She's Got You High
  • She's Got You High
  • Mumm-Ra
  • (500) Days Of Summer - Music From The Motion Picture [Bonus Track Version]

This song was in 500 Days of Summer! Which is a movie that makes me kinda depressed, but it has a great soundtrack + Joseph Gordon Levitt, so those are two fantastic factors. This song, however, is independently one of my favorite songs of all time. I love the build and the accent and the instruments. Just gorgeous and uplifting.


here in ur arms

Imagine waking up and there she is, there she is
She’s wrapped up with a smile from a well placed kiss.
Because she loves you and she always did
Oh, what a dream but that’s just all it is.

Imagine waking up and there she is
And it’s a million times the feeling that you thought it could be
As you see her standing there you start to think
Of all the million little moments that have led to this.

—  Mumm Ra - There She Is