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… I cannot believe I uploaded a photo of my legs a few years ago that would have never been an option, I’ve always carried a lot of issues with my body in the past ‘putting on a brave face or a fake smile’ when someone would complement me not really believing what there saying but now that has changed now I accept and receive there complement and say ‘yeah I am alright hey’ …

I’m grateful for my chubby body I love it I’m showing it kindness we go through a lot together my big chunky legs walk my son to and from school everyday, work, walk the dog, do the house work mummy duties and wifey duties, we do a lot together … So I’m celebrating them ‘thank you thick thighs’ ..✔️

bring your baby to workday (Luke)

Luke’s pov 

I pulled beanie onto my head and looked at myself through the mirror. I had bags under my eyes and I was looking really tired. My nights were spent taking care of Grace and silencing her cries. It was 7 am and I tired to be quiet. Y/n was still sleeping, I walked out the door of the bedroom and to Grace’s nursery.  I told Y/n last night that I would take Grace for the day so she could take a day for her.

I walked into the peach room and saw Grace sleeping in her crib. The room was dimmed and curtains were drawn so no light could come through. I didn’t want to wake her, but I had to. Her cries were erupt through the house and wake up Y/n. My steps were light as I walked towards her. I was hovering over her crib and I looked down at the sleeping baby. My finger traced lightly over her cheek. Her face began to scrunch at the feeling and she began to whimper. “Shhh baby its just me,” I said in a low voice. I lowered myself and I wrapped my arms around you. My hand was gently pressed on her bald head. I put her down on the changing table and changed her diaper and put her in onesie. “You’re so cute you know,” I said and pressed a sloppy kiss to cheek causing her to squeal.

We walked into the kitchen with her now on my hip. I opened the door to the fridge and grabbed the bottle that sat in the middle of a shelf. “Here you go.” I stuck the nipple in her mouth and she sucked on it with a little noise here and there. I put her down in her high chair with a bottle in her hand as I began to gather all the things I needed for the day. Once I had the baby bag on my shoulder I began to put everything in it. Her blanket, diapers, milk, and toys. “ I think Daddy is prepared,” I said looking at her. She was confused with what was happening and began to bang the bottle loudly against the plastic. Y/n was still sleeping and I rushed over to her. I took the empty bottle from her hands and she began to cry. Her cries were heard all around the house. I set the bottle down and went over to her. Her face was wet and red. I picked her up and began to bounce lightly.Grace’s cries soften and I was thankful Y/n slept through it.

I placed Grace in the carrier that I made sure was secure in the car. Once I was stopped at a light I looked at the mirror and saw that Grace was asleep. I smiled to myself and then looked back at the light and saw it was a green light (hahhahaha references).

The parking lot to the studio that was crowed with only one spot.A few paps were in the front with camera flashes. I pulled in and began to unhook Grace  from the seat. I carried her in by the handle and a blanket  over the top so she wouldn’t be blinded. “LUKE IS THAT THE LATEST HEMMINGS!!” They shouted. I kept my head down and kept a firm grip on the handle.

Once I opened the doors, I could hear the faint shouts. I walked down the long hallway that had red walls with millions of records, both gold and sliver. It reminded me of when I first walked down the hallway.  A lot has happened since then.

“Dude that’s utter shit.” I could already hear Michael’s voice when I was only a few feet away.

“Don’t swear,” I said walking in the room. Michael was sat next to Calum in the big chairs while Ashton was recording the drums. Michael looked confuse, but then saw me put the carrier down on the couch  and nodded.

“So you’re on mummy duty today?” Calum said. I nodded and Ashton came out of the room with the drums.

“YAY! Its Grace,” Ashton exclaimed running towards the carrier.

“Shes sleeping right now,” I protested. He backed away and then whimpers became to escape from blanket.

“I think shes awake now,” Michael pointed to the carrier. I removed the blanket saw that Grace was throwing her arms around. Ashton ran towards her again and picked her up. He sat down on the couch with the baby on his lap.

“I’m taking a selfie with her,” I rolled my eyes at him. “Its also your turn Luke.” He said pulling out his phone. I nodded and went in.

“Don’t try to fuck this up,” Michael said pressing a button.

“HEY! NO SWEARING!”  I yelled at him. Michael responded with the middle finger which I returned back to him. I began to worry about leaving Grace with her uncles.

"On The Home Front" 30/30

Final part - thank you everybody for reading this, I love it and I love you! 

25th August 1942

Dear Diary,

According to Chop’s letters, apparently Finn’s coming on in leaps and bounds – he should be ready to be discharged soon, so that he can come home to me. That’s not the only good news though! He’s been given honourable discharge from the army, seems they’re ashamed that they gave up so easily looking for him.

Apparently Chop’s even getting a medal or something for his efforts. I’m so happy, diary that I could fly.

It’s also Chloe and Kester’s wedding today. I can’t wait – it’s been so exciting helping Chloe organise the wedding – she turned into bit of a nightmare with the wedding planning process, everything had to be perfect, but that’s Chloe and she’s perfect – so she deserves this to be perfect.

Oh Diary, these last couple of years have been so hard. I feel like I’ve gone through every possible emotion with you, you’ve been my one constant companion, even when I was alone.

Thank you.
- Rae.

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Got all nostalgic about my Mummy Dearest characters so I drew them up really quickly between homework duties! Mummy, Jeffrey, and Fawn <3

In short, Mummy Dearest is a story I wrote a while back about an accomplished mummy who finds a couple of kids in her museum’s lost-and-found. Chaos, London, puns ensue. You can probably search Mummy Dearest/ MummyDearest in my tags and find more about these guys :} 

Can you tell I like spoopy stories? I do like spoopy stories. 

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