The Positivity Meme

Send the following to give me a little pick me up

🥇 - I think you’ve done a brilliant job with your muse.

🎯 - Your portrayal is on point!

💡 - The plot ideas you give out are amazing.

🔮 - I can see us rping in the future and I can’t wait to get started.

💛 - You’re a dear friend to me.

📽 - I can see your muse in your portrayal, your writing is so perfect.

🎬 - I wish your canon was actual canon.

🌟 - I love seeing you on the dash!

🍋 - Life might be giving you lemons at the moment, but just remember you’re my lemonade!

🦄 - Your AUs are so much fun and well thought out.

🌞 - You are such a bright and lovely person OOC.

🤣 - You are hilarious!

🤞 - I’m always wishing to spot you online to improve my dash experience.

A big happy birthday to @jujus-junk / @cursetale <3

Gosh haha its already been more than a year since we met huh Juicy? Almost can’t believe I managed to keep a friend as great as you for this long. I mean I can’t even begin to go into how many times you’ve made laugh and smile not just by your work but just by being you. You’re a huge inspiration to me as both a friend and as an amazing artist ;u;/ I hope i’ll be able to enjoy your company for many more years to come~ 

Happy Birthday Juicy ❤️ Have a fantastic day~