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Happy pansexual, panromantic and pangender awareness day! In case you missed it, today is a community-chosen day to recognize and celebrate those in our community who don’t always make it into the acronym of the day, who are asked repeatedly to explain “what that means,” and who too often face marginalization even from their LGBTQ+ peers. Today is for you and recognizing how great you are. Pan friends, you are awesome and valid and important exactly as you are, and you’ve got my full support. !

I really need some help...

I know Tumblr is really good with spreading these kinds of posts, and I know that all of my followers are really good people, so please just take a moment to look at this.

I “came out” as genderfluid about a month ago, but my mother has only recently found out. When my mother (who has been abusive in the past, and so has her husband) found out, she proceeded to go through my clothes when I was at school, and she threw away almost all the male clothes that I had purchased with my own money. The only male clothes I now have are the handful of pieces I have with my dad. My mother also threw away my binder, and she refuses to call me “he”, “him”, or even “they”. My mother has been calling me a “disgrace to the family”, and has even warned me that if I don’t act like her “daughter”, that she will “kick me out of the family”.

Additionally, my boss also found out I was genderfluid, and claimed to be “forced” to fire me, because they were scared that “people may be confused or scared by you”. As a result, I have no money, as I spent it on school textbooks and male clothes I really needed. Money is really tight, and because of school, I really don’t have the time to try and find another job. 

As a result, I’ll be accepting donations (any amount helps), and I’ll also be doing commissions for art/fanart/writing/fanfiction. Commissions will start at $2 (AUS), but I won’t put all the details here. If you’re interested in donating or buying a commission, I’l send you my e-mail address. Below, you will find some pictures of my art, and links to some of my writing.


Thank you for listening. I really need the help.

I'm so sorry but...

I know a good majority of people believe Dipper is actually a very strong character, how he’s getting stronger as the summer goes on. But it kinda troubles me how young he actually is. He’s twelve years old and deals with all these horrible monsters, dream demon, liars, and just betrayal and heart break. It has to be too much for him.

Personally, I really want to see a different side to Dipper. A side we don’t see very often, if not at all. I want to see just how emotionally and mentally weak he is. Yeah, he’s slowly getting physically strong but factoring in the horrors of Gravity Falls, this kid has seen some stuff no twelve year old will actually experience. Yeah, YOU can see it but he’s EXPERIENCING it. HE’S going through it. Mabel too, never leave her out. But she has her own way of ‘healing’ herself through her creativity. She lets it out, Dipper bottles it up.

I love Dipper to bits, I really do. I roleplay as him, I have a mini chibi verison of him in my head that gets upset when he sees scary or sad fanart. The thing is, I want to see another side of Dipper. I want to see his darkness, his true fears, his nightmares. Just how bad they could be, how much he’d get them. I want to see how much of his morality has been chipped away. I want to see his anguish at Mabel’s 'betrayal’, his anger, his sadness.

 I love Dipper. But I want to see how much he can really take before he breaks.

okay so I know that everyone has been noticing tsukishima and tanaka’s friendship (or at least mutual toleration) in the last couple of chapters but can we just take a moment to consider the possibilities of this friendship

  • tanaka and tsukishima having shit talking sessions where they literally do nothing but insult people 
2nd Birthday!

It’s hard to believe, but AskFefetaTroll has been ongoing for two years!! Thank you to each and every one of you that has continued to follow this blog throughout the entirety and even joining as the adventure continues. It means a lot to me. Happy birthday AskFefetaTroll!!

anonymous asked:

Why the fuck would you freak your followers and friends out with that? Seriously.

The question of the day, I am going to assume and I’m glad someone asked. I don’t particularly speak for the whole team of The Vengeance Crew, but I think they are going to agree with some of things I’m going to say.

First of all, Vengeance has turned into, what we joke as, a storyline that you’d find on a TV series. We’ve taken some very unique characters and put them together, forcing them to work with each other at all costs. People have begun to connect to these characters as you would do in a movie or a show or a book, some can fully relate to Mort’s history, some adore Jack and his quirks, some get involved in Mav’s secret life, some had fallen for Mei in her innocence of being around these gruff pirates and a lot of people can relate to Kurel and Kelli’s relationship. Each character is very dynamic and when I first joined up with these people, I didn’t think the crew would last more than a week because they were all so different.

As any good story, now they’ve grown together and they’ve become more attached than ANY of us thought they would. I, personally, have been blown away by the relationships forming between them and as much as they’ve always thought about hating the idea, they literally are becoming more and more like family each day.

We have created a drama TV series for people around us to enjoy. I don’t think people understand just HOW much time and effort Team Vengeance puts in to bring this glorious  storyline to life and then display it to our followers so they can enjoy it and see another side of WoW life. People do city RP all the time, Tribes, nomads, follow Blizz’s general storyline into the fight of Ashran and into Draenor, but we’re offering a taboo, a secret life that even I didn’t know existed until recently.

People don’t take into account how much effort Kurel and Kelliann have put into this, how much work it takes for them to create these fantastical events for all of us to enjoy, let alone spend the time to plot courses, issues to run into, boss fights, etc. Even people such as Telonia, Treyon and Riesse and her crew busted ass to assure that each player is having a good time. They’ve taken this huge, wonderful idea and have allowed all of us to stick our hands in it and help build it up into this amazing display of a story.

In any good show, there is always risk of loss, it makes it dramatic. This message conveys possible frustration or anger. We’ve made people cry over this, we’ve made them happy, we’ve made people mourn or even express their own personal feelings – we’ve literally gotten people so involved in these characters they’re watching that we’re making them emotionally react. That is beyond amazing and it’s one of the biggest honours I personally believe any storyteller can have. It’s been insane at how much feedback I constantly receive and how much our stories have made people want to join or have inspired them to do things with their own characters – that alone is breathtaking.

When I OOCly approached the crew about changing Jack into his moniker “Naga”, they knew I was going through a lot of issues and drama, especially concerning Jack’s life just before he joined the Vengeance Crew. They’d been highly supportive of helping out and when it was brought up ICly, everyone has tried as hard as they can to help Jack erase himself from the history books to try again. We’ve spent a lot of time building up this huge plot-twist and scene where people did cry over such a powerful moment in the Storyline of The Vengeance Crew.

Hours and hours are spent putting all of this into viewable perspective so that people can enjoy what we’ve been going through. I have hundreds of screenshots from the events we do to assure I have all texts, quotes and actions correctly so when I recap, people can feel as if they were right there with us. I’ve spent a LOT of time putting effort in these posts, including music, pictures, fluffing up our fast-paced RP so it’s even more engrossing and builds up the reader. Everyone has. We want everyone to struggle with us. We’ve all laughed together, cried together, yelled and screamed at rolls or events of what has been going on in our story and we proudly display this. It means the world when people actually WANT to read what our crew is doing.

We’ve brought emotion into your life. It wasn’t a joke or meant to be funny, it was a legit act of moving forward to envelope and emotionally bring people closer into these characters. We seeded the idea that Jack could be dead and people ran with it. They took ooc knowledge and flooded the world, proclaiming he was dead, when in reality none of the official Vengeance team posts never said “dead”. We’ve allowed our audience to believe that their beloved dragon fell and now we’ve brought him back into this new, glorious creature.

I’ve had more fun in this project than I have in game in a long time. When we’re not in our adventures, we’re here in Tumblr answering questions, prompts, roleplaying, building up each team member so that people can get to know them more. In essence, we wanted to throw a curve-ball to not only see how many people would take OOC information into IC, but as well as tug at a few heartstrings for those who have become emotionally invested in The Vengeance.

There can’t always be happiness, it would make the series boring. A risk of loss adds spice. To be emotionally moved as much as people were? We couldn’t ask for a better response. That is the power of entertainment.

We are here to entertain you with this story on the side of us having fun in playing with our toys together. I admire the effort put in by everyone of the crew, I adore the storyline Kelli and Kurel have created for us, the fantastic world of piracy that other Captains and crew are delving into and we’re building a community together of mass adventures.

I, for one, have appreciated the massive support they’ve IC and OOC given this plot twist as well as everything they’ve done to give us this amazing storyline to allow the most random of characters act and bond together all while viewers sit there and read out adventures together.

We are Team Vengeance.

We’re Vengeance.

We are glad that so many people have become involved and invested, I am personally blown away each and every time someone approaches me saying they love our stories. I LOVE the side storylines that are spinning off from this, because it’s bringing a community together again, it’s sparking roleplay that even if it’s tragic, it’s character development for a lot of people. What more could we ask for?

I was told to create this blog by indifferentdelusion who was my first follower and with a lot of whining, I finally did so for her. I never would have thought the day I created this blog that it would become this much, that people would get so emotionally attached to this dragon, of all creatures. From the bottom of my heart, I personally want to thank all of you for being so supportive. I also want to thank the crew for making this so fun, Kurel and Kelli especially. 

Sorry we almost killed your favourite emerald lizard, but it’s for plot for Team Vengeance’s next big event.

- Jack’s player.

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