mun arting

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Woahhhhh! Am I a pro in your universe? If so, can I see how I've been doing maybe? Also, dude, you look as awesome as you do in highschool right now! At least in my timeline, haha.

“ Not particularly often, I hate it when you make shit fucking freezing. But, hey, check it out, you got front page. “

// mun here - bc i filtered the newspaper to hell and i swear i didn’t spend so much time coloring it for it to be in black and white forever, have a link to the beautiful 10/10 ver. //


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For mun: This is an off-topic Q but what do you look like? I mean do you have any kind of persona? Idk im curious X] it's alright if you dont have any tho!

Aw! That’s a lovely ask! When I insert myself into any drawings or writing ideas, I try to keep my appearance similar to what I look like (it’s more fun that way for me). Lemme just… 

(I’m the one trying to hog Dingus)

And that’s ME and MY GASTER (ohoho, such a creative nickname!) Yeah, that about covers it. I love my fluffy slippers.

‘It’s amazing how you end up knowing someone better after a few beers.’

((It’s been a time since i drawn @deintegro Robin’s. and even though it isn’t a very ‘cristimasy’ themed pic i quite like it (also the boxy background i mean GUYS! I MADE A BACKGROUND! ONE THAT ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD!) 
Ah well…))