anonymous asked:

What happened to the fandoms of Kit? Sorry for my English.

no need to apologize! i don’t know if anything has happened to the fandom? if you are referring to the ‘drama’ a few days ago regarding his esquire interview (sigh) people all have their opinions and a lot of the times they don’t agree with others. i just feel that it is so trivial compared to what is happening in the world it’s embarrassing to even talk about this. so dear anon, nothing worth mentioning happened to the kit fandom. what is worth mentioning though, is that he will be on the james corden show next week (tuesday i think) :)


I honestly can’t decide whether

a. you are thrilled that the Cardassian guy who you think is a spy is teaching you spying techniques (look, more proof he’s a spy!), or

b. you are thrilled that you’ve learned spying techniques, period.