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Robbie you could take this opportunity to talk to Sportacus and tell him how underappreciated you feel. O P E N U P

// asking him to open up is like asking sportacus to eat sugar

- it’ll only happen accidentally

//I was thinking, while I’m going through my diffculties with pain and I’m not able to put out a lot of content, if Guang Hong giving his opinions on things (movies, books, whatever) would be interesting for anyone? I feel like it would be a fun exercise in roleplaying. Send me suggestions/if you think this is a good idea please let me know if you’d want to read or listen to audios/posts like these. 

PSA: so important.

Certain people when someone feels bad (sad, stressed, unhappy in general), sends them cute animals, dogs, bunnies, kittens, whatever they think it’s cute… well let me tell you something…


So if you see me sad, or stressed, please don’t send me videos of cute animals, I’m not Newt, send me pictures of cute/hot Ezra Miller and you will see I will be happy in seconds.

This theory has been proved, seeing Ezra does makes me feel better.

//After thinking it over (because I’m still not over that dam internet show and needed to think deeper to clear my head) I’ve come to a decision I’ll be adding to my rules. Rēson tortures people. It’s one of his side jobs to planetary missions. He will be cruel, and scenes can get to a very grim and disturbing tone. HOW-EVER. I flat out refuse to EVER write Rēson laying a harmful hand on an innocent child for an interrogation. Galra kid or not, I don’t care if he’s a ‘bad guy’ that’s too far in my book, and any and all interrogations with small young children will be simple talking and word manipulation, because LORD KNOWS I’m not gonna torture a child. Fiction or otherwise.

Does anyone else just get super happy when they see your partners response to the thread?? Like you just fell so giddy and excited because their writing is just amazing and you’re just so happy because your muse gets to interact with theirs and you just freak out because holy shit this is so cool and this thread is just amazing

Because I do, like almost 99% of the time I’m roleplaying with someone