mummie followed me

Someone I follow ( made a review of a really bad animated film called "Daddy I’m a Zombie", and since I love watching bad film I decided to check it out, but I was only able to find the sequel (yes this movie managed to have a sequel somehow) and everytime I watch a film (bad or good) there’s always at least ONE character I like, and in this one it’s this Zombie pirate kid named Gonner.

And yes all this texte only for that. So yeah, enjoy Gonner trying to eat a cat….I guess (yes acording to this film Zombies LOVE eating cats….don’t know if it’s true tho…)

A Comprehensive Ranking of Mummy Issues

1. Weirdly teleporting from being on one side of the door to the other?

2/10, not really worthy of its own post

2. Scrappy being next to the mummy’s foot, and pulling on the wrappings hanging there…

…but having them hang nowhere remotely nearby in the cut to the wide shot?

5/10, nicely obvious and not that bad at all

3. Scooby’s “oh, great, another mummy, ho hum” face

10/10, pure magnificence in every respect