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Not a question but I just wanna say how awesome it is that this blog takes the time to help trans/non binary people through hard stuff. You're amazing for putting so much thought into each answer and caring about the asker. Keep up the good work, you're making a difference :)

// I am certainly trying!!! It means so much to me that people are actually asking me for advice. I want to help in any way I can. I don’t have all the answers, I sure wish I did, but I hope that I can spark some positivity or a new hope, or lend any info I have. I’m always here to listen. 💙

im sorry but

@asksmolbendy     or @asksmol   (followthem plz) physically forced me to make this blog @ask-grace-yarn-ball 

well the blog is basically gonna be genderbendy again but her personality is going to be a little different and she is going to have a new design. I haven’t set it up yet but if you want to see more stuff from me that’s my new blog c: it took me a bit of deciding but i decided to come back. my bluebananapeel blog and genderbendyandtheinkmachine will still be completely innactive.

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// imagine walking down an empty school hallway when all the sudden a skinny ginger kid rounds the corner and starts going in your direction, and all he says when he passes you is ‘sssssssskiiiiin

// I really miss roleplaying. Things have been very stressful these past two months. Every time I get on here to start doing something, I get pulled away. I’m not ignoring anyone and I am trying to be more active. I hope to do something this weekend. Thank you for all of your patience. ♥

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shoot dude, when i think of ur blog i think of the time it was like,,,i was sick, and it was 4am and i was just eating tostitos and drinking ginger ale. and idk, i just associate your blog with delicious tostito chips and its amazing.

// oh worm?? thank you

Does anyone else just get super happy when they see your partners response to the thread?? Like you just fell so giddy and excited because their writing is just amazing and you’re just so happy because your muse gets to interact with theirs and you just freak out because holy shit this is so cool and this thread is just amazing

Because I do, like almost 99% of the time I’m roleplaying with someone

Send me a symbol!

Great for both mun and muse to answer! Feel free to send more than one symbol! 

🍿Favorite Movie?
⭐️Favorite Celebrity?
🎮 Favorite Video Game?
🔪 Favorite Weapon?
🎃 Favorite Holiday?
🍩 Favorite Dessert?
🍎 Favorite Fruit?
🥗 Favorite Vegetable? (if any?)
😱 Favorite trope in movies?

🌧 Clear Skies or Rain?
🌕 Sun or Moon?
🔥 Snow or Fire?
🐉 Dragons or Aliens?
🦐 Shrimp or Keith?
🐝 Bees or Ladybugs?
🎧 Concerts or Plays?
😇 Fluff or Angst?
🐳 Whales or Dolphins?
🎨 Art or Writing?
🍪 Cookies or Candy?
📱Android or Apple?
💰Cops or Robbers?
🐺 Werewolves or Vampires?

😈 What’s the evilest thing you’ve ever done?
👻 If you died, who would you haunt first?
🔮 If you could, would you see the time and date of your death?
🌉 If you could go anywhere right now, all expenses paid, where would you go?
❄️ If you had elemental powers, which ones would you want and why?
🦊 If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?
☘️ Do you believe in luck?
⚔️ If you could meet any fictional character in person, who would it be?
👽 Do you believe in life outside of our universe?

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M!A: Robbie caught a really bad cold and is delirious/over shares! (After the concert of course and for however many asks you like.)

//sorry it took almost a week to get to this fam

and actually i prefer going by time instead of asks so im just gonna go with 24 hours because thats how long a flu usually lasts (in my house anyway,, idk if its the same for anyone else)