An Egyptian crocodile mummy was on display at a Dutch museum for nearly 200 years before anyone realized it was accompanied by dozens of babies. The 2,500-year-old, 10-ft-long croc recently underwent a 3D CT scan that revealed at least 47 individually-wrapped babies, which were likely mummified as an offering to the crocodile god Sobek. Source Source 2

The baby reptiles can be seen in blue. 

When my mum got diagnosed with cancer, the strangest things started to come to mind. Randomly I would get bombarded with doubt and would start to envision life without her and all of the random things that I would miss. Two years later, cancer free, I still stay up mad late at night just to hear her sleep peacefully, I hold her hand just to feel the warmth from her body at any given chance and I tell as many jokes during the day just so I can experience her joy. When something comes close to taking the most important person away from your life, you get another chance, another chance to cherish and appreciate all the things you took for granted.

Someone found the world’s oldest stash of weed. 2 pounds of 2,700-year-old, still-green marijuana were found with an Aryan mummy inside China’s Yanghai Tombs. Tests show it could produce THC, which means our ancestors were getting high off of it, despite the common belief that hemp was only used to create clothing and rope. Source Source 2

Day 4: Two traditional Halloween-ish creatures doing a fusion dance

Woo super late to day 4 but oh well! Had a bit of a busy day xD I’ll be the first to admit the top drawing isn’t my best work BUT I do like that bottom drawing .w. I really just wanted to draw something creepy so I’m pretty happy with it xD

Intricate animal and flower tattoos found on Egyptian mummy

A mummy from ancient Egypt was heavily tattooed with sacred symbols, which may have served to advertise and enhance the religious powers of the woman who received them more than 3,000 years ago.

The newly reported tattoos are the first on a mummy from dynastic Egypt to show actual objects, among them lotus blossoms on the mummy’s hips, cows on her arm and baboons on her neck. Just a few other ancient Egyptian mummies sport tattoos, and those are merely patterns of dots or dashes.

Especially prominent among the new tattoos are so-called wadjet eyes: possible symbols of protection against evil that adorn the mummy’s neck, shoulders and back.

“Any angle that you look at this woman, you see a pair of divine eyes looking back at you,” says bioarchaeologist Anne Austin of Stanford University in California, who presented the findings last month at a meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Read more.