Ordering pins!

I’m going to order pins for the Melon Support package and some more undertale pins! 

If you want to order from me you better do it TODAY! That way you will get it quicker and I know how many I have to order! 

Melon Support package 1

Undertale package

You can even costume order pins from me! But that will cost more since I have to make a new pin and I will only order one of them! I will even make one package with only my OC’s! 

SO if you are interested please send a private message to me!

New pins!

I know I had promised this at some point yesterday, but with the fact that I’ve been sick with Bronchitis and still trying to get through everything that I need to get through? That I’ve been slacking on alot of things (Which i need to change soon hopefully) but before i headed off for a 9 hour day, I Wanted to make sure I got this posted on here to show the people I will always follow - and who I find are amazing writers and role players. (as well as human beings) . 

And I also want to thank the 75 of you who followed me back when i went to try and work on this new start and have the old one archived. ive posted a hell of alot of starters, still want to do a few more and will post a new permanent starter call soon (cleaned up with whose already liked the post) so i’ll know. 

I want you to know that I truly adore and appreciate you guys, youre an amazing group of writers and a creative group of people who always deserve to know how much they’re loved and adored.

Feel free to come and talk to me on IM or asks or whatever you like – i will always respond eventually… 

And in no particular order…. 

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Thank you

((Should have done this a long time ago but oh well. I can’t believe I joined tumblr 2 or 3 months ago! I done so many rps through it yet I never done that many rps before! So I’m gonna do a Thank You list. Here it goes!

@ask-hurt-sans for doing some sad or crazy rps with my muse, me slowly developing my character Ruby (sorry for not asking you permission to mention your characters in a thread)

@theworldsighs although you’re not active much, having a cute long rp with our muses

@inkverzium for doing some cool adventures and having a second muse, Lea

@gamerman02 for giving me ANOTHER muse through a rp

@skaterbrush for DOOT DOOT 

@cuteshirokuma because of, well, Danganronpa and you’re pretty funny

@ask-underveil and @shadow-fur for doing cool rps

And finally all of my followers, THANK YOU. Because of everyone, I do more rps and more asks. I can’t believe how many followers I have and posts I made through 2 OR 3 MONTHS. So again…


thecrimsonexecutioner  asked:

Hey ... pup! Where is that pretty pink tutu I gave you ... you should wear it more often Princess!

“I think you should shove that dress far up your ass, Whelp. Also how the fuck did you get on here? Get out of here, you idiot.”

Hi Wolf~! Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!



// today was my first day as a lil baby intern! IT WENT AMAZING. i met a guy who speaks swedish, and i’m learning to speak swedish so we bonded. met an old guy who mentioned his partner (a elderly gay man isn’t a rare thing but in my town, it is). and the best thing of all, drum roll please, stared at really good-looking shirtless guy for ten minutes while he had an ekg done.

AAAAAAAAAA My Beautiful souls <3 ! Thank you so much for 700! I’m not sure what to do for 700 but I still have things to do on this account for sure! Bare with me because while I’m not on hiatus I still have a bit of writer’s block and fighting out of it.

Do you have any suggestions on what I could do for 700+ followers?

(Besides Follow Forever and such, If not I’ll do a Drawing Giveaway)

concept: Hamilton is professionally filmed and released as a movie, allowing fans all over the country and world to see their favorite musical no matter where they live or their financial situation. Lin-Manuel Miranda make a shitton of money off of the sales from the movie. Bootlegs are no longer wanted because people can see Hamilton without coming to Broadway. Everyone is happy. The world is a better place.