In general: 

real name: Monroe

nicknames: Mon, Momo, Roe, asshole.

age: 24.

sexuality: Gray/demi. 

preferred pronouns: She/her, or neutral.

are you a morning person?: Morning and night. Not much on the whole concept of “day,” though. 

when swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake?: Ocean. I’m a diver. Lakes tend to creep me out a bit though.

On Tumblr: 

anyone you would like to meet in real life?: Besides basically everyone I write with? captainforacause, skinnybrooklynxpunk, notthekindxyousave, wildcardhammondhydrasexpuppetcrossedmybones, nxghtwxng, and findingjamesbarnes especially.

anyone you have met in real life?: symboltothenation, and prosthetical. + As of next month, hydrasexpuppet

when did you first join? how old is your current account?: My first account I had back in like 2008. Bones is less than a year old, though.

any peeves?: People who don’t read my rules.

unpopular opinion: It’s okay to have preferences on who you write with. Every should have a chance, yeah, but you’re going to click better with some people more than others.


do you easily get jealous?: Not really, no.

do you easily get angry?: Angry, nah. I just live in a constant state of frustration. 

are you easy to cheer up?: Just make me laugh, I typically snap out of it in an eye-blink. 

what’s the most hurtful thing someone could do to you?: Debase my worth based on faulty assumptions and judge me based on incorrect or incomplete information.

what’s the most hurtful thing someone has done to you?: Shut me down and shut me out based on a snap judgement of what they thought I needed without discussing it with me before they made the call. We were really close before hand, now we don’t even talk except via snapchat. It was… Eh, it was what it was, I just miss the fuck out of them.

are you good at hiding your emotions?: Not really. I don’t really do subtle well.

what’s the very best way to cheer you up?: Like I said, just make me laugh. Stupid commentary, pictures of cats.


are you currently in a relationship?: Nah.

do you currently have a crush on someone?: Kind of. I’m not really sure if it’s a crush or I just really, really admire the fuck out of them. I’m weird.

do you kiss on the first date?: Depends. If there’s chemistry for it.

do you prefer going out, or staying home, when it comes to dates?: Mixture of both. Depends what we’re doing.


favourite drink: Tea, or water. 

favourite food: Ravioli with meat sauce.

most calming place?: My room with music, or the small beach by my house.

most stressful place?: Anywhere where I’m being forced to deal with both my parents at once.

most priced possession?: My camera and my laptop. 

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slicklikemercury, wildcardhammond, marred-saudade, biitchywiitchy, notthekindxyousave ++ anyone else who wants to

Happy pansexual, panromantic and pangender awareness day! In case you missed it, today is a community-chosen day to recognize and celebrate those in our community who don’t always make it into the acronym of the day, who are asked repeatedly to explain “what that means,” and who too often face marginalization even from their LGBTQ+ peers. Today is for you and recognizing how great you are. Pan friends, you are awesome and valid and important exactly as you are, and you’ve got my full support. !