munchkin fold

We…Are the homeworld Cats!

Purridot Peridot - Munchkin or a Manx
Yellow Diamond - Oriental Shorthair 
Jaspurr Jasper - Maine Coon
Lapis - Scottish Fold 


Some Skitty varieties!
The hoenn forest skitty is actually the original version of this cat pokemon. After being domesticated they were bred into many different breeds, like the munchkin, siamese or skittish fold. 

Each of them can come in all kinds of fur patterns like striped (munchkin) or calico (forest skitty) but most common are the simple fur patterns (like the skittish fold).

The pretty fur pattern breeds are a perfect choice for pokemon contests, while the wilder type is great for battles. But of course they’re all just great as pets too!

Emma smiles as Lucy runs up to her throwing her hands on Emma’s knees excitedly. “Up! the little girl cries and Emma grins before swooping her up, “Hi Munchkin.” 

“Mama Munchkin,” Lucy argues. 

“Lucy Munchkin,” Emma counters. 

Lucy folds her arms, “Mama.” 

“Okay, how about, we both be munchkins?” 

Her toddler thinks about it for five seconds before nodding, “Yes Mama! You’re the best!” 


Twin blonde heads turn to see Regina pouting dramatically in the doorway. Emma can’t help but chuckle at the adorable playful pouty face, “Aw poor Mommy,” she says playing along.

Lucy gasps, “Don’t worry Mommy! You’re the best too!” 

“I thought I was the best?” Henry asks walking in to the room as both he and Regina wander over to Emma and Lucy sit. 

Lucy taps her finger on her chin before snapping her little fingers together, “I know!” she bounces excitedly on Emma’s lap, “We can all be the best!” 

Emma chuckles ruffling Lucy’s hair, “Sounds good to me kid.”

Regina smiles leaning across to kiss Emma lovingly, “The best I could have ever hoped for.”