At times I feel like I don’t deserve all of your wonderful attention as my attention span to everyone is hard to keep track of, yet I realize it’s only because you guys care. I hope you know I appreciate every ask, reply, piece of art, chat you guys send even if I can’t get to everything.

I’m getting close to 950 followers following the big milestone of 1000. It’s hard to believe that you guys are always here to interact. It warms my heart, even though this asshole gets his kicks. 

I sincerely just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart over the course of my absence and even now as I am beginning to come back to more activity. Even if my activity slows and I procrastinate on here, I am always here and always watching everything. 

I adore you guys so much as a community as you feel like a huge family. I’m just one Thresh out of a bunch but I’m ever appreciative to your time, effort, and patience. I’ve made so many friends it’s overwhelming but honestly very uplifting.

You continue to drive me to be the best I can be on this blog <3 Never stop being you~ I may focus on one person to the next and I can be sparse, but I promise you it’s not intentional. Thresh is just a picky mofo and I get drained from writing as it takes a lot of brain power.

I put my heart and soul into responses for you all and hold myself to a standard on here always, in a good way however.

I just want you to know you are all appreciated and loved by this Chain Warden right here <3

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She yelled at me for this edit.

So, empurata!Skids started as this idea for Functionist Universe when Lost Light revealed where Rodimus as the others landed. I was talking to Nightbeat’s mun about how, if we were to see Skids in Functionist Universe, there was a high chance that he would have been empurata’d because of his status as an outlier (recalling that Functionists have plenty of reason to fear outliers, as they could be a threat to their taxonomy).

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starter call

Okay, scratch that reblog. It had too many people, i will probably get lost. Let’s do that again! Starter call! SInce half of the people did not even respond to my starters i have nothing to do….so lemme write some moar starters that will probably go nowhere….such despair….ahem. I am done. Like this and stuff! Yet again. Only one rule. ONLY MUTUALS

// What the hell you people?! This blog is barely one month old and already 100 followers?? THANK YOU. And please someone explain me how this bad-quality blog with stupid jokes got this much attention. I wake up every morning with like 20+ notes.. Thank you to everyone. //

Here’s my booty….loot? The stuff I got from the con

And I love it!

I finally have a Pusheen plush! And some Osomastu merch!

I was so lucky to get anything with Karamatcu on it!

Also, you guys need to check out the inline animated series, The Reward: Tales Of Alethtion.

The comic book I got details the adventure of a couple of thugs who have a short lived debut in the first short, and I I really enjoyed it. It’s filled with feels

//My lovely pooch is alright. I think she was merely suffering a stomach bug, which is a huge relief.

Thank you to those who were supportive of me. I deeply appreciate it. And I appreciate that you lovely people even decided to follow me. Enjoy your lives. You deserve it. 💙

y’know, I know that tumblr gets a lot of shit for being obsessed with a Persephone, how they make her into something that she’s not supposed to be and misinterpret the actual myth etc. etc, but honestly? The fact that the people who are changing Persephone into who she has become to tumblr– the young woman who claims agency over herself and isn’t half so helpless as men would make her out to be, the woman who licks her fingers after every pomegranate seed, the woman who walks into hell with sunlight in her eyes, flowers in her hair, and hard ambition in her heart, –the people who do that are most often teenage girls themselves. It’s an act of reclaiming a piece of what’s practically pop culture and adapting it to the times, just like myths have always meant to be. It’s taking the story of a victimized girl and making it the story of a queen.

A Spell To Help Someone Flower

Everyone has potential, but not all of us are comfortable reaching it. Sometimes situations stop us, sometimes it’s other people, and sometimes, it’s yourself. If you can’t see the potential that you hold, how can you let it shine through? This spell can be used on either you or someone else, to help them reach their potential, to “flower”. Wait and watch this spell blossom! 

What you’ll need: 

  • Rose water
  • Dried Jasmine Blossom (preferred, but not required! Pre-packaged tea works just fine!
  • Honey
  • Taglock 
  • Dirt
  • Seeds (optional)

Take your rosewater and bring it to a boil. Put your jasmine in a cup and pour the rose water over it– If you have a blossom, you can watch “bloom” with the water as the tea brews. Take this time to put your intent into the mixture. Imagine your target becoming all that they can be, overcoming the odds and pushing through like a sprout in the spring. Visualize their abilities/desired trait growing, up and up and up, until finally a blossom peeks out at the top. Then, as you add in the honey and stir clockwise, feel the flower bloom. The honey is used to attract good things to your target, like bees to your new flower. 

As a final step, solidify the association between the spell and your target by pouring some (if not all) over your taglock. Your taglock should then be buried (not necessarily outside if you don’t want– putting it in a container is fine! The dirt is the important part.) This is you ‘planting’ the spell. If you want to put seeds in and watch it literally grow, go for it! Sometimes a little real-world action helps solidify intent, especially in the long run. Just make sure to take good care of your plant! 

If the spell is for yourself, feel free to drink any of the mixture that you’ve not poured over the taglock.