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So after convincing a few friends to watch Black Butler from the first half of season one, all the way to Book of Circus and Book of Murders, we all got to see Book of the Atlantic this past Monday. [i thought it would be best for them to watch the series before I drag them to the movie with me xD ] Ever since then, I have been on the Black Butler hype, and because a friend ended up liking the series, we talked about making some curry buns from scratch!
Cooking the curry was the easy part. Making the bread wasn’t. ^^; We also added chocolate to the curry sauce just like Sebastian did. In the end, it actually tasted pretty good! As much fun as it was making the bread from scratch, I know an easier way that could save a lot of time when making these.


Aight. Now I’m not one to make a lot of Callout Posts. The last one I did was on an abusive role player.

Feel free to gloss over if you’re not interested.
The rest of the photos will be in another post since I have quite a few.

This one is not much different. Except it’s an Abusive friend.
Now this one is no friend of mine. No siree.
But they used to be a friend of my significant other.
Now if any of you don’t know who that is that is @healingstargazer
This person had known bae for a year.
A year in which I saw the person I had a thing for deteriorate into a depressed sad shell of a person. (This was before I asked bae out.)

They were hurting and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. Until I started sitting with Nebula at lunch. And found out why not two days later.
It was this friend….this person that had latched onto Neb like a leech and sucked out anything and everything positive Nebula had. Anytime they, or me, or literally anyone tried to talk about how they felt that person would cut in with some story about their mother not being there or how their father didn’t let them go on tumblr(they’re on Tumblr anyway.”
It was always about how their life was the worst and that no one could feel as bad as them.
This continued on for a few months.
I sought out some of Nebulas and My older friends to see what the hell happened to Nebula.
It was because of this person.

I started pulling Nebula away when this person would go on about how their life is the worst. They didn’t need that.

This would go on until October. Or more specifically the week before Halloween.
Now, like a total weeb, I asked Nebula out through tumblr. (Yes it’s cringe I know XD)
And they accepted.
We went and hung out that same day, me with two of my other friends accompanying while that person came with Nebula.
They eventually questioned why we were holding hands(because that’s what two nerds do hell yes.)
And we told them we were dating.
I watched them visibly get upset and proceed to sulk after us.
Like. Full on sighs and “I’m sad now.”

This would continue on for a long time. Anytime we’d hold hands or I’d whisper a stupid pickup line to make Nebula blush this person would get angry at us that we were holding hands or that we weren’t including her on that specific conversation.

We did try to have a talk with her.
Barely the first minute in she was crying for no reason(we told her we wanted to talk with her.)
And she was even screaming. After me and Nebula just gave up and she went and punched Nebulas desk so hard her knuckles turned a bright red.
She even pointed at the floor and said “I see Chara right there.”

That is when I officially cut any tie with that person.
I was done with them.

But Nebula continued to try to make their friendship work.
Spoiler alert: it didn’t.
Soon Nebula was getting so bad that they had broken down crying in a locker bay because of this person.
And I took her to the school counselor.
The school counselor agreed with me that Nebula needed to take a break from this person.
(I was of the mind to just break it off cleanly which Nebula later did.)

One time there was a shortened day and both me and Nebula got off at the same time because we had the same gym hour.
I took them to lunch.
When we got back to pick this friend up that person got upset with Nebula because “they were going to take Nebula to lunch not Ally!”

The day Nebula told them that their friendship needed a break I was going to work so I couldn’t be there.
They, and I quote, said “I’ll just walk home then!”
Because Nebula used to drive them home. They offered to take them home but that person just left angrily. Angrily. Not sad or depressed. They were angry.

All was quiet for another few months, Nebula slowly recovering and doing loads better.
Then this person tried to go to the principles office and say I was bullying them.
I had blocked them on tumblr because they kept bothering me and wouldn’t leave me alone.
I don’t have their number. And I don’t have their Facebook.

I showed all of this to the principle and told him everything and low and behold. He apologized for the false accusation and let me go back to class.

Then they took a different route to try and get “revenge”.
They started trying to harass me on Tumblr through anon.
Now it didn’t work might I add.
I have a very tough skin and I just frankly didn’t care.
But I did grow annoyed when they moved to harassing Nebula on one of their side blogs as well.
This I did not like.

And because I am a IT Student. With a certification in computers.
I coded in a little thing to track repeated visitors on my blog.
I didn’t care who came to my blog. I wanted the persons ip.
And low and behold yet again. I found it.
I’m sending a glitter bomb to their house.

If you guys have questions go ahead and ask. I’ll answer to the best of my ability!
If you want the usernames of this person to block them and only block them I shall provide it.

If the anon abuse doesn’t stop to both Nebula and I, then I will be releasing the usernames and let my lovely followers do what they want. It is out of my hands by then.

As always, I love you guys!
Ally mun out!

TeruHina Headcanons

We fucking talked about them Mun, so here we go:

  • Terushima gets Hinata’s phone number from Oikawa, who got it from Sugawara of all people.
  • When Hinata distracted him from Kiyoko, he really got the Johzenji captains attention.
  • Hinata texts with Terushima more than he texts with Kenma.
  • They are both literal rays of sunshine, creating a blinding light that will blind you with their adorable ways.
  • Their first date was to a zoo where Terushima shows Hinata the birds of prey exhibit. It wasn’t particularly romantic but Hinata was blown away. 
  • ”You remembered that I’m a crow!” 
  • “Of course I did!”
  • There had been no crows, but Hinata was still impressed.
  • They date for several months before anyone finds out. 
  • They weren’t hiding it, Hinata is just a little air-headed and didn’t think to mention it.
  • The team finds out when Hinata walks into practice with a new ear piercing. 
  • “You pierced your ear?”
  • “Yea, Teru’s older brother did it.”
  • “Who’s Teru?”
  • “Boyfriend, duh?”
  • Ennoshita had to hold Tanaka and Noya from barging out to find this Teru
  • It was another week before anyone realized it was Terushima Yuuji that Hinata was talking about.
  • Surprisingly, when they all see Terushima again, it’s Tsukishima that gives him the just remember that crows are omnivores if you hurt him talk.
  • Terushima doesn’t go to college but accepts an apprenticeship under a famous tattoo artist in Tokyo. 
  • Hinata lets Terushima do his first tattoo.
  • It’s just the word Fly at the nape of his neck. 
  • It’s also the one and only tattoo that Hinata got for a while.
  • Until he and Terushima got a same-sex partnership and he got a wedding band tattoo instead of buying rings.

Alpha bendy: NOBODY CAN!
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((I love making Cinny suffer don’t I? -mun))


I’m just gonna leave this here and say that that’s a possible-design for le plush buns.
And i still couldn’t decide if I should work with just back eyes, or colored eyes (that would have a pupil like the bottom one).

I just found this amazing shop that sells tons of different eyes!
Including different color glitter eyes, metallic eyes, multi colored eyes and glow in the dark ones!