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Ohhey it’s technically munday and all the cool kids are doing it

There are only two flavors of Sylvie: bandana braid and yucky yellow.
Also no, I never move my hand. It’s glued to my face. 
Which is why replies take so long - typing one-handed is HARD.


ya’ll it’s not m.unday yet but i was dicking around w sn.apchat so let’s pretend it is 😭

[[ Hey everyone! So I’m finally home and so happy. I’m no longer alone, I have my kitty and I have a new job to look forward to! I’m not entirely sure about future activity just yet, we’ll see tomorrow how I handle the physical work, but right now I feel great and hope to get things rolling again soon!

Also here’s a picture cause its been a while xD I got my hair cut by a stylist teacher •v• It hasn’t looked this good since the first time I got my hair cut short! Soyeah I feel cute ♡ ]]



I met @wiishu and @therealjacksepticeye


WE MET ON OMEGLE (I was wearing the same shirt, but you can’t really see) and he told me “Now you don’t have to spend all that money to come see me!” when I told him I was gonna come to PAX.


I only got this opportunity because of a boy that I need to give a shoutout to. I spent hours in the cold waiting to meet Jack, and I was a few people behind when they cut off. 

I shut down. I was sobbing and breaking down because I had this happen with Mark, too, and I had tried SO hard. I was sick, broke, and hadn’t slept in two days. It was just not my day.

This sweet, selfless boy comes and hands me his ticket and offers to let me sit with him in line. That boy and his mother are pure. I found out how good humanity can be that day. Thank you, random boy. 

And I later learned that somebody else had done the same for him to meet Markiplier.

Look at these people. Look at these beautiful fandoms. We have amazing communities that look after each other. I had a mom come up and give me a soda and offer me food because I hadn’t eaten and was on the verge of passing out. 

I’ll stop rambling: Thank you, Jack, for being so sweet to me even though I was practically the end of the line, and for always being your amazing, genuine self, and thank you for making this community what it is. 

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M!A: you and your husband are fused together (like in Steven Universe) for 5 asks

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shrivelled raisin man is... my favorite description of ennard????? ever?????????

My fav description I’ve ever heard for ol’ EnnBoi is “literally a pile of paperclips”, brought to you by @mirroredwithpuns ( I will say, though, shriveled raisin man sounds great, do you perhaps mean Ennard while parading around in the human skin?)

Bonus Ennard reaction because I had this banoodle doodle lying around: