Chiesa dei Morti, or the Church of the Dead, is a tiny church - and the main attraction - in Urbania, a lively medieval town located in central Italy. In the cemetery, eighteen mummies are standing in individual glass cases that have been on display behind the altar since 1833. These corpses have been naturally mummified by the presence of a special mold that sucked all of the moisture out of the bodies


One of my biggest fears of moving into 100+ year old house was ghosts and the unrealistic possibility of finding bodies in the wall. Guess I should have specified what kind of bodies…

As I was ripping out the ceiling in the bathroom that has become the bane of my existence, I discovered a necropolis of mummified critters who met their demise inside the walls of my home.


Happy Halloween ⚰🍂🎃💀👻

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Don’t stop there. I suppose there are also, what, vampires and werewolves and zombies?”
“Of course there are. Although you mostly find zombies farther south, where the voudun priests are.”
“What about mummies? Do they only hang around Egypt?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. No one believes in mummies.
—  Cassandra Clare, City of Bones