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Spoiler Free Descendants 2 Review

I saw Descendants 2 today. I think someone at Disney Australia screwed up because it shouldn’t be out for another week but it was aired last night instead of the going down special that they meant to air. Oops, oh well.
It’s really good, there is one scene where I couldn’t pay attention because the CGI was so laughably bad but other than that it is good.
Although I was promised Poor Unfortunate Souls and it was not in the movie, which was disappointing to say the least, I might have missed it but I don’t think so.
I love Gil and Harry so much, they were both so adorable, I wish they were in it even more. Like just make the entire movie them.
I won’t say any more at risk of spoiling it, but it was really good and the music was great. Also if you are Australian and have Fetch Disney catch up, you can watch it now! The title says it is the behind the scenes special but it isn’t.