mun can relate

Reblog if it’s okay for your partner to use small gifs that are not icon size (100x100). Sometimes it’s hard to find gif icons and I understand they may take a long time to make. I find a lot of small rectangular and square gifs that I want to use but either don’t have the time or patience to icon them.

ALSO just last thing and then imma start setting up the blog for my demigod oc  THAT IS NOT BASED ON PJ bcs nice poseidon wtf ?? but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t apply today’s standarts on greek mythology / ancient greece and mostly not AMERICAN STANDARTS bcs some are not even accurate in MODERN greece.  

     Guess who’s weak and added that PJO x TUC crossover offshoot to their verses page. Basically, it’s a post-story sort of deal that builds Gregor’s story into the PJO universe, because heck yeah. I reeeeeally look forward to using this. Feel free to yell at me and plot it if you want; I’m always up for plotting things if you want to figure out how this would work out with your muse or whatever the case.

     I’ll probably do a special starter call specifically for it soon; I need more threads anyways. I’ll get to replying to what I already have ASAP though!

Do you ever just go to someone’s blog and you have the urge to RP with them but right when you are about to send a ask to start a RP you just
First you’re like :

Then you’re like:

And then you’re just fighting with yourself if you should send it or not:

Then you send it and at first you’re all like:

Then you start to slowly realize what you just did:

When you finally realize it completely: