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Like on one hand I’m super embarrassed by old art but on the other I’ve gotten better! Which is! The aim! As well as having fun!

So yeah, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s followed me, and especially thank you to those who have stuck with me since my very earliest n00b days. But above all! Thank you to all the amazing friends I’ve made!

@little-noko - Gah I can’t even describe how important you are to me. I never expected that I could get so close to someone and trust them that much, but with you it just happened so naturally. I love spending time with you, whether it’s chatting or rp-ing, and I can’t wait to meet you! You really are the most amazing girlfriend, and I feel so lucky to know you! I love youuuu <3

@askinfresh - Dude it really is thanks to you that I got into rp-ing. You were the first rp blog that I followed, and I felt super nervous sending in those asks, but you were always super nice and it encouraged me to be more confident and to become more involved in rp-ing! Becoming friends with you was completely unexpected (but considering how much we rambled about torturing our poor muses and/or screaming over the shippy-ness it was pretty inevitable xD) but I’m really happy we did! I really admire your writing skills, and it’s always so fantastic to rp with you! ilu beeeeeeb <3

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This needs to stop

The point of hate is pointless, not everyone even has all the pages. Please understand that we are all human, no one is perfect, but threatening to kill people is unacceptable. 
To those who are sending hate to remember that you may not have all the pages of the story, you are only getting one side.

@ask-littlebendy has been getting unnecessary hate. I have been speaking with her and it is affecting her health greatly, please have respect for everyone. Hate is pointless why send people hurtful words, all you are doing is making it worst. just let it go and ignore it. Please stop being children. Everyone needs to support and take care of everyone.

Please send them some more -positive messages and asks. Please stop this nonsense 


An important message for my friends and some more people that I like and admire

Also, that dragon lady is my sona~

((Also I hope not forget anybody lmao))

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If anyone would be interested in a commission, please let me know! Work cut my hours down to 32, and I could really use some extra money.

I am a traditional artist, and am happy to do a basic sketch (seen above)

Ones with color

I specialize in dragons and monsters

A basic sketch is $10

A drawing with color and shading is $25

I am happy to draw whatever beast strikes your imagination!

(Contact me privately to discuss details and paypal info)

Note: I do not draw porn.