Bad news

So I just heard about one person, I’m not gonna say she is a friend of mine or we were very close but I have talked to her few times in the past and now I feel bad that I haven’t talked to her more often.

So Ilaine is a transgender girl on Deviantart and goes by the name Imma-The-Deer. She went missing some days ago cause she told her parents that she was a transgender, and her father didn’t take it so well. One day while going to the ladies bathroom in public, her father assaulted her and her parents ended splitting up. To make the long story short, she made told everyone she was going to kill herself cause she thought everything was her fault and that’s why she ended up missing. People like her friends, girlfriend and her parents hope she hasn’t killed herself. 

This is really heartbreaking to hear even if I didn’t know her that well. There is also a person on Deviantart who made a fool out of themselves by making a picture of themselves watching how Imma hanged herself. The person was  HaiHaiKittyPPG and their account had been banned so there is no point going there. 

But if you want more information about this, go to Imma’s Deviantart page and/or watch this video. I hope her mom and her friends are able to find her alive and well. It’s really sad to hear that transgenders like her go through things like this. 

I seriously feel sorry for her and I don’t care if people still call me transphobic. I’m not making this post just because I want people to know I’m not, but because I want people to be aware of this situation. Please go tell them your support. This is serious.

So it seems that undertale has the most votes.

But if we are going to play undertale, wich route should we choose? Genocide or pacifist? I would personalyl choose pacifist because then we could battle Asriel and there will be so many feeling and emotions during the battle and etc and aagh idk, what do you think,what would be more interesting for you?(well in the genocide run, we need to kill all monsters and that would take too much time and it woudl be borign but again idk, tell me what you want to choose)