Future: Agent 7′s and Marie’s Children

((These two are twins who represent as Marie Counterparts for the new Squid Sisters. Although they show some sisterly love, they deny having an incestuous relationship and call it a rumor that was going to happen. 

Persephone’s and Madeline’s vocals make a great choir-like sound and their knowledge of the old Squid Sister songs make them the best in remixes, reprises and remasters.))

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How well do I RP? (please read all of the description first)

[[ Ok so there will be a poll for every one of my muses under there faces, if you would be so kind as to rate how well I RP as them that would be great. I would also appreciate some constructive criticism, if you could also type in and or comment on this post if I either RP all of my muses perfectly or If I need to improve and how I can. Please don’t rate a muse of mine you haven’t seen me RP with. ]]








Marina Joyce just came out saying it was a publicity stunt. 
I’m still extremely worried because to be able to fake something like, you have got to have something wrong 
but im literally so disgusted