EH!?!! Howzit Tumblr!!?
Guess who’s back for the holidays?

Sucks that I have to go back to finish training
It’s okay, I needed this break though. (=
It’s literally weird being back on Tumblr, loooll. 

I told myself I wouldn't fall for anyone...

Then you came along. Am I falling for the beauty you blossomed into? Am I falling for the kind hearted personality you were made of? Am I falling for the smile that possesses those cute little dimples that barely show and I think of it majority of the time? It’s the mixed emotions and confusing signals that make people so uncertain and then when the chance is too late, it is forever lost. I hope that, this won’t happen to me. Again & ever now that I’m developing a deep liking every time I talk to you or think of you. I know some people will tell me that I have no chance with you, but there just mad because they never got with the person they tried to get with then endured the effect of it. So they down-rate a person on how they look but not their personality just to feel better for themselves. I know there’s already mad guys on you, but this I know for sure is that they only want to get in your pants. I only want to be planted into your brain as that gentleman that you’d like to get to know more and hopefully one day, I’ll be iron branded into your heart. I may not be what you physically desire or have the words that can sweep you off your feet. But I can take way better care of your heart than the last guy did. I may not have a great voice that makes you melt inside to sing to you, but I can still sing for you. I may not be what you want me to be, but I can be all that you need. The timing for me to feel this way is really off, yet I’m glad that I’ve met you. It would be over-whelming if we dated which would make me go dimples all the time. But most importantly I would love to be your best friend that you can always be your truly self & always count on, no matter. If I was wrong, without hesitation I’ll admit it that I was. If no-one knows that your stubborn, but I do. I would love to put up with you. I never cheated because I’ve been cheated on. I never lied because I was lied to. I never degraded and disrespected because I’ve been there & slandered by names that haunt me still. I never hit a woman and I only raise my hand to protect you because I learned the hard way from a man I call, my Dad. I can always treat you like a woman & a princess because I was raised by a queen in my eyes, my Mom. If the time was right and we knew each other more, I would say this. Until then, I hope we get to know each other more and we don’t lose communication. AT ALL.

Your best friend in due time.

Can I stick around through your success & failures? Your ups & downs? especially through the thick & thin roads you’ll drive on?

(It took me a lot of courage to vent this out. So STFU, if you don’t have nothing nice to say.)

Nobody talk to me about the Laker game tonight. -.-

If Kobe wasn’t injured & Dwight knocked it down at the line..
we could’ve/would’ve/should’ve won if they knocked down those free throws. 

Sworn in today for the Army. Words can’t express how ecstatic I am to be in this position in my life. I’ve came across my trials & tribulations but made it this far to be who & what I am today. I still can’t believe that I came & accomplished many goals I have set myself out to do, complete, & to overcome the pending. Never thought that I will become an engineer. I can’t continue on to express how I’m feeling, lolll. Well, in a wrap. I’m a soldier serving my country now. (= Making my dreams, reality.

I just realized, my birthday is tomorrow.

Damn, time went by quick that I didn’t even notice it.
I’ve just been mainly focused on shipping out on Nov. 19 

Second session over, 1st piece finally finished!

Gotta wear this for 2 hours. beeeeehh. c)x
I’ll take a pic of it 3 days later or something to show you guys, promise. 

2012: The year of success.

This is my personal high standard goals I set myself to succeed.

(Going to be adding on a few later down my years of accomplishments.)

  • Pass the ASVAB and enlist in the Army.
  • Get promoted to E-3 (Private First Class) (November 8th).
  • Finish my tatt before shipping off to boot camp.
  • Pass boot camp and graduate A.I.T.(Advanced Individual Training).
  • Upgrade to an iPhone 5 and save up for a custom MacBook. (lolll.)
  • Save, save, save up all I can for my future car and future ninja bike.
  • Save, save, save up all I can to add more to my tribal tatt. (loll.)
  • Save, save, save up all I can for my 2 future houses. (1 in Manoa & in L.A.)
    (Maybe 3 houses. 2 in O'ahu: 1 in Manoa, a condo in Waikiki, & 1 in L.A.)
  • Save, save, save up all I can for a 3 week trip back home. (O'ahu)
  • Stay physically fit & mentally healthy. Be emotionally stabled at all times.
  • Apply for GT course & achieve a higher score for my GT.
  • Re-enlist & apply for Green To Gold.
  • Graduate as a O1 (2nd Lieutenant). (No and’s, if’s, or but’s!)
  • Shoot to be an O2 (1st Lieutenant)

Don’t mind me, followers. Just keeping focus & myself on track.

I swear I always fall for your type.

This morning, I woke up and you popped into my head with the song by Jamie Foxx to go with it. Got on my laptop and already the first song I want to play is not the original version, but a cover version of the song. I don’t know about other guys, but I sometimes also get lonely too. I just don’t say anything about it cause I don’t want to spoil any of my friend’s evening by saying I am. I love to stay strong and say that I’m fine but deep in the abyss of within, I’m pretty much not. Last night it happened & I didn’t know what to say to the things I’ve secretly heard about you. Now I seriously don’t know what to do. I didn’t know you wanted to do that and try to become famous. All I want to do is get to know you more and she says your not girl friend material. Last night, I tried to look for certain friends to comfort myself in and help me give advice on what I should do. Though, at the end of the day it’s all up to me to make the decision and do it. I know I’ve been told before and not to pursue you, but I didn’t listen in their eyes and told them I’m just going to wait around. I can’t believe that I always fall for your type, especially at the wrong time. How am I to know that your different? I know she told me I shouldn’t go for you and that your stuck up in your own world and pretty much focusing on your life & career. I don’t blame you, but even independent girls do get lonely too. I know a career may provide blankets to keep you warm at night, but it won’t embrace you for life. You definitely are a nice girl & you already know I’m gentleman material. If I swept you off for your feet for a second like you told me that one night, wouldn’t you like and or love it for the rest of your life? I guess I’m getting into deep with very much liking you and still don’t know what to do. Same mistake, never learned from. I don’t want to prove anything cause it’s the last thing I want or quickly assume, but I can make you settle. I’ve dated a player & made her quit playing games. Turned a lesbian, straight cause at the time I wanted to date her. (No joke. I turned a lesbian straight.) I guess you can say I can make people change and of course it’s actually the person if they want to change. I’ll tell you this much, your going to really like it a lot. All I ask is just one chance if you let me. I swear your going to be swept of your feet. I’m not saying this to say “I’m the greatest dude, I can sweep girls off their feet.” No. No, I don’t because cockiness is unattractive and all I have is confidence and not brag about but know what I’m capable of. People do change, but it’s because of the people & the impact that they left with them. Everyone has their different point of view of how people change, this is mine. Again, if you let me have a chance. You definitely will never regret doing so. So for now, I’m just going to stick around and be supportive for you, see, & hope things would happen the way I hope it would happen. Hey, it could happen. It only takes time and I really do hope patience is a virtue. So, again the question is: Should I pursue you and wait while I focus on myself as well or move on and try to find … (Sorry I’m very speechless at this time). In the meantime though, I’ll also be focusing myself as well and If I can ask you one question, that question would be..

“Can I stick around? Through your success & failures, ups & downs?”
Am I going feelings crazy for this girl and going to fast? Help. 

Tomorrow, I will be leaving back to Basic to continue my training. Sorry followers, if I haven’t been updating since I’ve came back but all I’ve been doing is relaxing and spending time with family. That’s all that mattered to me when I came back home for the holidays. At first, they weren’t going to give us a holiday leave but they instead gave it to us last minute, so now I’m home just enjoying every bit of freedom I have left. Again, I hope everyone had the best holidays that they could ask for because I sure enjoyed myself from not always having to run around and getting smoked(discipline punishment) for other’s mistake but it is also mine as well. The Army teaches you one thing: One team, one fight. Tomorrow, I’ll be back on that plane as I put my personal life on hold to serving my country and I just want to wish the best to everyone this new year of change and commitment. I have no words to express but I am extremely thankful for being where I am at today.

Until then followers, Army strong. HOOAH!

Surprisingly, I’m not solely disappointed in my Lakers.
Even though I tuned into the 4th quarter, down choke points.

We still should be winning though. We should.
Our starting line-up all have high basketball IQ’s though.
I mean, they should be able to execute their offense & dominate the defense.
I have no idea what to say about our bench.
It’s okay though because it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.
I like the fact how the refs were superbly blind when Portland was fouling.

Ain’t that some shizz though? Re-train your refs, NBA.
Thank God, Stern is retiring soon. Furniture needs to be re-arranged.

Oh shoot!? I didn’t even know I had time warner cable sports net!!
Free Lakers’ games for me!!! (= CHEEHUUUU!! Hahahahahah!

I never pay attention to my cable carrier so how would I know I had it since lolll.