The Moomin post, of all Moomin things i have in my house and there is a lot..

I will start with the kitchen things. 

this is my mothers cake platters:

Moomin cups:

Then i have a small decorative moomin thing.. allways good to have..

.. and from both sides!

Moomin bag:

and from both sides too! 

I’ve got an awesome moomin dollhouse:

with dolls

and with dolls in swimsuit

i’ve got loads of moomin-dolls.. here in regular size:

and then i’ve got some a little smaller

.. and some very very small once with different colors.

and  in white

i even have boxes to put all the dolls into:

then i have raisins (not something i collect- i’m usually eating them!)


then i got loads of postcards

(this one is from Japan, they have been sent to me by a japanese friend)

for christmas:

Moomin books(in danish)

Then i have two porcelain figures 



If i finde more things in my home i will add them to this post…

(i know this can be overwhelming)

Maagista, että aina kun käyn mummin ja ukin luona kyläileen, niin menee kaks minuuttia, ku kuolema-kortti otetaan esiin. Ensin kerrataan kaikki jotka on kuollu lähiaikoina tai sairastellu. Ja sitten kahvipöydässä esitellään testamenttia…