”—Big Shiny Robot