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50+ Followers Art Raffle!!


  1. you must be following me (kinda the point of this tbH)
  2. there will be four winners, each chosen with a randomizer
  3. i cannot draw anything too dynamic or complicated, sorry
  4. you can choose how i will draw your art piece (traditional or digital)
  5. reblog/like this post how ever much you want

deadline is August 1st 11PM PST

check under the cut for examples of my art

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Rants Pt. 5

Okay I just login tumblr and shits were happened, AGAIN. This time the target of the shits is @askthekagemushadate. Those shits of an anon sent the same things to another people and involved another role players as well are really pissed me off because the mun is friend of mine so I know exactly how she felt about it. I couldn’t help but rant this time because IT WAS ALREADY TOO MUCH.

There is nothing wrong if you enjoy yourself in this fandom by roleplaying with the roleplayers. Everyone have their own way to make themselves happy and comfortable in this fandom and roleplaying is one of it. But here’s the things. Roleplayer is not even real, like Genya’s mun said

I may have Genya’s face as the forefront of this blog, I may portray him, but I am not him.

Every single roleplayers ARE NOT the character you loved so don’t take roleplayer too serious. Every scenes and stories you made were fictional. Don’t forget that the character is belong to every single fangirl in this fandom.

Do not make any self-proclaim a character that meant for everyone!

Every character that Voltage (or any character fictional character that had been made) is not particularly made only for you. And surely the roleplayer accounts are made not only for you to ship with yourself. If you want to keep the character for yourself and don’t want to get jealous when the roleplayer was roleplaying with another fans, just simply make your own character and make him your own husbando and ship yourself with him. Nobody here needs someone like you who get too attached to roleplayer in wrong way then start doing irrational things by fighting over the lords, make shipping war, and the worst, starting unnecessary drama by spreading the hatred by lurking behind anon only to get attention and be more “popular”.

For all this time, the idea of people made hate anons as the parameter of how popular their blogs are just something that I thought as nothing more than a random theory. I mean, nobody loves to get hated tho everyone wants to be loved. Why would we bother to make ourself get hated only to get some attentions? Get hated by someone is sucks and make you insecure, you know. And here we are, finding the truth that it’s not only a random theory but it happened, for real

Whoever you are, anon, did you never think that what were you doing was totally low when you lurked behind anon and used another people as excuse to spread hatred and make the fandom uncomfortable only to make your blog getting more “popular”? But well, look at the result. You get the attention you always wanted for so long. Congratulations, you just made yourself looks like a low, pathetic thirsty girl by doing those stuffs. Ouch

If you want attention I can give it off of anon. I’ll spam your ask with all the love and troll I have so you get the attention you want. Just pm me, I’ll do it for you. Don’t you troubling the roleplayers and the muns to always reply you and pay attention only for you. They just want to share happiness by making the accounts and giving fan service to anyone equally. If you can’t understand this then you’d better not roleplaying at all. It just so fucking annoying and ruining the fun of roleplaying and the fun of joining this fandom. We don’t need any shits happened more than we already had in this fandom.

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How is this whole swapped universes thing going?


A bit of an update, because it’s been almost a month since our last post! Doodlemun has been swamped with work, and I’ve been thrown all over the place and we haven’t really had a chance to sit down and work on this lately, so here is an apology post. Have a grumpy Sans! As soon as work slows down and the inspirational juices start flowing again, we hope to be more frequent once more. Until then, we might be posting little short doodle like posts to fill in the gap until the next page of the comic. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!))