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In which I cry for hitting 600 followers - No really

Forgive the framerate, stutter and the ugly crying face, it’s happy crying, I promise.

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So, bc I’m a needy, possessive lil shit and basically want to lick
all of my partners to claim them as my own, I am opening up
this opportunity to become exclusive. If we have threaded before
and you love me enough to keep me as your personal Jareth,
give this post a like. If there are any complications [like I’ve already 
threaded with more than one of your muse] I will certainly
privately bring it to your attention.

Note: I am not exclusive with ANY canon characters from labyrinth.
This is simply because the fandom is so small and I’ve already
rped with multiples of almost every character. You can, however,
request to be a main, which means you are the default version
of that muse in my main verse.

{Made a sketch of the lovely Raúl Esparza! I wish my phone’s camera wouldn’t destroy the quality, but I’m pretty happy with it regardless. I did get really lazy with the flower crown and I completely skipped over the stripes on his shirt. Still wanted to post it though ‘cause I was kinda proud!}

Original Picture: -


Photo spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam x3

Had a lot of fun friday with my HxH friendos. I was so happy that we met another super cute Killuah plus a Hisoka.YESSSS!! X3

Today I was really surprised that I saw a lot of HxH cosplayers too. 3 Killuahs,1 Gon, 3 Kurapikas and a SUPER AWESEOME HISOKA. Therefore I changed my cosplay for tomorrow and I´ll wear Machi again. Hehhehehehe >3

Ps.:And: bought finally a Hisoka figure…but 120€ damn….xD

Pps.: And no we´re not serious at all at a con xDDDD

anyway day 2 is over and I´m tired xD

wasausky-a  lo sé, es un cursor muy chiquito pero te agradezco el lindo comentario <3. Bueno, yo estoy disponible, tengo varios muses así que si en algún momento te apetece algo, no dudes en decírmelo.

Writer Thoughts on Akira Otoishi

  I love my muse a lot, but I recognize that he is a cocky scumbag and has more faults than he can count on his toes and fingers. He has a bad past, mostly due to his own stupidity and need to create an image of himself that matched he thought he was seeing in celebrities that were rock stars at the time. He is not meant to be a very sympathetic- he ruined his relationship with his parents with his frequent theft and often chases off all of the friends he could even have with oversexual or cocky comments.

 Though I notice that he can only be sympathetic when characters who do not know him shit on him before he is able to open his mouth. ( and honestly if Akira was a mute he would probably get all the ladies, he just needs to shut his fucking mouth ). So naturally I feel he gets a slight victim complex when he gets shit on so badly by everyone around proclaiming that he has no talent and his style is shit. But most of the time I feel he is a shit bag due to his need to preserve his self esteem. There is no doubt that he has strong aspects of a histrionic personality disorder ( at least parts of it ) as well as high levels of narcissism that is highly apparent ( and with that he can take very little attacks to his esteem ) since he has a very fragile self-image and self-esteem and cannot take anything that is thrown personality at him.