Aph France and baby aph Canada spending as much time together while France is in the new world.

The war occurring and France trying to fight even though he is already taking on other duties and his leaders making decisions without him.

Aph England taking Canada for himself and France doesn’t see his son/little brother for years.

Aph France seeing Canada again years later and by that time he’s already grown so much.

((So if I have the energy after work tomorrow then I am going to spend my afternoon being France and answering the questions saved in my inbox. Also there might be some stripper France coming to my….))

campbell-duo  asked:

oh shit your back

“I never said I was leaving.”

((Though with everything in my life going as it is, I have been a bit preoccupied so I’ve been moving a bit differently. Waking up early mornings is still hard to get used to compared to being a super active night owl. I’m also working on a few projects outside of the undertale fandom as well so the more I do, the less it seems like I do as a whole.

Doesn’t mean I plan on leaving, there’s some stuff I want to do for this blog of mine still, I’m just a very unorganized person.))

Story Time!

//So there was this dude at the Renaissance faire. He was offering whoever could beat him in a fight would win a little chest of gold
I walked around with my battle axe (Ya know cause Spain has one) so the audience automatically looked towards me as a tough guy and yelled at me to go up
Of course I accepted after a while
He was bragging how no one has beaten him yet and I couldn’t because blah blah taunt taunt

So long story short
I now have a little chest of fake pirate gold

The Changes to this Blog

Now that I’m staying I don’t want to continue with how I was before- the way that I was unhappy with. Some rules will be updated and pages changed all throughout today. Today is construction work on my blog as well as doing drafts but below will give you guys and Idea of what is going on. 

1. Zeken is being terminated from this blog. All threads with Zeken are terminated along with him.
2. I have the right to drop a thread if I’m no longer into it, writing these should not be a dreaded chore for me. But that being said I’ll happily plot for another one. 
3. You must lead the thread with me. I am tired of the way people answer me with (usually illiterate) one sentence responses. I am not pushing this along and if I have to it will be dropped. This is co-writing meaning you have to actually write it with me; which means more than just submitting a response such as what I brought up. 
4. Threads need to be balanced, I don’t like it when I’m constantly talking about my muse or constantly talking about yours. I want them to interact evenly. 
5. Stop. Assuming. Things. About. My. Muses. Don’t just force a characteristic onto my muse and absolutely do not just assume things and write it in the reply. The character only knows what I’ve been giving them in the thread unless we plotted otherwise. Do not underestimate them, do not assume, do not over power. 
6. I will start asking if you read the pages and have every right to not reply unless you at least read the rules, about, and the page of who you are interacting with. Do not come into my messages ask me to pretty much just type what is in the pages- I took the time to write them out for a reason. If you do hav any questions at all afterwards- please come and ask me.
7. If you like for a starter or ask for a starter you must answer it or tell me how I can fix it so you can answer it. It’s incredibly rude to have me sit there and work extremely hard on a starter for it to just be ignored. I want to rp with you guys and If there is something I have to fix I will be more than happy to fix it as long as it doesn’t go against what my character would do.  
8. If you are going to drop a thread with me you must tell me, it’s just common courtesy.

All of this may sound like I’m some big scary person but in reality I want to have fun here and I want us both to feel comfortable and open to each other. I’m a nice person and I’m extremely understanding, I promise you if you come to me with a reason or question I will act completely calm towards it.  
Under the cut is just going to be some people I have threads/abandoned threads with with so they are aware of what is going on. 

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