In the morning the air conditioner can get kinda cold in our appartment so my kitty gets up and suns herself in the window while I’m still napping in bed.

Then after she’s gotten good and baked into a warm loaf she comes back and curls up against my shoulders. I always put my arm around her and she allows me to leech off her heat.

I am thankful for my solar powered cuddly fluf warmer.

Bought new makeup. The eyeshadow is a helluva mess but I’m practicing. At least the ombre lips look good. Need to get rid of the blonde hair though, I don’t think it suits my style. Gonna try red for a while before I go back to black

xsweetyvax  asked:

To admin: Are you actually from Bulgaria, cuz if so it's really nice to find someone else, haha ^^' (I'm so alone....)

((Yes, I am from Bulgaria~ and yeah, it is! - //this has been answered once though.))

((the jacket and black shit is photoshopped cuz I didn’t paint my jacket blue and didn’t buy a turtle neck shirt yet

SO …. I GUESS I TRIED BLANCHE??? At least my make-up and wig test is well on point. I’m gonna cosplay her in Vienna’s Comic Con or next year at the same con I was at yesterday. Depends if the Pokemon Go hype is still on going. :V


People who probably know about Erik being Peter’s Dad post XM:A 

  • Raven
  • Storm
  • Charles
  • Charles’ diary
  • Kurt
  • Jean
  • Hank
  • Scott
  • Jubilee 
  • Basically all the students
  • Even that cute little girl who can’t be more than six 
  • An old lady Storm met at a bus stop
  • A guy Raven went on a date with 
  • Wanda Maximoff
  • The check-out guy at Walmart after Kurt went there for groceries with Jean
  • Apocalypse 
  • Darwin
  • Sebastian Shaw 
  • Nina Lehnsherr (her deer friends told her)
  • Everyone in the MCU 
  • Maury 
  • Jeremy Kyle
  • Jon Snow  

People who don’t know that Erik is Peter’s Dad post XM:A 

  • Erik