mundane detail

for your gay consideration;

  • a boy with long hair who puts it up in a ponytail on hot days
  • a boy that wants to hold your hand but is too shy to ask
  • a boy who laughs hysterically at all your jokes and thinks youre the funniest person hes ever met
  • a boy who wears oversized t shirts and smiles at strangers on the street
  • a boy who likes all your selfies and daydreams about kissing you
  • a boy who is nervous about being mlm, but being with you makes him feel like he is safe and ok
  • a boy who will make you a mixtape on a cd and doodle little hearts and flowers all over the label
  • a boy who will listen to every mundane detail about your day with interest
  • a boy who talks about you to others like youre the coolest person he knows
I want to wake up with you beside me in the mornings. I want to spend my evenings looking at you across the dinner table. I want to share every mundane detail of my day with you and hear every detail of yours. I want to laugh with you and fall asleep with you in my arms.
—  Nicholas Sparks

Okay so I see a lot of posts on the actuallymadd tag about your daydreaming life and basing it off fiction and fantasy…but does anyone else had very “mundane” daydreams? Like detailed, with a few idealised aspects… but very normal, in terms of everyday life? Idk just wondering

Character Survey 3: Mundane Details

So, your character has been traveling with a party for a while. It seems only natural that they would learn little details about each other, but there may not be time for them to come up in-campaign. In such a case, share this survey with your fellow players! If you’d like to build more on your character, please check out Character Survey 1: Morals, Ethics and Aesthetics and Character Survey 2: Family Ties!

  • What is your character’s favorite type of food, or specific dishes that they love? Is there a reason behind their fondness?
  • Does your character favor a certain color? Are many of their clothes this color?
  • What is your character’s favorite instrument? Can they play it, or do they just enjoy listening?
  • What is your character’s favored weapon? 

  • How does your character deal with having something on their mind? Do they show it, or get quiet? Do they talk about it? Are there any coping mechanisms they have that others may notice?
  • If your character is angry or aggravated with another character / party member, how do they deal with it? 
  • What are your character’s pet peeves?
  • How long does it take for your character to confront or deal with something that is on their mind / a problem? If contingent on the type of problem, what are they more capable of handling?

  • Is your character affectionate? Whom does your character choose to share affection with?
  • If a fellow party member has a problem or concern, how (if at all) does your character deal with it? Do they try to help? Would it depend on the party member?

  • What are some habits that your character has? Do they have a morning or night time ritual?
  • Does your character have any unusual sleeping habits? How much do they sleep, where are they most comfortable? Do they snore? When given the option, are they an early or late riser?
  • How does your character behave when they are tired or exhausted?

  • Does your character have any quirks that others might notice? Speech patterns, or things that they tend to do? 

  • How does your character’s constitution translate to their every day life? Do they tend to be prone to sniffles or are they generally sturdy? How quickly do they come back from major injury? 
  • How does your character deal with being less than 100%?
  • How does your character deal with temperature? Do they run hot or cold?
  • Does your character have a preference between indoors or outdoors? Where do they seem more or less comfortable?
  • Does your character have various outfits for different situations, or do they tend to wear just one? Do they have any interchangeable pieces, or any odd clothing habits/quirks?

  • How does your character feel about their belongings? What condition are their belongings in? Do they have more belongings, or the bare minimum? Are they possessive or protective of their things?

  • What are your character’s hobbies? What do they do during their off-time? Do they have anything that aids them in these hobbies or skills?

  • What does your character bring to the party? Are they a skilled fighter? Are they good with intelligent pursuits or charismatic encounters? 
  • How do they help set up camp? 
  • What are some other ways your party is obviously benefited by your character’s presence?

  • What is your character’s relationship with money? What are their spending habits? How would your party perceive their relationship with money / accepting pay from others?

  • What is your character’s overall disposition when surrounded only by the party? Are they different around just one or two party members? If so, are these specific members, or rather that your character is more comfortable opening up around fewer people?

  • Does your character walk at a faster or slower pace? Does it depend on the setting or situation?
  • How does your character pass travel time? 

  • Is there anything else that your party members might notice about your character?
The World Of Kim Bok Joo

Joon Hyung may be the hot popular jock on campus but Kim Bok Joo is the center of her world. Shoujo manga thrives on the most handsome kid falling in love with the unattractive outcast. What makes Bok Joo different though is that the show never tries to move her into his circles or send her on a quest to match up to him. She is the star of the weightlifting club.  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo has been unexpectedly subversive, a sports drama without the big competition or achievement as its narrative focus. Instead it is a slice of life drama, focussed on the mundane details that go into becoming a pro athlete.

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you have a very... realistic sorta vision for undertale's future story-stuff. its kinda cool, and stands out from the rest that either angst it up or live in fantasy

Everyone’s got something different that sings to them!

I really dig super mundane details, and the little actions that people find relatable. A specific emotion. Simple pleasures. A personal struggle. Crushing your loved ones with your butt. Those sorts of things.

Personally, there’s a lot of stuff in the real world that’s plenty interesting to draw from, so I don’t feel like I need anything extra flashy or fantastic to explore. Love stuff like Humans of New York. I’m fascinated by everyone being their own little universes, and everyone having their own trajectory for “being a better person.” My writing definitely revolves around character arcs rather than plots and lore, and that’s been true even before I was doing Undertale stuff.

I actually enjoy reading other people’s angsty stuff sometimes though! Sometimes you just want to make yourself feel sad on your own terms, haha!

A long distance relationship with Jinhwan would be like

- lots of late night skype calls, usually after midnight when he comes home from practice

- trying to figure out time differences when he’s on tour

him borrowing Yunhyeong’s Nivea cherry flavoured lip balm to look good for you

- you telling him to sleep bc you know he’s tired from practice but him insisting to talk to you

- ‘tell me everything about your day’

- comfortable silences where you’re both sleepy and just looking at the other on the screen

- occasional (mainly Bobby) ikon popping up and bugging you ‘HI Y/N. YOU’RE SO PRETTY’ and jinhwan shoving them out of the screen and going into a closet for privacy

- opening snapchat to find 150 secs of snaps from jinhwan of him 'vlogging’ the most mundane details of his day

- constant competition of who can make the ugliest/funniest face over snapchat

- late night/early am calls of 'i miss you’

- sleepily talking over the phone, planning what you guys would do once you see each other

- you yearning for him but holding it in bc you know it’s hard for him too… and him doing the same for you

- jinhwan surprising you on your birthday by flying over to visit

(Bonus: getting frisky immediately once you guys are behind closed doors)

I am thoroughly devoted to being too invested to mundane details of Theodesian life.

How many elves ended up in Anders clinic with their legs and arms fucked up, lungs over-stressed, and muscles pulled, from trying to dive down to the bottom at the Harbor and retrieve fallen cargo from the thick muck, because the foreman said it was retrieve the shipment or their job? 
How many times did people come running to him to get him to rush to the alienage or beg him to tell them what to do when someone was drowning because teenagers were trying to fish off the pier and fell in but didn’t know how to swim because the harbor is too deep too immediately to learn in? Even if you know how, the mud at the bottom is layers an layers of sloughed off stone and building materials, emptied chamber pots, street run off, and silt– sucking you under once your feet start to sink. 
How many people in the Alienage, in Lowtown, in the Lowtown sewers that eat the fish caught close to shore and get sick because the fish are heavy in metals from runoff from the foundries? 

How many people had breathing and heart trouble from the smoke from the foundries settling in and around their houses on days wind didn’t push it away? How many days did it waft up and smoke out Darktown, making their lives even harder. 
How many people were washed out of Darktown and into the harbour when it rained hard enough and all of Hightown’s drainage came down– Darktown is literally the sewer and it all goes through there. 
While Lowtown is across the bay, how bitter a taste does it leave in their mouths when they watch clean water being washed through Hightowns gutters and pushing out through the openings on the cliff. 
We never see public fountains or water areas– so either the wells are all private, or Kirkwall’s water depends upon the Chantry which seems unlikely since it was set up by the Tevinter Imperium. That being said, it’s likely the water system is per-mansion in Hightown and fountains somewhere in Lowtown– likely pumps in squares where they can be locked down during riots. 
I imagine that means Darktown residents have to walk a very long way to get water, and we have canon information about Merrill’s water situation– namely that it isn’t good. Lowtown in general probably doesn’t have much better water. Hightown is likely the only section with clean and pure water.

Literally my favorite fact about jojo is that a lot of the jojos have real lives outside of the general bizarre jojo stuff….. like the fact that a lot of the jojos have jobs!!! that they actively pursue amidst all the weirdness of their lives and is not relegated to Tragic Backstory or Exposition. it may seem like a really mundane detail about them but I think it provides a lot of insight into their personalities and what they’re interested in. tbh it’s a really cool narrative tool to make these characters seem three dimensional and actually feel real. like the fact that after defeating four immortal super vampires joseph joestar went on to become a realtor!!!! dio was studying to practice law while also actively plotting to steal the joestar fortune!!! jonathan was studying to be an archaeologist!!!

like with dio and jonathan those interests tie in and relate to their stories but tbh it doesn’t really fall into the realm of Backstory because it doesn’t actively drive their motivations I guess??? like abbachio’s stint as a police officer is Backstory bc something tragic happened to him while he was police-ing and got him to where he is now, but while jonathan’s fascination w the stone mask stems from his dead mom and inspires dio to use it, it’s not like he HAD to study archaeology in order to move the plot forward, so it’s just a cool passion of jonathan’s that gives depth to his character, that he’s curious and intellectual on top of being a “gentleman.”

and then there’s fucking jotaro who starts out as this shitty teenager who barely goes to school and fights vampires with his magic spirit who punches things and can stop time and ends up going through THE FULL COURSE OF HIGHER EDUCATION in order to get his ph.d IN FUCKING MARINE BIOLOGY OF ALL THINGS. like to some people that may seem kind of out of left field but to me is an EXTREMELY adept method to portray offscreen character growth in a realistic fashion, along with making jotaro an actual three dimensional character by giving him a passion not influenced directly by his weird life changing experiences, but definitely affects his life and how he spends his time but can’t be quite slotted in the “stoic silent badass” compartment that everyone seems to pigeonhole jotaro in, which i love bc you can’t actually pigeonhole real ppl

just. i love mundane character info like that. joseph loves reading comic books. josuke’s favorite artist is prince. giorno loves les mis. DIO BRANDO BUILDS MODEL SHPS. this got way longer than i intended it to lmao

Writing Update

Well it’s been a few weeks. I’ll spare the mundane details but things are settling down and life is as it should be. I should be able to start writing again tomorrow morning assuming I can tear myself away from Breath of the Wild.

I found the time to outline the last chapters of Nightfall and I’m very excited to finally get them written. Talia and Kara (who is in need of a name change) both have their backstories, along with their future glories, hardships, and love stories. I hope you enjoy their adventures as much as you have enjoyed those of Eira and Serana.

But first, a very nice young lady has asked me to do a short story with Piper Wright and Nora. My goal is to finish it up tomorrow and release it (in three or four parts) over the next week. The story begins when Piper and Nora end up in Piper’s hometown, where they discover that the story behind her father’s death was not at all what it seemed. Piper always said she would rather have an ugly truth than a sweet lie, but is that true when it comes to family?

Anyway, that’s where we’re at in terms of writing. Hopefully I’ll be posting those Fallout chapters soon and the last of Nightfall soon after.

Teen Wolf: Allison Argent [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Allison has strong emotions but prefers to deal with them on her own; after her mother dies, rather than break down with her father and talk about what happens, she tears apart her room, throws out anything “childish,” and silently decides to avenge her mother’s death. She doesn’t let her parents’ opinions about Scott change how she feels about him, and has no problems pushing him temporarily out of her life when she needs time to process things.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Her main hobby is archery, and she employs it well. She doesn’t hesitate to put herself in harm’s way or to rush into dangerous situations with Scott, or to protect him and her other friends. She has a pretty objective way of seeing people and assessing their better and worse qualities. Allison lives mostly in the moment, and is not all that interested in attending to the mundane details of her life (she leaves half her room unpacked for months after she arrives). She enjoys living a little on the wild side (fooling around with Scott even though her parents might come back at any moment) and is really good at improvising on the fly.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): She has a “hunch” that her dad is lying to her, and she’s right. Allison also tells Scott that she wants to be with him “forever” – she is thinking not just about dating through the rest of high school, but everything beyond. Once she comes to a single conclusion, she sees it through to the end. She can often come up with ideas and solutions on her own that escape the others.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Allison is a good student. She’s also someone who frequently acts to get what she wants, who buckles down and makes plans with her dad and grandpa, to reach an objective. She often comes to the most obviously rational decision, but hesitates to always act on it – when trapped in Scott’s house with a wolf pack outside, she thinks her only option is to call her dad. After her mother’s death, Allison falls into a “grip experience,” where she coldly and shrewdly hunts down the pack, inflicts torture on them as punishment for her mother’s fate, and abandons her usual compassionate, emotional nature.

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from the dyk universe...what mundane detail about Derek is something only Stiles knows (from being married to him and living together) that he weirdly cherishes and would NEVER share bc it's his secret Derek Fact™ ?

only very tiny things like his earliest memory and the way he runs the smooth clip on a ballpoint pen against his lower lip while he thinks over a crossword puzzle. also the fact that he’s a dick, which everybody thinks they know, but nobody can possibly know this better than stiles