What I’ve Got in Common with the Diaboys~

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Ayato: Troublemaker duo c;

Kanato: An important teddy bear in possession

Laito: Fedora sluts…

Shuu: Fucking lazy ass motherfuckers


Subaru: Roses~

Ruki: Dem books owo


Yuma: Vegetable sluts for life <3

Azusa: Fascination towards knives

Carla: Same type of bonds with our mothers

Shin: Acting recklessly/acting before thinking

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Major Update of What’s to Come!!!

Ok this is going to be a long post but PLEASE read it, because it is extremely important if we are to continue/start roleplaying!

First of all, I am going to be moving ALL of my muses in ALL of my roleplaying profiles to they’re own profile. This will take some time, because I have over 30 muses to shuffle around on my various profiles, but it should be done eventually! However, as soon as I have a respective muse’s profile up, I will be hosting out roleplay on that blog and only be excepting asks for that muse on that blog. I will also become selective on all those blogs!

Why am I doing this?

I need to get better at organizing all of my muses! That’s the major reason right there. Also I need more space to organize all my verse, and want to make things more presentable and efficient. As for why I’m becoming selective, I just can’t handle the barage of new people wanting to roleplay with me so much. Don’t worry, IF WE ARE CURRENTLY ROLEPLAY, OR I HAVE AGREED TO ROLEPLAY WITH YOU WE WILL STILL CONTINUE TO DO SO

Just because I am getting a bit pickier and trying to up my roleplaying game doesn’t mean I’m not going to still be the same person you’ve been talking with. I am doing this for my own sanity, as things are getting to be a bit of a hot mess with all these muses on one profile, and then everyone bouncing around between them all. Even my threadtracker is getting hard to maintain as I’ve got easily over 100+ threads going on over the span of my several profiles and I’ve only been here 3 months! 

I love each and every one of you, but this needs to be done as I am STRESSED OUT with the way I have things set up now.

What will happen to this profile?

Let me just get this out of the way, THIS PROFILE WILL NOT BE DELETED!!!! It will serve as a personal blog, and a place to test out new muses I am unsure about. I will likely be post the usual OOC stuff I post, fandom stuff, Headcanons not related to my muses, Fanfiction, Art, random thoughts I have, and just whatever the heck else I want to post that doesn’t fit in any respective rp blog. 

Also, this will continue to be the best place to get a hold of me, should you want to chat, or have an issue with something :)


If you have an interest in roleplaying with a muse that you haven’t roleplayed with before, now would be a good time to let me know so you don’t lose track of that muse! We don’t have to start a thread per say, but tell me so I can link you and you can follow for when you are able to.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but again, this needed to be done. If you have any questions, ask me~

((Alright i made some serious changes to this blog, and hopefully it will help me be a lot more active here.))

((Let’s see….this is now an art/rp hybrid.))

((Meaning….not much really. I’ll just post more art and doodles really. They’ll all be tagged under the tag [Mun Art] so if you dont wanna see it blacklist that tag.))

((The rules have been updated to reflect this change.))

((I’ve also changed Edgey’s bio, the relations page, the timeline page, and added an about the mun page..))

((I think i will also make a tag page some people can navigate my tags easier.))

((Please, everyone new and old. Look at my rules page and either send in the new password or like the new post. I will become more strict about my rules and WILL NOT rp with you if you haven’t read my updated rules.))

((Also, different verses are DIFFERENT VERSES. I honestly lose my will to rp if people try to mix them. So please, respect that.))

((Or else I may just make a reset happen and start over this blog again, fresh. That or turn this into a permanent art blog.))

((That is all.))

Or alternatively, the five times Belarus thought of Freedom.

Hello @meadowlarkx​! I got you for the @aphgenficexchange​, and I think you deserve a little bit of warning before you finally read what I have written.

You requested, among other things, Belarus being friends with Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine being sisterly, and a historical AU.

Now, what I actually wrote is a Belarus-centered piece with all those elements intertwined within it. I’m sorry if you were expecting the things listed above to be the focus of your gift.

But this fic is the brainchild of an idea that I’ve had for a while now, and I felt this was the perfect time to write it.

And so now I give you:

Loose Canon: The Fall of the Soviet Union

The way this fic works it that there will be a small section of the fic starring the character followed by a quote from here.

I hope you don’t get too confused!

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// so I was over at the music school at the u of a and I met a music teacher at one of the local elementary schools and we got talking about his students and stuff and teaching things. He said that he teaches his third graders (nine year old kids) how to compose music and every years they have a competition and the top ten pieces are taken to the district high school where the kids there play and record them for the elementary schoolers. There were a billion things that I found interesting about this project (esp. since most of the kids that make the top 10 come from very low income homes and/or were failing several subjects in their studies) but simply the titles of the songs, I thought, were the purest things ever. These are some of them, obviously. I had to cover up the actual music just because it’s copyrighted n stuff, but still. Sleeping DOGS!!! is perhaps the cutest, right here with My Dog Jake (which is really sad because it starts off so happy but slows down and decrescendos into nothingness which leaves me to believe that Jake is no longer with us…) ALSO the Pokemon Battle: Blastoise vs. Pikachu is really cool because the kid used violins+violas to represent lil Pika, and cellos+basses to represent big ole Blastoise.

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“Five random facts about yourself and one true story”

1. I have an irrational fear of being struck by lightning, but perversely take enjoyment from watching it during storms. (WTF?)

2. I took tae kwon do for a year in college and I’d like to get back into martial arts again. 

3. I am noted for my obsession with cats. 

4. I am an only child.

5. I’ve recently become vegetarian. 

Story: When I lived in Japan the first time as an exchange student, I became friends with some Belgian girls who were also exchange students staying in my dormitory. We, along with another girl from my university who was in the same program, took to hanging out with each other quite frequently. 

During winter vacation we decided to take a trip north to Hokkaido for the Yuki Matsuri (which is gorgeous, but IT WAS SO COLD OMG), and one day we were sitting in a train station waiting for a train to take us to Sapporo. Now, the Belgian girls had a tendency to slip into Dutch every so often, which they did, and I’m not exactly sure what they were talking about, because I was only half listening, but my ears detected something that sounded like “tree diapers” and I immediately burst into a peal of hysterical laughter. They insist to this day that they were talking about neither trees nor diapers, but it’s become a running inside joke among the four of us, and nothing can make me start to laugh quicker than a mention of “tree diapers.” 

Dumb story, but it’s one of my favorite memories. XD 

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Just Wanted to Say Thanks!

   I recently hit another milestone for this blog, now sitting at 314 followers. Won’t do another shout out post (maybe for the next milestone) but I did want to say thank you to everyone who’s following me. Interacting with you lot has been so much fun, and I’m looking forward to all the new interactions to come.

   Thanks for following me and making role playing on this blog so much fun!

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  • Gundam 0079:Oh hey, they're fighting in the colony. Good thing its abandoned.
  • Gundam 0080:Stop fighting in the colony. People live there.
  • Gundam Zeta:Stop fighting in the colony, gawd!
  • Gundam F91:SERIOUSLY! Stop fighting in the Colony! You're getting people killed!