mun is sorry for random post

((Ok guys I’m sorry for this random post but I just wanna like happy vent? Idk if thats a thing but I’m doing it! I have such a weight lifted off my shoulders today it’s unreal! (backstory!) I have been working at a deli for around 2 years now it was my first ever proper job. I used to love working there but a bunch of things happedned that I won’t get into and it became a nightmare! It was so bad that the stress from the job made me physically ill. I had a breakdown the other day and finally decided to try and return to college (I had to leave for personal reasons I won’t get into) and because I’ll be in school my mum won’t have me pay rent (that was our deal) sooooooo today I put in my 2 weeks at my job! I’ll be free from hell on the 13th which also means hopefully more content for you guys! AAAAHHHH I’m so relieved it’s unreal! I just had to share it with ny’all! Thanks for putting up with me guys you’re all pawesome!))


This time take this as more of a…… New partner call??

Can you guys please reblog this post if you wanna RP with Panda-Mun?? I’ll write a random starter when i get up in the morning i suppose. It’ll be.. Kinda selective? idk sorry guys

I just can’t bring myself to interact with some people i already follow and it’s making me frustrated at myself, so, i figured this should be easier.

List of Available Muses! please try to state which one??? if any at all??

i also play a Reaper/Gabriel Reyes from overwatch,,,, so,,, sorry guys ag h .

do whatever i suppose

My Dudes!

What’s up?

Long time no see right?

Mun had a bunch of family and school shit to take care of.

We’re slowly coming back!!

That’s our new year resolution. To stick this out.

I’m sorry about the random hiatus but mental health and all that. So for the mun’s sake,I’m making this blog now selective. We will open it back up later on,but we’re going to become very selective until things settle down.

This is still an ask blog!!!!

Asks are open at all times to everyone. (For mun And muse)


But remember we love each and every one of you! We’ve passed 300 followers! Thanks guys! I love you all!

So be prepped for shit posts and memes!

(Also mun things they’ll be under #Jay tag if you’d like to blacklist it.)

Love you fuckers!

-Ya Bro-dy

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How is this whole swapped universes thing going?


A bit of an update, because it’s been almost a month since our last post! Doodlemun has been swamped with work, and I’ve been thrown all over the place and we haven’t really had a chance to sit down and work on this lately, so here is an apology post. Have a grumpy Sans! As soon as work slows down and the inspirational juices start flowing again, we hope to be more frequent once more. Until then, we might be posting little short doodle like posts to fill in the gap until the next page of the comic. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!))