just been watching MMFD AGAIN! and i really wanted to write what i think should of happened in (2x05) between Finn and Rae after they said to be continued..  ths is just a lil fluff drabble stuff you know :D


She filled her lungs with air as she watched the love of her life walk out the door, the panic arose and she found herself leaping of the bed to stand on her shaky knees. “FINN… Wait”

Finn had just reached the top of the stairs when he heard her yell to him, he pushed away from the banister with a sigh and walked back into her room to see her standing there dazed.

“What did ya wan’ me to say Finn” she mummered trying to push all the hair out of her face.

“Wha’ do ya mean” His feet unsteady as he leant on the wooden door frame crossing one of his arms to grab his elbow.

“You came ‘ere wantin’ me ta say sumthin’, What’ were you hopin’ i’d say” The tears pooled in her eyes eager to brake away and run freely down her hot cheeks.

Finn bowed his head and scratched the back of his neck and he searched for the right words, after hesitation he just said two simple words. “Please stay”.

The tears were now streaming down her face, those words were words that she tried so desperately tried to supress. Of course she wanted him to stay, she loved him. He was her strength but he was also her fear, the fear of heartbreak and dispear, she still didnt even know if she could ever get naked in front of this man before her.

“Please… P-Please stay” She whispered barly making a noise.

“No Rae… I will only stay if that is wha’ ya truely wan’ not ‘coz i wan’ it” His voice raised but broken.

“Y-you mean everythin’ ta me Finn… Y-you did nufin’ wrong, it was me, im the mess…” she trailed off as she sat on the bed. Finn hurried over to sit next to Rae, his full attention was towards her. “I had my doubts ‘bout us. I thought once ya hav’ seen my body naked ya would leave. Or if ya would meet someone prettier ya would leave. Every scenario in me head told me ya were gunna leave. The way people stare an laugh was to much for me… i didnt wanna embarrass ya… Im just a blob”

“Rae, i would neva leave ya. Wha’ people say doesnt matta. FUCK THEM. i was proud to ‘eve ya as me girl. They aint us, they aint in this relationship… You Rae your tha only one i care ‘bout your the one i l-”

“Your leavin’ now” Rae interupted. 

“Only ‘coz i cant stop thinkin’ ‘bout ya Rae since we broke up. Its you who i think ‘bout… I thought if ya didnt want me anymor’ i had ta move on… But i cant, i cant leave” He grabbed Rae’s hand holding a firm grip onto it as she silently sobbed until the tears away.

“Finn i hav’ a problem wit me body, i struggle seeing meself naked. i was scared of lettin’ you see me naked. Its not that i dont want ya, ‘coz i do.. It just me head.. It tells me you would run” Her eyes fixed on his big beautiful brown eyes, a shy lopsided smile swept his face.

“Rae, i wan’ more then anythin’ to feel ya skin underneath mine. i have a fair idea wha’ ya body will look like naked, and that makes me even more excited girl. I love ya curves, your beautiful. But i don’ wanna pressure ya. Ill wait for as long as you want… As long as you’ll let me wait for you, ‘coz i want more then anythin’ to be with you” Those words struck Rae’s heart like a cupids bow, those words are all that she wanted to hear. A smile beamed across her face and her hand ran up his arm to cup his cheek, she glided her finger across his freekles as he leaned into her hand.

“Really…” she gasped.

“Yes, girl really” He leaned in towards her capturing her lips in a light kiss before resting his forehead on hers.

“I love you Rae” He whispered sending shivers down her spine as those words danced along his tongue. She couldnt beleive that he said it those three words that mean everything. He loved her, and she loved him. She captured his lips once more deepening the passion and repeated his words as she pulled away. “I love you Finn”.


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I re-read the Mercy chapter, and maybe I missed it, but is Arya wearing her own face? At first, I thought she was wearing a "skin" since she's shaving her head and pretending to be a mummer, but as Cat she had worn her own face as well.

A different face.

“On the morrow you will go to Izembaro to begin your first apprenticeship. Take what clothes you will from the vaults below. The city watch is looking for a certain ugly girl, known to frequent the Purple Harbor, so best you have a new face as well.” He cupped her chin, turned her head this way and that, nodded. “A pretty one this time, I think. As pretty as your own.” –The Kindly Man, ADWD, The Ugly Little Girl (Arya II)

“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,” she sang as she descended the wooden stair to the street. The handrail was splintery, the steps steep, and there were five flights, but that was why she’d gotten the room so cheap. That, and Mercy’s smile. She might be bald and skinny, but Mercy had a pretty smile, and a certain grace. –TWOW, Mercy (Arya I)

(I mean, I’m sure Arya has a pretty smile too, but Arya doesn’t believe herself to be pretty.)

I wonder if setting up leitmotifs for my characters might help me focus on writing them more easily?
  • Anora = Light Of The North-Heather Dale 
  • Fiona and Adaia’s moments = Mummer’s Dance- Loreena McKennitt
  • Cailan= We R Who We R-Ke$ha
  • Cailan And Ali moments=Die Young-Ke$ha
  • Loghain and Maric moments= Fernando-Abba (Maric) or King And Lionheart- Of Monsters And Men (Loghain)
  • Fiona And Maric Moments = Seikilos’ Epitaph 
  • Loghain = Simple Man-Shinedown
  • Maric= Crazy Little Thing Called Love-Queen
  • Fiona= Joan-Heather Dale
  • Alistair= Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy-Queen
  • Fiona and Ali/Cailan moments= Mordred’s Lullaby-Heather Dale
  • Duncan= Either the French version of ‘Oh Grey Wardens’ or Luck Be A Lady-Frank Sinatra
  • Adaia Tabris=Super Bass-Nicki Minaj
  • Teagan= A Well Respected Man-The Kinks
  • Mage Stuff= Enchanters.
  • Chantry Stuff= No Children-The Mountain Goats.
  • Alienage/Elven stuff= Things We Lost In The Fire-Bastille
you’re my favorite song (1/?)

Taemin and Minho have been married for some years now. But lately, Taemin has been feeling more like a slave than a husband. He’s beginning to give up on even himself until he meets Jonghyun - a man who turns his life upside down and makes him feel beautiful again.

Taemin stared down at his left hand. The only noise in the background was the ticking of the clock on the wall and the soft mummer of the television. The house, as always, was empty. Being here by himself made him feel so small. Every step he made seemed to echo off the lonely walls. Every sound seemed so loud. But this was his life. As it had been for the past two years. Taemin reached down and softly brushed his fingers against the gold wedding band that was on his ring finger. He remembered saying yes to the ‘will you marry me’. He said his ‘I do’s’. He slid a band on his husband’s finger and his husband slid a band on his own finger. But those memories… The smiling. The touching. The loving…. It all seemed so far away now.

The wedding ring had a special meaning. Every wedding ring did. The circle is supposed to represent the never ending love between yourself and your partner. Like the cicle never ends, your love is meant to last for eternity. But Taemin couldn’t even remember when the last time Minho ever told him that he loved him. He doesn’t remember him saying anything even remotely affectionate to him. For the past two years, Taemin might as well just be a maid. He wakes up and cooks for Minho. He cleans for Minho while he’s at work. He shops for Minho. He cooks for Minho again. And then he showers and sleeps. He never imagined a life like this. A life so centered around a person who doesn’t even bother to look his way anymore. He gave his entire life up to be with Minho. He betrayed his parents. He married without their blessing. He ran away from home and moved in with Minho. He thought that this would be his happy ever after. But it was far from it. It’s his never ending nightmare of a life. He can’t leave. He has no one to turn to. He’s not exaggerating when he says that he is completely alone.

His head snapped up when he heard the door unlock. He doesn’t know why his body still reacts like this. He can’t explain why his heart flutters slightly whenever he hears the keys at the door. He’s just.. hopeful. Hopeful that one day Minho will come home and he’ll be the man he married again. Hopeful that he’ll laugh and tell Taemin that the past two and a half years have all just been a joke. That he still loves him like he used to. Hope was the only thing he had left to hold on to. But as always, the moment Minho walked in the house and continued without so much as a glance Taemin’s way, his hope was crushed.

Taemin watched as his husband took off his shoes and continued down the hall to the bedroom. He dropped his head slightly, letting out a soft sigh. He didn’t cry anymore. He didn’t have the energy to. Crying got you nowhere. It got you nothing. It was pointless and Taemin had been done with it for some time now..

When Minho came back out of the bedroom, Taemin stood from the couch and took a step toward him. “Your dinner is in the microwave.. You came home late so I ate without you.” He hated the sound of his own voice. It sounded so weak and desperate.. Longing for some kind of reaction. Any kind of reaction just to show himself that Minho still sees him as a person.

Looking at him now, Taemin was suddenly aware that Minho had no intention of staying to eat dinner. He was dressed in a fresh shirt and jeans, his watch on his wrist and his wedding band nowhere to be seen. “I have a meeting with a client. I’ll be back late. Don’t stay up.” he said simply as he tied up his shoes. And before Taemin could even respond, he was gone.

He stared at the door, standing in the middle of the living room. Alone. Taemin took a small breath in and out. In and out. He wrapped his arms around himself, carried himself to the bedroom, curled up in his bed, and closed his eyes. The only one left to love him was himself. And right now… he didn’t know if he did.

The next morning, Taemin woke up in his bed alone. There was no letter. No voicemail. No sign that Minho had ever even returned that night. He blinked a few times before finally pulling himself out of bed. Once he was standing, he went off and started with his daily routine.







Taemin looked in the pantries and refrigerator and realized that today was his shopping day. He pursed his lips and made a quick list of the things he needed. He always made enough for two. Himself and Minho. But.. why? Minho rarely ever even ate at home anymore. He came home as a pit-stop for whatever else he was doing. Deep down, Taemin knew what Minho was up. He knew there had to be someone else. Another man or even woman. But he didn’t want to know. He didn’t want to see it or hear it. He didn’t want the smallest bit of hope he had left to be shattered. Because then… he would truely have nothing.

The brunette grabbed his wallet and keys before leaving the house. He offered small smiles and bows to the older woman that he passed on his way down the street. He kept his head low as he walked. It had become a habit of his. He went through life quietly now. He wasn’t the joyful kid he used to be. Taemin… He never used to be like this. Never. When he was younger, he wasn’t popular, but he wasn’t a shy kid either. He was just different. He was all smiles and light. He made a fool of himself half the time, but he never cared. He liked who he was. He was satisfied with himself. And then Minho came along. And he made him feel special. And just like that, he took it all away. His life. Himself. It was no longer his.

When he reached the grocery store, he grabbed a shopping cart and started off. He didn’t have a very big list. He never did. But he lingered in the store to just.. be around people. To hear people talking and laughing to one another. The silence of the house… It was deafening. It made him go insane. He just couldn’t handle it sometimes. Shopping was really his only form for socializing since he didn’t have any friends around, even if he didn’t really talk to anyone.

Taemin was nearly done with his list after about twenty minutes. He was in the cereal aisle, pursing his lips as he scanned the shelves for the cereal he usually ate. His finger went to his bottom lip, pushing it up slightly when he couldn’t find it.

“Well that certainly is an interesting face to make when looking at cereal.”

The skinny male jumped at the sound of the voice. His hand immediately flew down to his heart, clutching his shirt slightly as he turned to face the person who had spoken. And surprisingly… that person was looking straight at him. Taemin didn’t know what to do other than to just stare. The person in front of him flashed a crooked smile and chuckled. “I know I’m dashing and all but you know.. it’s rude to stare.”

At his words, Taemin’s cheeks flamed. He dropped his head in apology and looked away. It had been so long since another person interacted with him, it was like he forgot how to act in front of another human being. It was quite embarrassing and pathetic, honestly. Another chuckle sounded from the male next to him, making the younger’s cheeks only burn brighter. 'You can’t even be in public without making a fool of yourself, Taemin.’

“How cute,” the male said. Taemin could hear a smile in his voice. He glanced up, a brow raised at the compliment. Surely, he was only teasing. Surely he couldn’t be serious. But there he was. Just smiling and watching. Taemin pressed his lips together and cleared his throat. “S..sorry..” he said softly to the stranger. “For?” Taemin licked his lips and looked from the male back to the cereals. “For staring. I didn’t mean to..” Another chuckle came from the man. “Don’t worry about it. Plenty of people stare. They can’t help it.”

At that, Taemin knew he was teasing. He felt the male take a few steps closer to him until he could feel the heat coming off of him. He gulped, his heart pounding in his chest. He glanced up at the stranger from under his bangs. The blonde was standing next to him, a finger tapping softly on his chin as he looked up at the cereals. For a moment, Taemin thought the male was mimicking his actions from earlier. But then he suddenly asked, “Which do you prefer?”

Taemin blinked, taking a second to comprehend his words. He looked back at the cereals and hesitated, his eyes looking over the brands and the the mascots on the front of each box. When he finally spotted the one he himself ate, the one he was looking for earlier, he nodded and pointed. “That one,” he said, pointing to a blue box with a tiger in the front of it. “This one?” the stranger asked as he picked up the box of frosted flakes. Taemin nodded, watching as the blonde turned the box to it’s side and looked over the nutritional facts. He chuckled softly and looked up at Taemin. “It’s practically all sugar.” Taemin, of course, knew this very well. He remembered when Minho still actually spoke to him, he scolded him for buying something so unhealthy. He said it was for children and he should buy something more suitable for adults.

The brunette lowered his head slightly and bit down on his bottom lip, feeling as though he had done something inappropriate. But then, he felt a hand on his shoulder. His eyes snapped up to the male in front of him, who was smiling with the box in his hand. “But then again, there’s nothing wrong with having a sweet tooth.” And then he winked at him. And Taemin could swear that his heart stopped. “Thanks for your opinion… you know, here you are, giving me advice on cereal and all when I don’t even know your name.”

It took him a moment to even answer him. His whole mind was blank. But finally, he opened his mouth and willed something to come out. Anything. “Taemin. Lee Taemin,” was what came out. But it was wrong. His name wasn’t Lee Taemin anymore. It was Choi. But it was too late now. The blonde smiled and nodded. “Taemin… Cute name for a cute face. I’m Kim Jonghyun. It’s nice to meet you, Taemin.” All Taemin could do at that moment was nod. All he could hear right now was Jonghyun’s voice saying his name. It had been so long since he had heard his own name. His own name. Jonghyun smiled and glanced down at his watch. “Well, I’d better be going. I have a box of cereal I need to eat.” He shook the box and smiled. “I’ll see you around, Taemin.” And with that, he walked down the aisle and around the corner.

Taemin was left there to put together what had just happened. It all happened so.. fast. Out of nowhere. Someone talked to him. Actually spoke to him. Like he was an actual person and not just a house maid. Someone said his name. Laughed at him. Called him cute. Treated him like a person. That man… Jonghyun.. he probably wasn’t aware of how much he had affected Taemin at that moment. Jonghyun gave him hope that maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t completely alone after all.

Arya and the kindly man(House of Black and Whithe) by VaniaMatulic

On her way across the city Arya had wondered what the kindly man would say when she told him about Dareon. Maybe he would be angry with her, or maybe he would be pleased that she had given the singer the gift of the Many-Faced God. She had played this talk out in her head half a hundred times, like a mummer in a show. But she had never thought warm milk.
When the milk came, Arya drank it down. It smelled a little burnt and had a bitter aftertaste.
- Go to bed now, child. -  the kindly man said. - On the morrow you must serve.
That night she dreamed she was a wolf again, but it was different from the other dreams. In this dream she had no pack. She prowled alone, bounding over rooftops and padding silently beside the banks of a canal, stalking shadows through the fog.
When she woke the next morning, she was blind
                                                            - A Feast for Crows, Chapter 34.  

On this day, August 30th, in 1983: XTC and Virgin Records released “Mummer.”

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Today’s quote: “We’re horribly mundane, aggressively mundane individuals. We’re the ninjas of the mundane, you might say.” - Andy Partridge

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