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ziggy-zaggy-doggo  asked:

shrivelled raisin man is... my favorite description of ennard????? ever?????????

My fav description I’ve ever heard for ol’ EnnBoi is “literally a pile of paperclips”, brought to you by @mirroredwithpuns ( I will say, though, shriveled raisin man sounds great, do you perhaps mean Ennard while parading around in the human skin?)

Bonus Ennard reaction because I had this banoodle doodle lying around:

Hermit bros are finally done~ #HermitLyfe4Ever

Doing what hermits do best: go into a food coma and sleep XDD and leave the tv on while wondering on how to not wake up a sleeping Abriel

Silas Mukami ( @rinna-diabolik)
Abriel Sakamaki (shatted-heathens)


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