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Headmistress Pitch figured out it was me. She appreciated that I was trying to help Rie, but she put me under house arrest in the Mummer’s House for a week. Starting today.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think it'll become common knowledge that Aegon is fake (if that's the case) or would it be something that is never explained?

Short answer, I don’t think the public is going to get a chance to form a consensus. There are going to be enough people who will love the story and want to believe it that he’ll have a support base, but, you know, how does he prove this kind of thing? Unless Daenerys decides to give him the chance to ride one of her dragons. Even that doesn’t technically prove anything, given the Golden Company’s historical connection with the Blackfyres, but hey, dragon. Whether he gets the edge in public opinion depends on who controls the narrative, and Varys has been setting the stage for Aegon for a very long time.

“A mummer’s dragon, you said. What is a mummer’s dragon, pray?“          

“A cloth dragon on poles,” Dany explained. “Mummers use them in their follies, to give the heroes something to fight.”   (ACOK, Daenerys V)  

“At the end a dragon hatches from an egg and devours all of the lions.“        

The ending took the puppet show from simple insolence to treason. "Witless fools. Only cretins would hazard their heads upon a wooden dragon.” (AFFC Cersei V)

A little more, cut in case you’re avoiding The Winds of Winter sample chapters:

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Loreena McKennitt - The Mummer’s Dance


“But that was nothing to the hush that fell over the crowd when she finally removed her helm and named Sansa her Queen of Love and Beauty. In that moment, Elia could not help but feel a sense of poetic justice, as if they were all mummers acting out a distorted shade of that infamous tourney at Harrenhal.”

Inspired by my Sansa x Elia ficlet:  Beating Like A Hollow Drum.

Project Gemini

“You’ll see I’ll bring them back and they’ll be better than ever! Faster,smarter,stronger,completely indestructible.” Douglas say his eyes holding a slight crazed look his face pale. Kara’s warning ringing true “he was losing himself…"his desperation to bring project M-19 and project N-01 back had consumed him.

"This’ll make everything go back to normal.” He mummer to himself going to look at the two large capsules containing a blonde girl submerged in water and a boy the same way.

“this time they won’t fall…"he look at the person before him with coldness "This time they won’t die.”


XTC - ‘Funk Pop A Roll’ - 1983

mc1560 asked:

What do you think of the idea that Stannis is the third head of the dragon? That Melisandre is both right and wrong.

Naw. The “slayer of lies” segment in the House o’ the Undying makes it pretty clear that like the “mummer’s dragon” (Aegon) and the master of the dragon atop the smoking tower (Euron, Dragonbinder-bound Rhaegal, and the Hightower are my guesses), Stannis is a pretender to prophetic destiny. Melisandre, despite her genuinely heroic endgame of throwing back the Long Night, is herself pretending to more certainty and metaphysical wisdom than she actually possesses, as is confirmed in her POV chapter; I think her hubris is setting her (and Stannis and Shireen) up for an unambiguous fall.

The ironic/tragic core of Stannis’ character is that despite being IMO the best man for the job, despite having come North and declared war on the darkness and (come ADOS) proven willing to sacrifice his Nissa Nissa, he’s just not the messiah. Same way that for all Quentyn’s on an (ostensibly) exciting quest to marry the beautiful princess, and for all that he dutifully carries out the proper steps despite loss, horror, humiliation, and ultimately unimaginable agony and oblivion being his only rewards, he’s just not the hero. 

FWIW I think the three dragonriders upon endgame are Dany, Jon, and Tyrion.