mun be over tired


It’s 11 pm on a Sunday night. Perfect time to do unprecedented appreciation art! Right?
For the record; all of my style copies here just. Cannot do the actual blogs justice. Also, this post is LONG. I’m on mobile so I can’t add a readmore at the moment, so if you don’t give a shit, just scroll really fast or press j if you’re on a computer.
Ok, on with actual appreciation! (In order of Following List appearance)
@ask-drunk-chara is a semi-tragic-semi-comediac blog about, you guessed it, a Drunk Chara. All things considered it’s actually pretty innocent and cute, aside from the flashbacks and evil anons trying to rip my children to pieces (I will lITERALLY FIGHT YOU). Tl;dr: amazing blog run by an amazing mun, and Bottles needs like 10x more positivity and love than the askers give them.
@askcharafrisk FLOOFY. CHARISK. This blog is like 98% innocence and adorable kids being adorable with some violence and friskiness (dont) in-between. The mun’s take on Chara and Frisk is completely precious, and I just wanna pet and cuddle Asie!
@askcharisk This blog goes as follows; cute moments, angst, shenanigans, followed by a small bit of angst and more cute moments. Also run by another amazing mun, this blog depicts Frisk as an innocent cinnamon roll that’s too pure for this world and Chara as a somewhat innocent sinnamon roll trying to preserve the innocence Frisk still has. Both are absolutely adorable together, though, as always. Cuddles are nice, right?
@askmercyseries This blog is positively showered by positivity from everyone and I am very guilty as charged when I say I love it. The art is AMAZING, the character portrayal is FANTASTIC, and the mun is positively STUPENDOUS. I’m normally not a fan of seeing Frisk & Chara portrayed as a specific gender, but AMS has to be my #1 exception. The mun does a great job of giving the characters and followers happy hope before ripping it away to replace with soul-crushing events (literally!!) and I love it. Just go a lil easier on the mun, for the amount of content they put out at once it’s actually really impressive!
And finally, do you crave the sinniest Charisk sin there ever was? Well @mamademun is for you! Demum runs her blog on a schedule, but I definitely recommend sticking around for the whole thing; not only is her art amazing and Charisk spot-on, she has smashing OCs and a freaking fantabulous art style that I am extremely envious of. She needs to be showered with love and positivity for all this amazement!!
There are still other blogs that I wanna give appreciation to but copying styles is hard on my hand and it’s bedtime anyway so this is it for round one!
edit; I just noticed I complimented demums art style twice. Whoops???

Well friends, I guess I won over this big, messy monster that was my Bewitching Morgana Cosplay. I made it in like what 12 days? Office work killed me in the meantime but I managed.

It’s not the best but it’s not even the worst. Few minor tweaks shall be taken care of tomorrow evening and then stage performance, wish me good luck!

I’ll be at the comic con in Lucca from Saturday to Tuesday ~ and then back to regular posting. I have over 30 inbox messages, fear not I will reply to all. I see all!

Happy Harrowing everyone!