mun's pointless post

((some pointless mun post because why not? i got my hair cut and dyed today and i kinda want to post a picture but i don’t want to anoye anyone so i don’t know

also sorry for taking so long answere the asks and making half my post apologizing for taking so long to answere the asks. i have been a little stressed lately but i don’t want to make any lame excuses nobody asked for so I won’t go on about this here

also also does anyone know how long befor the compation professional skaters start preparing their programs?

I hope y’all are doing fine and what i just said does not mean you can’t send me asks pleas go a head and do so if you want, that’s why I opend the ask box agian!

I don’t know, lol))


Hey guys. Meet Poirot. He is my ferret. As you guys know I have 3. This little guy was crushed by a couch yesterday. And suffered some spinal injuries. He might never be able to walk again. My baby that has put me through hell by running away. Walking into someone’s garage and fighting a raccoon might never get to do any of those things again…..
I’m not asking for notes for a stupid miracle. Or money.

I just wanted to let you guys know and to make you aware that these guys need constant attention. We got careless one time and this happened. Had we not been looking for him to put him to bed he could be dead right now.

Please be careful with your ferrets. Please make sure you know where they are when you are moving furniture or doing dishes.

I know he’s going to look fabulous with his new hot wheels. But please make sure you are safe…. He deserved so many more years of jumping and running. And those years were cut short by us careless humans…..