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Part 1 This might seem a little dull to you but I've been going thru the arabasta arc and it got me thinking. Chaka and Pell both refer to themselves as guardian spirits and iconography of their animals is everywhere in arabasta architecture

I don’t think its just random chance they have those zoan types. My theory is that maybe there’s a whole culture dedicated to training soldiers and when they eventually become strong enough they’re given one of the fruits. So every gen has 2 guardian spirits like them. Which would mean that somehow those two types of fruit are either grown in arabasta or something? What do you think? Im really sorry for three messages and I hope you understand what I mean, lol

Huh, that’s a pretty cool idea! We still barely know anything about Devil Fruits themselves and where they come from, but this idea is completely possible given what we do know so far. In chapter 676, Oda went out of his way to show two whole pages of what happened when Smiley died:

Smiley was a gigantic blob of poison that was fed the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl, and when it died a nearby fruit was transformed into the reincarnation of the Devil Fruit. We also know the devil fruits have consistent appearances across generations (they wouldn’t be able to have the catalog of recorded DFs if they looked different every time), so chances are that it will only manifest in a specific kind of fruit, not just any one. So let’s say that Marco’s fruit manifests in pineapples, so if Marco died, from what we know now the nearest pineapple (which could be anywhere from 10 feet to 50 miles away) would transform into that devil fruit.

But enough about the sciency-part of this, let’s get back to Alabasta. I really like the idea that the Jackal and Falcon fruits are something that have been kept within Alabasta for hundreds of years. Maybe they even grew for the first time in Alabasta and have remained there ever since. But since the users of the fruit probably stay within Alabasta as their guardian deities, rather than doing what Marines and pirates do and traveling all over the world, they would most likely die in Alabasta and the fruits would be reincarnated in Alabasta as well. After that, when the fruits were found they would be given back to the Nefertari family and then granted to the greatest warriors in the kingdom to create the next generation of Albasta’s guardians.

Yeah, I really like this idea! It means that Pell and Chaka didn’t just coincidentally find these fruits in Alabasta and eat them—rather they’re part of a long tradition of personifying the guardian spirits/deities of Alabasta. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel it’s reassuring to think that the two of them are a part of something greater than coincidence—that there have been guardians like them before them, and there will be guardians after them. That when their time to pass comes, they’ll be able to rest easily knowing that another brave and noble warrior of the next generation will rise to take their place, and that the royal family and the people of Alabasta will always have their spirit there to protect them.

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i suddenly remembered something and i wasnt sure if you knew about it. The girl that played Rini in the dub was a DJ (i think ??) before she got the part and she sang a cover of M&M's Slim Shady so do urself a favor, go to youtube, type in Rini is the real sugar baby, and literally watch any of the videos that show up. sailor mini moon rapping. it's a miracle.

Ahhh yes, Stephanie “Sugar” Beard. It’s superbly ridiculous. I love her voice so much, it’s Rini encapsulated.

She used to have her own YouTube channel but I can’t find it. :(