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Highlights of Marcus during Game4Grenfell. It’s about an hour of footage including interviews, video clips, the halftime performance, and the times Marcus played during the game. (x)

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Mumford & Sons on Latitude, U2, and the return of the banjo
In 2012 when Mumford & Sons first conceived Gentleman of the Road, the band’s occasional roaming stopover festival, the concept was simple enough: organise a festival in places where touring artists never go, ask some bands to play, and make the weekend a celebration of locale, music and community spirit.

Mumford & Sons discuss their festival Gentleman of the Road in a fun and entertaining interview.

Marcus & Winston from Mumford and Sons talk with Kyle Meredith about their new directions with their 3rd album, Wilder Mind, writing from a broken heart, and the affects of The Basement Tapes’ success, all set to the bands own soundtrack.

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“I just started writing songs in the beginning of last year,” says Marcus. “I went to see a gig when I was at university in Edinburgh. It was Charlie [Fink] from Noah and the Whale, a guy called King Charles, and Winston was playing with a band called Captain Kick and The Cowboy Ramblers. I was really getting into bluegrass at the time, and when I saw those guys, I got really inspired and started writing.”

After relocating to London, Marcus hooked up with the rest of the band members while they were all playing with various singer/songwriters at a folk venue on Kings Road called Bosun’s Locker. “When we started, we just rehearsed on the curb outside the venue or at the soundcheck on stage,” laughs Marcus. “We never really had established parts. I just had a song and everyone kind of played along. Like a hoedown. It all came out of playing live that we even formed the band, because I was playing songs in London and various guys would just come and sit in—like the fiddler from Noah and the Whale would come and play one night, then Charlie [Fink] would play with me sometimes, and Laura [Marling] would sing. Eventually, Ted, Ben, and Winston stuck. It wasn’t until we started writing songs together that we realized this was an actual band and not just a singer/songwriter with a couple of mates.”


Interview with Ted Dwane of Mumford & Sons on 3fm in Amsterdam

i hate it when people act surprised that rappers are intelligent. marcus mumford uses the same 3 ideas in all of his songs and looks like he reeks of cheese but no one is like “wow what an articulate mumford and sons interview” they just assume he has a working brain. eff off


Interviewer: “Now I’m going to come see you guys live soon and I hear that you have a sort of agricultural bent to your shows”

Marcus: “To our live shows? Well other than the wheelbarrows and the cows there’s not much agricultural-”

Interviewer: “And milking stools?”

Marcus: “Yeah, yeah and milk maids”

Interviewer: “I think there is a certain bravery in young bands that incorporate those elements in their live shows-do you feel like pioneers?”

Marcus: “Well we bring a truck of soil, with us wherever go, so that we can lay the bed and stage, then obviously hay bails and milk maids”

Interviewer: “Yeah, I hope its organic”

Marcus: “It is actually”

Ben: “What-the milk maids?”

Marcus: “We’ve been thinking about this recently, irony or sarcasm doesn’t really come across on the radio very well”

Ted: “Yeah how disappointed when they come to our gig and there are no cows and-”

Marcus: “And its just like a little drum carpet!”

Ted: “Yeah, just a drum carpet!”

Interviewer: “Yeah well you’ll probably have the money in the bank by then-”

Winston: “That’s not the irony. The irony is that they’ll probably soil themselves … ”

—  Mumford and Sons interview on “Absolute Radio”


Never seen this one.

Whats your advice to students? 

Marcus Mumford: “I’d say take as many drugs as you can.”

The first album sort of established us in a certain way with a certain sound, although I think that sound was probably more varied than the singles represented. The songs known by people who haven’t seen us live are more banjo-heavy songs, where actually in a set we have songs on both albums that have the same setup that we have on ‘Wilder Mind’ – they just didn’t get as much attention.

Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons, on how the “new sound” on Wilder Mind isn’t actually as new as some may think.

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This is one of the best.

What if someone swears ?

What if someone does something physically inappropriate ?


Marcus Mumford and Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons stopped by The Kevin & Bean Show at KROQ on March 31, 2015 to talk about their forthcoming album, Wilder Mind. In this 20-minute interview, they cover everything from details about their first appearance at The Roxy in Los Angeles to the natural progression of the band’s instrumentation–AKA, what happened to the banjo??

Click here to preview the first track from the band’s album, “Believe.”