I gave my Balmung house away.

I bought it during the last housing rush as a personal house.  I was really lucky to get it.  It was a rush of adrenaline, a stroke of fortuitous timing, someone was just a few footsteps behind me as I clicked the button. 

The odds had been beaten.  I was one of the few, now, a homeowner on the most crowded server in FFXIV.  I should have been happy.  I’d started playing the game a year ago, after all, and it had taken this long to reach the top, why shouldn’t I be?   It was in a pretty location, even, the wards had just been refreshed with the swimming areas, I could see them from my front lawn.

Spoiler alert, I guess - It really didn’t make me happy at all. 

(Putting the rest of this under a cut, because it got long.  It’s just kind of a personal thoughts/journey sort of thing, not a patting-self-on-the-back thing.  I just need to talk about it?  I dunno.)

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A very late but honest HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2018 will be awesome!

To the very best of times and many happy returns. Thanks for sticking around and baring with me all this time. You are appreciated!
[ Mun out ~ ]

Important Please Read

This is serious time. I have found a place with my soon to be wife that we can live in. We plan to move the first of February which isn’t too far from now. I’d like to say that I’m extremely sorry for abandoning this blog so many times. I don’t like doing this but I’m trying to get my life together. I came from a shitty home with a shitty family who doesn’t respect me or love me and was given a challenge.

I will continue to do this blog because even though I don’t have a lot of followers. I’m not popular.. I love you all either way. I’m going to try and queue things that will last hopefully a few weeks. So go ahead and send in asks that I can queue up. The event continues. When no more posts come up. You’ll have to wait for me if I haven’t gotten internet by then. My art blog and other blogs I have will be queued up too! So I have a lot to do.

Thank you so much for choosing to follow my things. I know I don’t have a lot of followers.. but it still makes me happy to know people actually like my ideas that I at times find really stupid.

I hope this won’t be long. But when February 1st rolls around. Don’t expect me to interact directly for a bit.


Guys please…

Please dont repost my art it really takes the fun out of posting and even posting original things it scares me knowing that people are going to repost my art even if i said NO, it just makes me want to quit and never post again. So please dont repost my art.

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I feel like you shouldn't let the fact that people knew about the prophecy ruin the game for you. It's character development and not all character development has to be good. And not only that, but each character has a reason for not telling Noct. Whether you agree with that reason or not, it's still there. Not every character is going to make the best decisions of all times, because it's not realistic. You can't say that Cor knowing would ruin his character because we don't know him. Not yet.

I’m not saying character development has to be good, I would’ve appreciated if it WASN’T good. But you know what happened?

THE PEOPLE NOCTIS TRUSTED THE MOST LIED TO HIM. That’s not bad, because that happens to us, we lie to the people we love. You know what’s bad?

They told me that Regis and Luna loved him, and instead of treating it as ‘bad character development’ because it WAS bad, they acted like this was an act of love to outright lie and betray the person who trusted you, despite never knowing you. The forced romance would’ve been better if they focused on the ‘forced’ not the ‘romance’ because THAT would be bad character development. THAT would be telling negative character development. Because you’re telling the audience that this IS bad. When you tell an audience ‘oh no it’s okay because they love him and love each other :)’ it’s telling the audience a BAD message and perpetuating a shitty trope idea.

 Noctis’s life is a ‘I hope this makes you feel like shit simulator’ at every fucking angle. When you get to Tenebrae it’s back to back of ‘here, it’s Maria, feel like shit now, here, a random shitty little girl, feel like shit now’ just a machine gun of bullshit angst when Noctis was already suffering. 

Noctis doesn’t trust Cor the most, he trusts Ignis, Gladio, Prompto the most. Cor was supposed to be a party member but he was axed from the game the same way that Luna was. They were supposed to not be in the game. Noctis doesn’t have to trust Cor, but Cor has just witness his country fall, and knowing CRUCIAL information and then DENYING to tell the Prince is absolutely nonsensical.

I’m not saying it’ll ruing Cor’s character, Cor is fucking nobody, he’s an NPC, he HAS no character. The fact that Cor is a popular character amongst the fandom is the ONLY reason he reappeared. Because it literally makes no sense. He was around in the game for such a small amount of time, the ratio of love for his character to fandom is absurd, and even being apart of that, I’m aware of it. So I know we don’t know Cor’s character. 

Him knowing won’t ruin COR’s character. Cor isn’t a character. This will MAKE Cor’s character at best. It’ll ruin MY Cor’s character. That’s the difference.

//OKAY so I’m going to be deleting most if not all of those asks because those anons REALLY pissed me and Werner the fuck off

//Also PSA that I didn’t think I’d have to fucking make: Don’t follow me if you use tran//s//pho//bic slu/r/s like t/r/ap, whether for a fictional character or a real person. As a trans/nb person I really don’t have time for your horseshit.

Net Neutrality

So, one of my Senators - Thom Tillis - just responded to one of my e-mails regarding my concerns for Net Neutrality. 

Here’s what he had to say: 

“As you may know, newly appointed FCC Chairman Pai released a plan to overturn the FCC’s 2015 mandates. On December 14, 2017, the FCC voted 3-2 to overturn these mandates. I am supportive of this vote and believe the actions by the FCC will bring new innovation and broadband investments.“ 

Translation: ‘I don’t give a fuck about what you or anyone else wants - I support Ajit Pai because this will put money in my pocket also.’

Sorry, I’m just a little disheartened about this. idk

EDIT - I emailed him THIS back: 

“Hi, you responded to one of my previous e-mails regarding my concerns for Net neutrality and something that you said struck me as odd. 

“As you may know, newly appointed FCC Chairman Pai released a plan to overturn the FCC’s 2015 mandates. On December 14, 2017, the FCC voted 3-2 to overturn these mandates. I am supportive of this vote and believe the actions by the FCC will bring new innovation and broadband investments." 

Okay, so - you support people who want to steal money from the poor for a service that was labeled as a HUMAN RIGHT. 

"Due to the lack of access and suppressive tactics by certain governments, the United Nations (U.N.) has declared that “online freedom” is a "human right,” and one that must be protected. This was in the form of resolution A/HRC/32/L.20. In July 2016 the U.N. issued a declaration, cementing this view.“ 

Besides, you’re a senator - you’re supposed to represent the people - correct? Which means if enough of us contact you (which considering 85% of Americans are AGAINST Ajit Pai means that MANY individuals have contacted you) then it doesn’t matter how you feel on the issue - because you’re supposed to use your voice for ALL of us. 

Or is it just that YOU will profit from the lower class losing money and internet access? Is that why you don’t care what we have to say? Ajit Pai openly MOCKED everyone’s calls and e-mails that were defending Net Neutrality! Do you understand that severity? 

America is slowly spiraling into dictatorship - and one of the firsts steps is to take away Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, and the ability to find true information - all of which applies to the internet. Think about what you’re doing. 

Listen to the people, not your wallet.”

I’m just popping in really quick to say that a prime example of why you shouldn’t force your children into the molds you wants them to fit in or follow in your footsteps or whatever - is because it can backfire and you’ll end up with a Saburota Todo or a Yukio Okumura situation going on. 

Now, I’m not saying that Father Fujimoto is a bad man - I care deeply for him and I think he’s a wonderful person. 

But let’s look at Yukio.

At the age of 7 - he began exorcist training. 

You cannot expect a 7 year old to know exactly what that would entitle. 

He had no clue he would have to go through such rigorous training. Having to be stuck indoors studying for hours and hours while Rin was able to go outside and live his life as a mostly normal child. 

In episode 8 of season 2 we really get a feel of exactly how traumatizing all this was to Yukio. 

We see him in a flashback shooting what appears to be a human zombie in the head. Father Fujimoto was with him. Yukio is only 15 now, how young was he when he was killing these things? 

How much has he had to witness that we cannot fathom? 

Earlier in season 2, he finds two rotten bodies of fellow exorcists. 

Do you think a 7 year old could have predicted either one of those situations? 

Do you think a 15 year old can actually handle that?

He’s 15. Fifteen years old. He should be in high school. He should be worrying about homework or who he’s going to a school dance with. He shouldn’t be having to point his gun at his own brother. 

He shouldn’t be questioning his morals. 

He should not be part of this. 

I’m sure Shiro had no idea that it would affect Yukio like it has - but…you can’t expect a 7 year old to make such a big decision. 

Yukio is even worse off in the manga. He’s losing it. He’s traumatized and alone and scared. And I know that Rin and everyone would gladly be there for him, but the thing is: he’s contained this trauma inside of him since he was 7. 

He couldn’t tell Shiro about how scared he was, either because he felt that Shiro was too strict or because he didn’t want to disappoint him. 

He couldn’t tell Rin, because Rin had no idea. 

The only thing Yukio knows how to do - is keep it bottled up. And since he’s losing it now - that’s scaring him even more because he’s never lost it before. 

Mephisto doesn’t get off free on this either. He’s Yukio and Rin’s guardian now. He took that role when Shiro passed. He knows what Yukio is going through. He’s seen what Yukio’s been doing. And yet, he does nothing. 

I know he’s busy trying to keep the world together and all that shit; but Yukio is still a child. Rin is still a child. Mephisto could do something to help. 

Have counselors come in. Force Yukio to take X amount of time off. Sit down and just fucking talk to the kid. 

Shura is doing her best at trying to help. Throughout season 2 she’s been nagging Yukio to ‘loosen up’ and stuff like that. She’s been trying to get him to talk to her, to talk to anyone. Because she can see it just by looking at him. 

TL;DR don’t be an asshole and make your kids do stuff just because you want them to be better than what you were or because you want them to follow in your footsteps. Let them make mistakes. Let them choose their own path. Let them live. Support them. Teach them its okay to cry or to be confused or to be scared. Teach them that they can always come to you. Let them know its okay for them to just be who they are. 

Please let Yukio get the help he needs. 

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We interrupt this program to bring you what the mun does between updates…

This is it!

This is my all time favorite glitch in Stardew Valley!

So… I engaged to Elliott as soon as I possibly could. The summer tends to also be rainy as all hell, so it stormed the day before the wedding.

For shits and giggles I talked to the old Mariner and… he sold me another Mermaid Pendant.

This is absolutely the best save file I have ever gotten JUST because of this bug! Now I can display a pendant in the house!

“Yes, I just got engaged. To you, ya daft ride! I love ya enough to do it all over again! How’s that for your fancy pants romancin?”