OOC: Important Mun Updates & Blog Future ~

((Firstly, DON’T PANIC! THIS BLOG IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE! :’D I had a few people message me asking if when I move to uni, Ask Tamaki will become inactive. Absolutely not. I intend to carry on this blog though it may not be active as it was :’)
Secondly, ABOUT KYOYA AND HARUHI’S BLOGS! So I’ll be honest, Kyoya, I don’t think will ever get around to running their blog :’) Sorry darlings I know a lot of you wanted him around. Haruhi however, a lot has been happening in their life recently with education and personal stuff and me coming over for the first time so it’s been hectic :’) But they want you to know that they love you and will get to answering stuff soon <3
Finally, VIDEOS! WHERE IS Q&A PART 2?! It’s coming :’D Like I said, I’m moving into Uni soon so everything is a bit hectic right now. I promise you faithfully it will be up eventually but at the moment…. everything is a bit manic.
Much love to you all and I hope you all do okay going back to work or education or whatever it is that you do :) ~ Mun
P.S. Have a Mun selfie as a kind of apology and also because I had a new hairstyle and I look cute as hella XD ))

To the people I RP a lot with ...

Tumblr has pissed me off now. It completely fucks up threads and everything looks a mess. So I’m planning to move my threads to Skype until Tumblr sorts its shit out and fixes the mess it made …

despairforme (and your cora blog)
wanderingarcherviola/ littleredmarill

And everyone else 

If anyone wants to continue threads on Skype just let me know <3