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Onsenmatsu-san Stamp Rally - The Turtty Uproar: Brothers 1, 2, and 3 Course Translation

Something I meant to post a really long time ago and forgot about. I’ve seen a partial translation before, but I couldn’t find a full translation easily so forgive me if it’s been done before. Sadly it’s been so long I don’t remember the audio part at the end in enough detail to do it justice. It was spectacular, though.

Brothers 1, 2, and 3 Course

Totty has lost his precious thingy and turned into Turtty. (*Note: A pun on the Japanese word tsuru tsuru meaning smooth, slippery, bald, etc.) Osomatsu, Karamatsu, and Todomatsu are looking around for Todomatsu’s lost thingy. Will they be able to find it alright?

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Piccolo would be a cat person? And if you do, what breed would best suite him? A munchkin? Scottish fold? Perhaps a Maine coon or Persian? Idk I just really like seeing him with cats and I rarely do, which is sad.

I guess maybe he would 😊 if he was I don’t think he’d go for any particular breed, maybe just a wild stray that gets him lol, it would probably start off begging him for food and once he fed it it just kept coming back and eventually they’re friends

anonymous asked:

hi! Sorry if this has been asked before, but will you ever do posts for various points, aka siamese coloration? :O

Hey!! I already do! :)

Keep an eye out for my Mixed Monday posts, which will feature cats from any breed or colouration! Everyone is encouraged to request colours and/or breeds and I will pick one each week for my posts (yes, yes… I know lately I haven’t been very good at keeping that weekly rhythm, but between working 12+ hours each day — commute not included —, dealing with immigration paper work “fun” and my partner not being home to help out with stuff for a few weeks I am currently stretched a little thin. Trying my best though!).

Hope you like the fawn point Siamese I picked for you!

Also for some browsing fun here’s a list of past posts with pointed cats I’ve already done:

seal point (Balinese)

blue point (Munchkin)

blue point (Scottish Fold)

apricot point (Tonkinese)

blue tabby point (Balinese)

lilac tabby point (Balinese)

chocolate tortie point (Siamese)

seal point bicolour (Munchkin Longhair)

red silver tabby point with white (Neva Masquerade)

Anonymous said:

I totally love your blog! I want to see some points? Preferably maple-y color? Thanks! ❤❤❤ 

Thank you! <3 Check out yesterday’s Mixed Monday and the list above!

hudginy  asked:

I was actually wondering if any of the cats were specific breeds ? Honestly we don't see enough of American curls, Scottish folds or munchkins in general and they're so unique, I love them.

There’s a list of all the cat breeds located in this post. :3

Mick Rory adopting a cat and naming it Lenny just to piss Len off.

Lenny being the most temperamental, and disagreeable cat on the planet, but turning into a purr machine for Mick.

Len being Lenny’s least favorite person.

Just Mick having a cat.

Some Skitty varieties!
The hoenn forest skitty is actually the original version of this cat pokemon. After being domesticated they were bred into many different breeds, like the munchkin, siamese or skittish fold. 

Each of them can come in all kinds of fur patterns like striped (munchkin) or calico (forest skitty) but most common are the simple fur patterns (like the skittish fold).

The pretty fur pattern breeds are a perfect choice for pokemon contests, while the wilder type is great for battles. But of course they’re all just great as pets too!