mumford and sons where are you now

  • best song ever: literally just promo song for this is us
  • story of my life: some girl is cold / they have feelings
  • diana: 2012 fanfic about sad girl. is 17. lives in london alone bc dad is abusive and mom is dead. niall saves her
  • midnight memories: is supossed to be about sex but is about 1d robbing a kebab man
  • you and i: literal trash. zayn is good doe
  • dont forget where you belong: niall masturbates to ireland
  • strong: ultimate larry song
  • happily: harry busts a nut
  • right now: goes hard as hell but underappreciated. starring angel louis
  • little black dress: the WORST trash i wanna fight louis and liam for writing this
  • through the dark: harry had sex with mumford and sons
  • something great: 1d tries to convince girl to have sex w/ them
  • little white lies: robin thicke wrote this
  • better than words: niall finally lost his virginity
  • why dont we go there: liam wants to try anal
  • does he know: might as well be a track on UAN
  • alive: what the fuck
  • half a heart: PROBABLY about sophia. zayn is jesus here

First- Cold War Kids
Don’t Let Me Go- Halsey
Believe- Mumford and Sons
Stubborn Love- The Lumineers
High Hopes- Kodaline
When Did Your Heart Go Missing- Rooney
Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade
White Blank Page- Mumford and Sons
Fireside- Arctic Monkeys
Where Are You Now- Mumford and Sons
Changing of the Seasons- Two Door Cinema Club
Gotta Get Away- Black Keys
OutRight- Wild Party
Desire- Years & Years
Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran
Halo- Cage The Elephant
I’m A Mess- Ed Sheeran
Nerve- The Story So Far
Relapse- Divided By Friday
Better Strangers- Royal Blood

ALMOST- a mix for rory gilmore and jess mariano 

When you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong?


i. monday morning- death cab for cutie| ii. wrapped up in books- belle and sebastian| iii. bloom- the paper kites| iv. of angels and angles- the decemberists| v. jules and jim- nada surf| vi. your song- ellie goulding| vii. i’ll keep it with mine- nico| viii. the lovers are losing- keane| ix. i know i know i know- tegan and sara| x. white blank page- mumford and sons| xi. intuition- feist| xii. vienna- the fray| xiii. romeo and juliet- the killers| xiv. dakota- sterephonics| xv. silver springs- fleetwood mac| xvi. photograph- ed sheeran| xvii. i should live in salt- the national| xix. where are you now- mumford and sons| 

a lyrical dialogue between sherlock and john about their complicated relationship, how they feel about each other and what the world’s done to them, and where they stand now, at what seems to be their last  chance. there’s resignation, guilt, and regret. but even now, there’s hope and choice - and, always, love.  (listen)

wait it out - imogen heap / you’ve haunted me all my life - death cab for cutie / reckless love - bleachers / black gold - foals / just smoke - mumford & sons / hiding - florence + the machine / about today - the national / oceans - seafret / nothing left to say/rocks - imagine dragons / madness - muse / flightless bird, american mouth (wedding version) - iron & wine / give me love - ed sheeran / wake me - bleachers

get to know you game-thing

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relationship status: my bumble profile is a haiku that reads:
i am secretly
a cat lady, so manage
your expectations 

i’ll let you infer the rest. 

favorite color: blue and yellow 

one cat, that is. named Cat, except in Chinese. and now that we’re talking about Mao, I can’t not include a picture of my precious 淘气 cat. 

last song you listened to: Wona, by Mumford & Sons with Baba Maal and Beatenberg

first fandom: oh god, like half the world, I think it was Naruto. 

hobbies: writing, casual archery, reading, avoiding adult life, playing with my cat, eating lots of food with different people, traveling, baking chocolate chip cookies, various team sports depending on where I live (ice hockey, rugby)

currently reading: the Jeju Olle Trail guidebook in a desperate attempt to find a place to sleep every night; I also recently finished The Magicians, which was Weird with a capital W, but which I enjoyed nonetheless. 

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Get to know me tag

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Nickname: Bex, Becca

Gender: I have the girl bits

Height: 5′4

Time Right Now: 2200

Last Thing Googled: the equalizer

Favorite Bands: mumford and sons

Favorite Soloist: meh, not much of a music person

Last Movie Watched: the man from u.n.c.l.e.

Last TV Show Watched: the 100

When Did You Create Your Blog: 3 years ago maybe??

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: nursing stuff, makeup, whatever tickles my fancy

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: I dunno, last year?

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: ain’t nobody got time for that

Do You Get Asks Often: sometimes, more messages now where I tell people to fuck off

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I’m a nurse in a cardiac ICU

Following: 313 (I need to follow more blogs I think lol)

Posts: 16521

Hogwarts House: Slytherin/Hufflepuff

Favorite Colors: blue, grey, forest green

Average Hours of Sleep: 3-6 hrs

Lucky Numbers: 3

Favorite Characters: Octavia, Bellamy, Lena Luthor

What Are You Wearing Right Now: my under scrubs outfit: running pants, tank top, wool socks, and a zip up sweater

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: as many as I can

Dream Job: millionaire who doesn’t need to work at all

Dream Trip: a nice long europe adventure

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