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((Sorry for popping by after such low activity lately just to put this up, especially when so many other blogs fell victim to it as well this year! I’ve had a lot of trouble finding my muse to pull off fandom blogs as of late, so I’ll be returning to the old OC phase until I get my fandom muse back. That is not to say I am abandoning this forever, though! My urge to draw these nerds can come back within months, even days of not feeling it, so I can rest assured this blog will rise once again uvu Just wanted to put this up so none of ya’ll would be worrying!

For any unfortunate folks having just joined us, I apologize for this inconvenience! There’s about 3-4 months worth of content in here though, all of which have drawn answers outside of Mundays, so that should be a whoooole lot to glance at while I’m out! The past plot link is up there too to help show off any canon that was big for this blog~

Annnd just one extra detail/contact stuff below the cut to clear space, but it’s not as important as this activity post!))

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I still think it’s funny how me and my bff started shipping Hidashi as a joke back in July. And how there were only a small handfull of Hidashi shippers for the first 3 months. We were such a tiny little rowboat back then.

But when the movie was released, this ship suddenly exploded like mad. We got more fanart/fics in one day than we did those first 3 months. It became one of the most, if not the most, popular ship of this entire movie.

And I’m so sorry I keep rambling about this so often. But it always makes me feel so nogstalgic and emotional. This ship holds so many memories.

((As I realize that while I picked the phoenix symbol for Yen’s division just because it looked cool…

The phoenix also has strong symbolism as he literally did rise out of the ashes of his suffering and despair to be where he is now.

;-; Oh no, who is cutting onions in here.))

sorry for disappearing for like 10 years again

I got a new job, got into a relationship, had some uh…issues, but I’m back! I’m going to be sending memes to anyone that I see on my dash, feel free to send me some too! <3

I was one of those people who disliked Jesse McCartney pre-KH2. I got so sick and tired of hearing “Beautiful Soul” it became a trigger for me.

But after getting into KH…wow. My entire opinion of him backflipped. I stopped hating him as a singer and started liking him as an actor.

Plus, the fact that Roxas kinda started his VA career (if he hadn’t done Roxas, there’s a chance he wouldn’t have been Robin/Nightwing in Young Justice), and that he’s stayed so connected to the KH series since…

I like it. I like him.