A woman’s hands

Fragment of a painted mummy shroud, Roman Egypt, late 2nd–3rd century A.D.

This fragment once belonged to a portrait of a woman painted in tempera on a linen shroud that was wrapped around her body before burial. All that remains is a view of her hands, which are ornamented with jewels, including a ring on every finger of her left hand. These rings find parallels in actual objects from this period and offer a poignant reminder that early rings often survive because their owners were sent into the next world with the jewelry they cherished in life. The pinky finger of the left hand wears a key ring, a type first developed in Roman antiquity.

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art (X.390)

Signs as pickup lines part 2
  • Aries:You owe me a drink, (omfg why?) 'Cause when I looked at you I dropped mine
  • Taurus:Are you from France baby? 'Cause Norte DAMN!!!
  • Gemini:Hey baby are you an orphanage? 'Cause I wanna put my babies in you!!
  • Cancer:You'll be wetter than my wash cloth when am finished with you
  • Leo:You're the only girl I love now.... But in ten years, I'll love another girl. She'll call you mummy.
  • Virgo:'Am not staring at your boobs, Am' looking into your heart
  • Libra:On a scale one to America how free are you tonight?
  • Scorpio:I just made my bed 'wanna help me mess it up again?
  • Sagittarius:You remind me of a piece of fine art (Oml Wut? Why?) 'cause I wanna hammer you on the wall
  • Capricorn:Wanna buy me dinner?
  • Aquarius:Spell me (idk M-E?) you forgot the D (wtf there's no D in me) Not yet baby
  • Pisces:I'd Like to do you like my homework, slam you on the desk and do you all night!

secretsofablackbird asked:

What're your top 5 Dominant run blogs that aren't strictly porn? (I'm looking for people my significant other to be able to follow, he's a new Dominant).

I’m not sure what kind of blogs you’re looking for, but here are 5 that are somewhat different. You also didnt specify if you wanted ddlg or mdlg or pet play or just dom/sub in general so I didn’t list anything specific. Some of them are completely SFW and very nurturing and others are not strictly SFW but also don’t only post dominant things. This is hard because I don’t follow a lot of doms that aren’t super nurturing mommy doms or super nsfw mommy and daddy doms lol.

  1. @mummy-dom
  2. @puppyhandler
  3. @mommy-and-herlittlegirl
  4. @mermaidsmommy
  5. @thedaddyshack

Heres some honourable “too NSFW to answer your ask” mentions:

  1. @vert-climber
  2. @tieenthusiast
  3. @theruleset

I actually don’t follow alot of dom’s but I’m trying to find more so if anyone has any other suggestions reblog this with more!

Admit it, there was always those songs that you never listened to and skipped all the time before actually giving them a chance and finding out how dope they are

Which Ghost songs did you always skip at first but eventually listened to and found out they were actually super awesome and are now regretting all that time you could have spent listening to them???
For me, it was: Year Zero, Body and Blood, Satan Prayer, Genesis, Spirit, Mummy Dust and the oh so amazing Deus In Absentia.

Year Zero was the first “always skipped” song that made me realize I should listen to every single Ghost song because they’re probably all awesome opossum.
It’s very rare to find an artist where you like all their songs so that’s why I was skipping some when I was new to Ghost. 😔😔😔


-snuggles up to her mother tiredly eating her first Irish dish she attempted - mummy? could you try and tell me about the cocker spaniels you and daddy ‘ad? -for some reason these spaniels were on her mind again-

Plan C

“Come on, Amumu, it’ll be fun!” Lulu dragged the mummy boy towards the pool.

“B-but… I’m not a very good swimmer, Lulu. I don’t think it’s a g-good idea. Maybe I should try that kiddy pool with An-”

“NO!” she shouted, walking around the boy now to push him. “You said you wanted friends, right?”

“Well, yes but-”

“Then quit being a cubby and swim!” With a final shove, Lulu pushed the yordle mummy into the water. After a moment of watching him flail, Lulu looked away innocently, catching the lifeguard crocodile’s eye. “Don’t worry!” she shouted, pointing to the splashing Amumu. “He has floaties!”