【 Undertale AU-Mummy Chara】(OOC Chara)
When everyone gone to the ground.
Asriel turned back into a flower and stood by Chara’s grave.
Until one day, Chara’s coffin was opened.
Chara became mummy and came alive again.
But Chara already forgot everything.

I think that if Chara ever meets those bad things on the ground.
Chara will be a lovely kid~


My webcomic project “The Mash” , basically a story about monster children agaisnt other monster and eldritch horrors whoo!!!

Here’s the protagonist the mummy boy Johan and his sister Kiseki

I hope that by the end of the year I have enough material about my babies and share their stories with all of you!!!

And before you ask, yes I have been deeply influenced by Gigidigi’s art