mun con escapades

And here’s the last thing from con I’m talking about~

In all four years of going to cons, this was the first artwork that I fully commissioned someone to do for me. Done by the lovely and highly talented catrente, who I happened to befriend (and got introduced to by mutual friends).

Four of us – me, catrente, and two of our mutual friends – bonded over Yugioh and weirdly enough other things. Our conversation went something like this “cats to Yugioh to Pokemon back to Yugioh to anime in general to art to Pokemon to etc, etc, etc”. She’s so funny and I’m honored to have met her and commissioned her to make this for me.

Because I really wanted something like this for my blog. :] The end.

Wow. That picture’s big. x.x

Anyway, since I don’t have any pictures of me cosplaying (I checked, there’s nothing. Oh well.), you can have a prop picture. (And a bad one at that.)

I cosplayed winter!Magnet Luka with my friend who was Gakupo. And lord, remind me that I want to do short haired people; Luka’s wig got everywhere, haha. That headphone was a joint effort; she did most of the painting and I cut out the foam. And cut myself a few times while doing it… The good thing is that we might be doing this version of Magnet again, so next time, I’ll get some proper pictures of us.

Speaking of, I took pictures at the con of other people, including some candid shots of my friend as Gakupo; since I haven’t posted pictures of it yet, I don’t have a link to that account. ^^;

Overall con was very fun, and I got to meet new friends and see old ones that I haven’t seen in a long time.