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Don't blame us for not seeing your pages blame Tumblr not updating the Mobile App to be able to see your description pages! Some of us can barely afford this phone, let alone a PC you know.

look, i don’t have time to explain the au every single time someone asks me to, which is too often. so i’m not wasting time to do so, especially to those with an attitude. if you have wi-fi or service, then most, if not all of you should be able to get the page. if you’re messaging me, you clearly have one of those two things, yes? i have an iphone, which i know most people have as well, so i know that at least iphone users can get to the page with no problem. the phone’s browser app is not going to maul your face off. plus there’s also this awesome thing called scrolling, more often than not there is some explanation. and hey, maybe you’ll get a couple of laughs from my shitty humor while you try to look.


Thank you so much darlings <3
I… have been quite fixated with vampires for YEARS now tbh xD

Seeing as you mentioned the fangs I figured I could show some more pictures actually showing ALL of them and not just the front one :3

I use ‘Scarecrow’ fangs - a brand I can very much recommend. They’re easy to use - easy to mold - and they last for QUITE a while. As you can see they also look pretty damn neat.
I’ve taken two singles (of the smaller 'feminine’ version) and melded them together to make them more sturdy and beast-like. I can still eat somewhat while wearing them tbh, though one might have to file them a bit for them to be used comfortably.