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Hello, everyone! @theviolentking here, and I happily bring you the upcoming plans and prompts for this year’s Mikorei week, as well as a Q&A on what will be happening. Prompts will be revealed down below, as well as extra details.

The admins for this Mikorei week are:

As well as last year’s host, @squireofgotham !

If you have any questions regarding prompts and the like, please message any of them. If a specific admin among the four others can’t really respond, please message me and I’ll try my best to answer!

Now, for the Q&A regarding this year’s Mikorei week!

When will this week start and end?

- The week is planned to begin on the 27th of September, and end on the 3rd of October. The same dates as last year! This gives interested users currently nearly two months to prepare in case they’re busy with personal things nearer to the week, or during the week itself. This particular date has been chosen regarding Reisi’s birthday. Although we could’ve have easily hosted it sooner, with Mikoto’s birthday included, we realize it may have been very short-noticed.

At what times?

- We are aware of the variety of timezones within the fandom, and therefore, have decided that the week simply, officially, starts at whenever it reaches the 27th in your timezone! I understand this may lead to a lot of early or seemingly late posts, but to avoid confusion, if you want to post submissions for the first prompt a few hours before midnight in your timezone, you can! This will continue throughout the week. Just post whenever it’s a certain day for you! Times and dates are flexible throughout the week.

What if I miss the week, but have material to submit?

- In this case, please message me, @theviolentking , and I’ll allow you to submit the things you’ve made late. However, this only applies for a week after the week itself, and after, you won’t be allowed to submit, unfortunately. The week itself doesn’t have secure dates, as previously mentioned, so we will allow a week more in terms of an extension if it’s required.

What can I submit?

- Of course, the submissions have to be related to the day’s prompts (unless it’s a late submission, of course) and have to be, of course, acceptable. NSFW submissions are allowed, but the limit is consensual sex and some blood. No gore, or non-consensual activity from either character in your submission. Any of this work will be regarded unacceptable and will not be included in this year’s Mikorei week. We do not want to trigger anyone, or cause distress, or make them uncomfortable. The limit of blood is what is shown in Mikoto’s death scene, and nothing more. (We may allow something a little more, but please message me about it, first. Or, if unsure, message me anyway).

What types of fan work can I submit?

- Anything, really! Fanfiction, art, edits, gifsets, cosplay. The list can go on, but that’s only what I can list from the top of my head. As long as it’s Mikorei related and as previously mentioned acceptable, it can be submitted!

Now, onto the prompts/themes!

DAY 1 - Tuesday, 27th September - FIRST TIME.
 - The starting prompt is “first time”! However, it is entirely up to you as to what first time it is. It could be their first time meeting, first kiss, first time.. Sinning. (or first kill for Reisi—)

DAY 2 - Wednesday, 28th September - MISSING.
 - This is very open to interpretation, just as the first prompt. Are they missing eachother? Or is one actually missing? Is it a one-sided longing for the other after a certain event?

DAY 3 - Thursday, 29th September - SECOND CHANCE.
 - This is the AU prompt, if you will! Any prompt that can be counted as an alternate universe can be used. It could be one without the Slate, Kings and strains, or perhaps what would have happened if Mikoto had survived.

DAY 4 - Friday, 30th September - HELPLESS.
 - Helplessly in love? Helplessly watching as the other brings himself to ruin? Who knows, with these two. It’s probably both. Or, alternatively, maybe something is happening in their everyday lives that’s related to this prompt?

DAY 5 - Saturday, 1st October - HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
 - This prompt is on Reisi’s birthday, so it’d be quite the let down if it wasn’t birthday related! However, it isn’t limited to only Reisi’s birthday. It can also be Mikoto’s, seeing as it will already have passed by the time the week starts!

DAY 6 - Sunday, 2nd October - CONFLICT.
- Angst. Oh boy, angst. Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an angst prompt, seeing as it can be regarding their feelings or love, but the more obvious one is physical conflict. Or a certain scene within the anime..

DAY 7 - Monday, 3rd October - REUNION.
 - This prompt is again, open to AU’s, but not as much. The one I can only think of now is the Reincarnation AU as an example. Or, perhaps, Reisi has some very vivid dreams sometime after his loss.

LATE SUBMISSION WEEK - 4th October until 10th October. (Though, we’d prefer if late submissions are avoided! If too many people miss the week and ask to submit during this period, I may consider closing the late submission week early, as it pretty much ruins the point of Mikorei week itself).

As well as this information, further info and the like will be tagged as ‘mikorei week 2016′! 

That’s all for now!

MikoRei Week 2015!

Hi everyone! I’m admin Tiffany and I’ve noticed something very depressing in the K (Project) fandom…. the MikoRei tag goes days upon days with no new posts! I know a lot of you are MikoRei shippers and this probably saddens you as much as it does me.

There has not been a MikoRei Week in over a year, and so far, no one has spoke up about having another. So I’ve decided to spearhead one myself!

This year, I suggest the week of September 27th through October 3!

This particular ship week will have a twist. Each day will have two choices for your submission to focus on! Pick whichever one suits your inspiration better, or do both! The more MikoRei, the better! ^.^

Themes by day:

DAY 1 - SUNDAY SEP 27: KITCHEN - Let’s kick things off with the episode that set every shipper’s heart ablaze! The cell scene no one could forget!
PROMPT A: Kitchen
PROMPT B: Imprisonment

DAY 2 - MONDAY SEP 28: KILL - Mondays can be killer, and this pairing has seen its fair share of death. Bust out the swords or bring on the feels!

DAY 3 - TUESDAY SEP 29: KEEP - Everyone has something important to them, something they hold dear. Sometimes it’s something tangible, within reach. Sometimes it’s words that imprint on the heart.
PROMPT A: Promise
PROMPT B: Treasure

DAY 4 - WEDNESDAY SEP 30: KISS - We’re at the halfway point of MikoRei week! One thing’s certain in the canonverse, and that’s that Mikoto and Reisi get awfully close to each other when they talk. Let’s close the distance, shall we? ^.-
PROMPT B: Passionate

DAY 5 - THURSDAY OCT 1: KING - Happy Birthday Reisi Munakata! Today is a celebration of the one and only Blue King and his official 27th birthday!

DAY 6 - FRIDAY OCT 2: KAGUTSU - MikoRei week is almost to it’s conclusion! Today’s focus is the canonverse. The Kagutsu Crater Incident was caused by the former Red King, Genji Kagutsu’s Sword of Damocles falling to Earth. The event changed Japan forever, and led to the rise of the new Red and Blue Kings: Mikoto Suoh and Reisi Munakata.
PROMPT A: Beginnings
PROMPT B: Endings

DAY 7 - SATURDAY OCT 3: KNOCK - “The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…” - Fredric Brown
“What if” scenarios make the heart hurt a little less, don’t they? As MikoRei week 2015 comes to a close, we end with smiles. Wipe away your tears, because it’s time for happy endings… or new beginnings! Do they get a second chance? Do they meet again in another life? It’s up to you!
PROMPT B: Rebirth

***** LATE SUBMISSION DAY - SUNDAY OCT 4: Sometimes work, school, and life in general make art take the back-burner. That’s okay! MikoRei Week 2015 will accept any and all late submissions for any of the week’s prompts on Sunday, October 4th. We thank you all for your participation in the celebration!


  • All works must be posted in correlation to one of the prompts.
  • If you post work for a prompt, it should be posted on the day of that specific prompt, or on late submission day. Example, a post for the prompt Cake should be posted on October 1st (KING day), or on October 4th (Late Submission day).
  • All work should be tagged with “mikoreiweek” and/or “mikoreiweek 2015”. Work will be reblogged here, and on the admin’s main blog.
  • Prompts are completely open to interpretation, AUs are welcome and encouraged! Please just remember, even in AUs, to keep the works in character!
  • NSFW submissions will be accepted but must be tagged as such. MikoRei  Week 2015 suggests (but does not require) putting NSFW content under a “Keep Reading” cut for the benefit of younger users.
  • No art theft, GIF theft, graphic theft, video theft, writing theft, and plagiarism will be allowed. Do not repost anyone else’s art! Remember to source things properly. (WEHEARTIT AND PINTEREST ARE NOT RELIABLE SOURCES AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED) Reposting and theft of original work will not be tolerated. 
  • If you wish to post work that is not yours for one of the prompts, please get permission from the original artist and state that you have done so. (If a work is from Pixiv, here’s a lovely tutorial on how to ask permission. If the artist says no, please respect their wishes! Some artists do not wish their works to be shared on other sites, and some can even get into legal trouble if it happens!)
  • No ship hate/ship bashing or person hate/person bashing! Hatred and rudeness will not be tolerated. MikoRei may be YOUR OTP, but that does not give you the right to hate on others. (Eg. ReiRi, MikoIzu, MikoTotsu or any of the people who ship them.) 
  • No blatant, OOC character-bashing. Characters aren’t always nice to each other, canon proves that over and over again. This does not mean that a character should be hated on to hold up your OTP. (Eg. Mikoto hating Tatara so that Reisi is more important to him is OUT OF CHARACTER. There are many ways to tell a love story that don’t involve OOC hate.)
  • If you dislike MikoRei, please refrain from posting in the “mikoreiweek” and “mikorei week 2015” tags. You are entitled to your opinions, but this should be a safe space for fans to get together and enjoy what they enjoy.

Feel free to submit directly to this blog or send questions! My main blog is here, and I am on Tumblr daily! I track the tags #mikorei  #mikoreiweek #mikoreiweek2015 and #mikoreiweek 2015

MikoRei Week starts in two weeks, so everybody get ready! Most importantly, have fun and enjoy! ^.^

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