It seems the same person (or people) is sending hate to all chara blogs that respect other’s headcanon or those who gave their charas a gender.

How sad and worthless is your life to spend it like this?

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I'm really curious if that last anon you got was on mind altering drugs. Because not once did you say that you were against Transgenders or Nongendered people. In fact you said 'Frisk and Chara are open to interpretation' meaning they can be anywhere on the spectrum. You were just saying that you're Chara is Male which is perfectly fine. After all Bottles, the chara you frequently ship Oni with, is technically speaking Agendered. If you had a problem with it you wouldn't ship them...

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Important notice!! Please read!

{ so I’m starting year eleven when I go back, which is my last year in highschool which in turn also means it’s exam year. it won’t be too busy at the start but through October all the way until next June I’ll be having constant tests and lots of homework and school will really tire me out so I won’t be on as much as I have. I hope you all understand, school starts for me in a week and a half. I’ll be as active as I can throughout the year and hopefully I’ll still have the time to go through all the messages (and I’ll hopefully have a new laptop by then to use gifs) that and I also have to move house in a month or so, so I’m sorry if this bothers anyone and I’m rambling a bit. If you want to talk we still can, you can message or send me asks all you like I just might take a few days to respond!! If you want to try roleplays or something maybe we can it depends how busy I am and whether I’m currently doing one with @ask-winter-bucky or not. I also want to try and get a job this year to save money for a car and to see Ra next so that’ll take up time too. I hope you all understand and sorry I rambled so much. Thank you!!

And basically in short:

• exam year so will be busy
• dell will be very tired for a whole year
• moving house within a month so may lose Internet and be even busier
• trying to find a job for money too
• won’t be on as much but pls followers still be as active

thank u if you read through this all and if you have any questions on it just ask! ciao - Dell }

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Tolkien fanfic writing problems

So, a friend of mine was bitching about not having enough words for “penis” cause she writes fan fiction and I just start laughing my ass off.

I write Tolkien fanfic. Do you know how hard it is to write porn for the Tolkien fandom. Do you know how hard it is to have characters talk dirty when the word ‘dick’ does not exist. Do you know how hard it is to make 1000 sexual euphemisms. How difficult it is to be both super subtle but also ultra sexual. It is pain. It is miserly. It is so hard to write porn when u cant even use any of the slang versions of penis and u can’t use the word penis either because there is nothing more of a turn off then the word penis and the characters would NEvER say it. Tolkien porn is the worst to write.