mummified children

anonymous asked:

I've had a repeating nightmare where I encounter a writhing mass made up of parts of mummified children that are haphazardly sewn together by their sloughed-off limbs. When I confront the mass it screams and makes the worst sound I've ever heard in my life. It leans forward and I get a feeling like I'm passing out and then I wake up to a fit a sleep paralysis. I have to remind myself constantly not to open my eyes during it, or else I'll see them in my room. It's happened three times.

this sounds like something junji ito wrote, jesus fucking christ. at least you’ve…learned not to open your eyes? jesus, dude. that’s horrifying.

tell me the scariest nightmare you ever had

Here I am. With your daily supply of nightmare fuel & feels in tow.

So I asked askfoxythepiratestuff to draw a picture of the new animatronics ripping open the old animatronics and finding the dessicated and mummified remains of the children inside. They declined because even though they asked for something messed up to draw, that idea was a bit too messed up for them.

I literally named this maniamjustfuckedup.jpg