Taking Out the Trash (version 2)
  • Iwaizumi's mom:Hajime, can you please take out the trash?
  • Iwaizumi:Sure thing, Mom.
  • - A few minutes later -
  • Iwaizumi's mom:Hajime why are you all dressed up?
  • Iwaizumi:What? You told me to take out the trash, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Take Trashykawa- I mean Oikawa out on a date.
  • Iwaizumi's mom:MY OTP IS CANON

i was tagged by @00jonghyun (thank you bby💖💖) to post my fav albums so here we are 💫💫 what a mess of genres and eras tho i didn’t think it would come to this haha

i tag @mintbean @luexion @yumjoonie @jhope1 @mywonho @rapsae & everyone else who wants to do this ily 💕💕

francis-bonnefoys-mum  asked:

honestly if i could be the voice of one character i'd choose prussia bc i already have an ask blog where ppl send me questions or fanfics to read and i do it in prussia's voice and it's so much fun and he's the only character that I can mimic vaguely well and i think that I can get into his head pretty well I guess? he's a fun character to do

You’ve had a lot of practice, so you’d easily be the perfect Prussia!