Okay, one last event before I plunge into internal darkness of my sad lonely attention and affection craving heart . For real this time, art raffle. You must be following me and reblog this. You’ll be given a random number to be drawn later.

1st Place : Full body drawing
2nd Place : Top torso drawing
3rd place : Head to shoulders drawing

Please do attend this :)
And no, I will not be abandoning Angsty. I love my angsty lil boi.

-Love, Mun Meow

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Okay this is serious

I feel like nerfing this blog completely, it stresses me out!! But I don’t want to, cause I have so much I want to do with it.

I think it’s because I stress about the drawings not being good enough, and I’m slow at drawing and coloring n everything.

So uhm, would you guys mind if I just do more writing and do some sketches to go along with it? The sketches might be colored, depends on the mood.

Story Time!

ok so my parents got divorced last year and I haven’t seen my dad since. Because I am 16 I’m working to get my drivers licence, and one of the steps to do that is have some driving lessons w/ people at the driving school. I go in for my lesson and one of the teachers ask me about my driving and asked:

‘So who drives with you more your mom or your dad?’


‘Oh dad doesn’t love you huh?’

‘…yeah that’s one way to put it’

And I’m just laughing so hard on the inside cause like…HE AINT WRONG

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Did Sammy and Susie ever meet before the studio? Like as kids or a year or two before they started working together?

((I mean they live in the same city so I wouldn’t say that’s impossible, but they probably didn’t interact much if they did because they weren’t at all familiar with each other when Susie started working at the studio.))


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I tag anyone reading this :> If you decide to do this, tag me back so I can read your answers!

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[10 Ways to Keep Drama Llamas From Feasting on Your RP]

1.  Keep your nose in your own business.  Let other people RP what they want, especially when it doesn’t involve you or your characters at all.  Their time, their effort, their character, their money - not yours.  You don’t have to like everyone’s RP, but you need to leave them alone and let them do it.

2.  When you find yourself getting upset OOC over IC happenings, go step away for a while.  If you’re still upset, consider sleeping on it before you make any rash decisions about how to react.  Sometimes what seems like a big deal today won’t feel that way tomorrow. 

3.  Feeling jealous or possessive or clingy about an RP partner isn’t normal.  If you feel that way, you have a problem that you need to address.  This doesn’t make you a bad person, but you need to get to the root of why before you start acting out on those feelings.  

4.  Sometimes people aren’t emotionally healthy enough to be good RP partners.  Having an emotional or anxiety disorder or even just bad stuff going on IRL (all of which are very common in RP communities) is a valid reason to sometimes mess up, but it shouldn’t be used as a crutch or excuse for your behavior, or for the behavior of an RP partner.   Recognizing this is important.

5.  If you see someone else acting in an unhealthy way about their RP, you need to avoid that person, tell them to cut it out, or maybe both, depending on your relationship to them.  It doesn’t matter if that person is your friend or not - do not make excuses for them, do not apologize for them, do not enable them. They are responsible for their own behavior.  Let them fix their own drama, do not fix it for them.

6.  If you lose interest in playing a character, be honest about it and just say so.  There’s nothing wrong with that because this is a hobby we all do for fun, and sometimes your interests will change over time.  That’s okay!   But don’t leave your RP plots and partners hanging.  Also, don’t get angry if you decide to return to that character later and find your old plots and partners moved on without you; it’s not reasonable to expect them to wait for you to come back.

7.  Talk OOC, even when you don’t want to.  Yes, it’s easier to just “let IC be IC” or blow things off as “It’s just a game”.   These things are true and sometimes applicable and work fine when everyone is on the same page, but RPers aren’t always on the same page.  In fact, it’s rare that an RP group needs no OOC communication at all.  Not talking leaves a gap in the doorway that lets drama sneak in and just grow in the silence, and eventually a llama will get hungry.

8.  You’re never obligated to do uncomfortable or upsetting roleplay scenes, no matter what anyone tells you, even a FC or LS leader.  You can say no and you should do so if you don’t like how an RP is going.  You can walk away.  You are allowed to have boundaries that you want respected. 

9.  Know that almost every roleplayer has: been mistreated by a partner; had their feelings hurt; screwed up their IC/OOC boundaries; done something discourteous or that they regret; fallen out with a friend or group over RP; been accused of doing something they didn’t; or had their ideas unfairly criticized.   It’s endemic to a hobby that is this emotional, personal, and creative, and some of us have been at this for a decade or more.  You are not alone.  

10. Try to be kind and forgive and move on when offered an apology.  Because, someday, you may accidentally find yourself on the other side, and you will want someone to be kind and forgive you.   No one is perfect.

This needs to stop

The point of hate is pointless, not everyone even has all the pages. Please understand that we are all human, no one is perfect, but threatening to kill people is unacceptable. 
To those who are sending hate to remember that you may not have all the pages of the story, you are only getting one side.

@ask-littlebendy has been getting unnecessary hate. I have been speaking with her and it is affecting her health greatly, please have respect for everyone. Hate is pointless why send people hurtful words, all you are doing is making it worst. just let it go and ignore it. Please stop being children. Everyone needs to support and take care of everyone.

Please send them some more -positive messages and asks. Please stop this nonsense 

Hey everyone. This is Mun Sushi here, telling you that                                             THIS IS NOT OKAY. 

This was NOT sent to me, but to a close and dear friend of mine who I roleplay with quite regularly. This post isn’t just to condone this behavior, because hey, shitty people sadly will always exist in this world. And me making an elaborate post about treating people equally will go right through one ear and out of the other to those whose lives are fueled by bigotry and hatred.

SO, Instead, I’m here with some helpful tips on how to BLOCK an ANON. for those of you who might ever receive hate like this, whether on a roleplay blog or a personal one. 

If you ever get an anon who sends you hate, (sadly, you can only do this on the desktop version of Tumblr right now) CLICK on the drop down menu and select “BLOCK”. 

Even though the person is anonymous, this feature blocks the IP address of whoever is sending you hate, thus preventing them from being able to send you a message on anon ever again, unless it’s from a NEW IP address. 

I don’t usually ever make messages like this, but I felt that this was important since I have so many friends, rp partners, and mutuals here on Tumblr who are within the LGBTQIA community and deal with this kind of bullshit on the daily. 

Anyway - I love all of you. You’re all amazing and no one deserves this kind of hate. Please share this if you can to help spread this little tidbit.