16 Weeks

I’ve had a rather embarrassing pregnancy related problem this week: urinary retention!

Apparently it’s rare but can occur in pregnancy. The consultant said they don’t know the exact cause but is usually due to the angle of the womb causing extra pressure on the bladder and the fact that progesterone relaxes the smooth muscle that helps with passing urine. 

So I spent the bank holiday in hospital with a catheter! Nothing wrong with the baby, I’ve been assured, just a mechanical problem with my substandard bladder.

Also due to my slightly higher BMI I had to meet with a lady employed by the government this week. She’s not a midwife but some sort of healthcare employee whose job is to make sure I don’t gain an unhealthy amount of weight during pregnancy. We discussed stuff I already know about food/nutrition and then weighed me. I haven’t gained anything since my booking appointment (which was 7 weeks ago) and as my scan showed the baby is nice and healthy, it means I’m technically losing weight, which is nice and healthy.

I haven’t really much else to talk about other than wee and weight loss as I’ve been stuck in due to my problems.

So, I have this friend, & her thinking can be a little all-or-nothing.

We are both pregnant atm, & recently, we had lunch together & I chose a salad and minestrone soup (love minestrone!). And she goes “are you still eating healthy?”

So didn’t know what to say… Just realised i no longer have “diet mentality”. I don’t just eat healthy to lose weight now. I mean, I’m certainly not gonna lose weight before Aug! But this is just how I eat now. It’s not a diet, it’s how I live. No more crash dieting & bingeing. Just looking after myself (& my baby!)

So I can tell you guys now cos the family know…

I’M PREGNANT!!! (Due Jul/Aug)

Which is great - of course - little bro or sis for Kate!

BUT. It means over the next 9 months I WILL put on weight. 😩😫😨😱😰😢😖😯😬😦😧😟😓😣 Not good. Freaking me out, actually. I don’t wanna be back to square one AGAIN!!!

So here’s my plan:
Eat clean/healthy as possible and record all my food everyday.
Keep running as much as I can, for as long as i can. Failing that, I will walk.
No soft drink/soda.

It’s only 3 things. If I can do these 3 things surely I can minimise the damage & not put on 25kg like last time?!?! If Paula Radcliffe can do it…? 😥