Today is my third anniversary here on tumblr. I started in 2012 with this blog and I can hardly believe that I am still here. I am sure that I couldn’t have managed this without the help and support of all the people I had the honor to get to know around here.

Unfortunately I am not really good with doing images, icons and whatever… so there won’t be any reward or gifts or whatsoever. There will be just a big thank you to all the people. I thought about listing them here but then I felt insecure about it because what would happen if I forgot someone?

But after all… these people are so important to me and I love to have them around even though I don’t roleplay with a few of them.

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Thank you, guys! I really love having you all around. And all my other followers who are with me the whole time! ♥♥

So… if you’re not on here… doesn’t mean a thing. I probably just forgot about you and I deeply apologize for that.


((Since I rarely post pictures of myself here anymore, here’s a few for Munday^^ Featuring my outfit that I loved today, glasses mun and derp mun. (I apologise for my face) ))

Rayman’s 20th Anniversary

Allright guys listen up!

Tomorrow at September 1st, Rayman turns 20 years old. Get ready to be party’d up for tomorrow, cus you know I will^^! ANd for those who have DA (DeviantArt) Here is a teaser for my artwork I have been working on today

hehe looks Like Rayman is really suprised and flattered too ^w^ You guys know why he is flattered?

You’ll know tomorrow when I’m gonna submit Rayman’s big art gift tomorrow; on DA and Tumblr<3

hope you’re ready for it tomorrow

Ohh and btw: check out this blog: ymanray

This blogger here is Rayman RP blog or so called Roleplayer blog. This guy is really really good at playing Rayman, but he’s doing it in his own way, so pls don’t judge him for his RP skills. when you try, you’ll see ;)

Allright that’s all I have to say for tonight. And if you guys wanna RP with me, give me a starter or if you wanna get to know me as mun or me IRL, (…)… give me an ask <’:D

May the Angels of Light brighten up Light to you all

Lucy <3

anonymous asked:

The possibility of a sequel to Labyrinth is not 100% ruled out. In the Jim Henson company, the idea keeps floating around in meetings, and it far from being an impossible. The company is working on bringing back older characters, hence the newer Muppet movies. Next is Fraggle Rock, and Labyrinth may be following. Possibly.


Well nothing is ever 100% ruled out if we’re just talking about “possibilities”. Personally, I’m rather conflicted on the topic of a Labyrinth sequel in general for several reasons. But, they basically can be summarized in to 1] the original cast will most likely not return to reprise their roles 2] it might end up being a remake instead of a sequel & 3] it might be a good thing if only for bringing new people into the fandom and revitalizing the love for the original movie.

But, honestly, I’m not going to get worked up, positively or negatively, unless we get a very concrete announcement of production of such a film. Til then, I’ll just enjoy my 1980s classic ^u^