mummy 1959

I was tagged by @dearestmrdarcy thanks :)

nickname: Jessi
star sign: Taurus
height: 5ft7
time right now: 1:04 am
favorite music artist: Christopher Lee, Phil Collins, Meat Loaf, Genesis
song stuck in your head: No Son of Mine - Genesis
last movie watched: The Mummy (1959)
last tv show watched: -
when did you create your blog: January 2014.
what kind of stuff do you post: Mostly stuff about Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Conrad Veidt and stuff I like.
do you have any other blogs:
do you get asks regularly: Every now and then.
why did you choose your url: I don’t know. I think because nothing better has occurred to me at that time.
hogwarts house: The tests tell me: Gryffindor.
pokemon team: Team red.
favourite colour: Deep wine-blood red and blue.
average hours of sleep: Too much sometimes. Does sleep count as hobby?
lucky number: I don’t have one.
favorite characters: Dracula, Saruman, Gandalf, Freddie Thornhill Stuart Bixby, Ezio Auditore and so many many more.
how many blankets do you sleep with: One.
dream job: Christopher Lee Fan ;)
following?: 176

I tag everyone who wants to do it :)