mumtaz jahan begum dehlavi


Do Ustaad (1959)

Some sweet scenes, some funny scenes. Daisy Irani is bloody adorable and one heck of a child star, might I add. First few GIFs are with her and Madhubala.

I’d give this film a 6/10. The 6 because there were some laugh out loud moments (especially in the scenes where Raj Kapoor is in disguise as a Begum and Madhubala dresses up in disguise as a Pashtun Khan-saab - ironically the type/caste of Muslim she is, haha)

But, on the whole, the plot, story and quality of the movie wasn’t on the same standards as ‘Amar’ or 'Kala Pani’. Good for a laugh, and fun to watch for Raj Kapoor and Madhubala fans, their on screen chemistry is cute :-)

Sisters, Chanchal & Madhubala.

A genuine colour picutre from an old Filmfare

On the sets of Madhubala’s own home production ‘Naata’ (1955) - A film about two sisters who are pretty much tied to the hip; the younger of the two (Chanchal) wanting to see the older sister (Madhubala) be happy in what she thinks is a potential marriage proposal for her older sis (a potential strapping fella who just recently moved to the village - intellectual, kind, caring, seems like he’s fascinated by Madhu and taken by her beauty etc etc etc - seems too good to be true eh?) The younger sister encourages the emotions of the older. Well, turns out the dude is already married and brings back his new bride to the village to meet everyone; witnessing this, and wishing him a long life and happy marriage - through heartache, the older sister passes away in her younger sisters arms. 

Quite scary and coincidental how the main character dies of heartfail/ache eh?