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♬ ᚡ ✒ ಹ ෴ ㉘

♬ - Do you listen to music when you write? If yes, what kind of music? 

sometimes. most of the time i put my headphones in then forget to put on any music. and i have to be careful what music i do listen to when i’m writing or i’ll get distracted or kill the mood. usually i listen to soundtracks because there are no words. current favorite composer for music to write to is trevor morris.

ᚡ - Random fact about the mun? 

Bears are my favorite animal, but haven’t always been.

ಹ - Share a story from your childhood!

mmm it was hard to pick because i actually have lots of pretty good stories but if i can tell it right this one is funny so here we go:
When I was 8 years old, my brother had just turned 7 and my sister had just turned 5. (We also had a younger brother who was 2 and sister who was a couple months old but they aren’t in this story.) Anyway my brothers slept in one room and my sister and I slept in the other. We didn’t have a play room so when we played it was in our bedrooms. The three of us had a Barbie game set up that we had been playing all day, which meant we hadn’t actually done any playing, but we had basically finished negotiating who was “playing” which Barbies and who got to use which clothes and horses and things, as well as determining if we would be playing a “modern”, “medieval”, or “modern-medieval” story. (Usually the latter as it meant we could use the technology toys and all the fancy dresses together.) Mom and Dad sent us to bed, turned off the lights, and went to their own room to sleep. We had worked out about how long we would have to wait, and with the aid of my new alarm clock we timed it so when it was safe, we knocked on the wall and my brother got out of bed and came into our room. Giggling and reminding each other to be quiet, we played and played. At midnight, we knew our rebellion had reached the point of no return - if our parents checked on us there was no way to explain the situation away. So the “stay up a little later to play a little longer” plan turned into a spur of the moment “we’ve never stayed up all night before but wouldn’t it be funny if we woke mom and dad up instead of the other way around”. So the next hours were spent getting sleepier and sleepier, playing and giggling and taking turns dozing (though not on purpose and we pretended like we weren’t). When the alarm clock showed 7:30 am, we snuck into our parents’ room and jumped on the bed, laughing loudly.
Turned out the alarm clock was wrong and it was actually 4:30 am.

෴ - Tell us about your day.

my day was good! I slept in, chatted with some people on discord, had leftovers from easter dinner for lunch, went to the school, prepared for and taught my lesson, went home, had more leftovers for dinner, biked down the street to the market to buy candy with my host siblings (impressed them by thanking the clerk in russian), raced back home. now i’m on tumblr and am heading to bed soon.

㉘ - How do you usually spend your birthdays? 

I’ve spent every birthday so far with my family. Friends too, some years. My birthday traditions start the night before, when my mom would lie down with me and talk. She would tell me my birth story, about when she went into labor and everything. When I was maybe 11, and I knew my birth story by heart, I started asking her for other stories about when I was a baby before my siblings were born. I adore this tradition, and while I’m an adult now, my birthday is coming up and I think I’m going to ask my mom to keep up the tradition. As far as my actual birthday, I always wake up around 7, so I don’t miss watching the clock turn from 7:17 to 7:18 so I know I’m a full year older. Other than that and general party stuff I don’t do much. The day after I always have leftover cake in a bowl with milk for breakfast.

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How is this whole swapped universes thing going?


A bit of an update, because it’s been almost a month since our last post! Doodlemun has been swamped with work, and I’ve been thrown all over the place and we haven’t really had a chance to sit down and work on this lately, so here is an apology post. Have a grumpy Sans! As soon as work slows down and the inspirational juices start flowing again, we hope to be more frequent once more. Until then, we might be posting little short doodle like posts to fill in the gap until the next page of the comic. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!))