Things i am not best at: Teh Arts. But i said fuck it! I wanted to do artwork, so i did artwork!

This is a scene from A Beautiful Parasite by iainkillsrobots. I fell in fucking love with this story. It combines two of my favorite things: Tentacle Porn, and Bucky Barnes in Distress >:D Also nesting fuck yeah

I have never drawn Bucky Barnes before. Its not the best. But i just - i have been in hospital beds most of my adult life and something about Bucky’s thing with the IV’s and the separator and the cannula and just oh man i had feels.

Some stuff is off. I noticed too late that his leg was up and should have been down, and i couldn’t figure out how to do his hair so i did a pony tail aksjd. *le sigh* but overall, i’m proud i even tried!

This story is amazing, and heart wrenching and i want to do 9000 rps based of off it so i can pet Bucky and make him happy. .3.

Done in Adobe Sketch on the iPad in  probably…twenty-thirty minutes? Maybe a little more? askjd Uh Posted with permission from Story Author, please dont steal yadda yadda not responsible for mental distress from wiggly tentacle babies.