“Human, this is confusing my friends.”


Sticking by you every step of the way.

The signs as cat breeds

Aries: Munchkin

Taurus: Japanese Bobtail

Gemini: Manx

Cancer: Scottish Curl

Leo: Siamese Cat

Virgo: Brittish Blue Cat

Libra: Bombay Cat

Scorpio: Abysinian

Sagittarius: Bengal Cat

Capricorn: Turkish Angora

Aquarius: Snowshoe Cat

Pisces: Maine Coon



Dear Munchkins!

Hello my beautiful Munchkins! I had to take a few days off due to an overzealous follower. Even though they didn’t actually track me down they started trying to find me on other social media accounts by lowkey stalking innocent bystanders and people who they thought were me. Here’s the thing I love you guys so much. And I don’t mind sharing myself with you. But please allow me to share myself with you in my own time. The internet can be scary, and my fellow bloggers @2thrive @blameitoncamren and @singasong17 can vouch for how scary the situation got. The person even threatened to cut themselves after I deleted my account. I want to continue to share this amazing journey of love and exploration with you guys but please offer me the same respect and privacy I offer you. And to the @anon trying to find out who I am. I’m Nikki…aka Dean Munch. That’s all you need to know for now. I’m sure you’re an amazing person and you are still one of my beloved Munchkins. Please don’t hurt yourself EVER…don’t even joke about that. And please respect my privacy. I love you guys and I’ve missed you guys like crazy. I want to give a special shout out to @2thrive for holding down my Munchkins and answering their questions when I had to abruptly delete (my gf made me😩) my account. You’re the real MVP!😋😘 And also @blameitoncamren for being my backbone and support system and encouraging me to take this much needed break while also keeping me posted on Camren news. And @singasong17 you are always a breath of fresh air and I swear we think exactly alike and that’s why we can joke back and forth with our blog posts. You were one of the first camren blogs I followed and you really motivated me to make my own camren blog. Love you guys so fucking much. Finally to my Munhckins, I have been going through withdrawals not having your random asks in my inbox. I miss our lit conversations!😎😏🔥 @truluvproof is my new blog URL but I will always be your DEAN MUNCH and you guys will always be my MUNCHKINS!💕💋 Let’s keep this love and positivity going. If you love LOVE and sharing good vibes only follow me again, flood my asks and let’s continue our journey together. Sincerely, Nikki aka Dean Munch🎓 (When you follow me drop a 🎓 in my asks and I’ll follow the first 100 Munchkins who do. 😘)

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