munchkin land

Being a small but mighty Avenger:

  • You and Stark were having a conversation when Barton walked into the room, gasped and said “did I just walking into munchkin land?”
  • Steve actually has to look down since he’s so tall.
  • Being more sassy then Tony.
  • Trust me when I say every mission is a sass competition.
  • Nick Fury thinks your hilarious.
  • Thor really likes you, he brings you clothes from Asgard but since you’re so small they just swamp you.
  • Bucky winds you up about your height.
  • “Why’re you so angry down there?” He’ll say whilst patting your head.
  • If Wanda tries to lift you up with her powers on a mission she’ll always misjudge and do it too low. Luckily for you, you can do a mega jump which never ceases to impress the team.
  • You have a brightly coloured uniform to match your personality, Tony said it was necessary.
  • Vision sometimes doesn’t understand your sarcasm.
  • Clint is the kind of guy who you’d go to a restaurant where kids go free and he’ll turn to you and say “you’re twelve years old okay?”
  • You’re brilliant on missions, your slyness mixed with your height is the perfect combination. 
  • Bruce thinks your adorable.
  • It’s low key annoying.
  • Every. Damn. Villain says “I thought you’d be taller.”
  • Jogs with Sam Wilson but he’s way faster then you so when he’s running in front of you he says stuff like “I’d like to thank my mum for long legs.”

Current Munchkinland Tour cast (cont.)

THE GMR→  hooray for hollywood ✫

1. great movie ride queue - grauman’s chinese theatre 2. hooray for hollywood - disney 3. by a waterfall - harry warren 4. singing in the rain - gene kelly 5. chim chim cheree - julie andrews 6. the public enemy - david mendoza 7. a fistful of dollars  - ennio morricone 8. the searchers - stan jones 9. alien - jerry goldsmith 10. the raiders march - john williams 11. marion’s theme - john williams 12. tarzan the ape man - perry botkin 13. casablanca suite - max steiner 14. the sorcerer’s apprentice - paul dukas 15. we welcome you to munchkin land / the witch is dead - herbert stothart 16. follow the yellow brick road - herbert stothart 17. over the rainbow - herbert stothart 18. hooray for hollywood overture - disney
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