mumford and sons home


- Beautiful Domesticity -

[ Well you went left and I went right
As the moon hung proud and bright
You would have loved it here tonight

I was in the mood for some fluff ~ Have some domestic Hannigram post S3 because I can !  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

tsukiyama looking out for each other:

Yamaguchi who will watch Tsukishima closely and act as a shield when the press of noisy, pushy people around him gets to be too much and his headphones aren’t enough to block the world out

Tsukishima as a safe fortress from which Yamaguchi can assess new people and new environments before entering them himself

Yamaguchi who won’t let Tsukishima stand still as everything moves past him, unwilling or unable to care. Yama’s there to push and support him through  picking a high school,  joining the volleyball club, going to practice, getting out of bed in the morning; he refuses to let Tsukki be eaten alive by his own apathy.

Tsukishima knowing he isn’t very likable, but feeling like it might be okay because, well, Yamaguchi is still here. He doesn’t need anyone else

Yamaguchi will sometimes break down and ask Do you hate me? Does everyone hate me? Am I even worth the effort? I’m so ugly, I’m so stupid, I’m so useless, I’m so boring–and Tsukishima isn’t really a patient person but he never loses patience with this, calmly and matter-of-factly listing Yamaguchi’s good qualities until the good outweighs the bad

Tsukishima, who will defend Yamaguchi from anything and everything, watching helplessly as Yamaguchi went up against Seijoh by himself and lost, thinking, I should have been able to protect him from this

Yamaguchi can see Tsukki’s potential and it’s honestly killing him, because he could be so much, but Tsukki’s too scared too try because trying means caring and caring means it will hurt you, sooner or later. But Yamaguchi sees that it’s hurting him anyway, and tells him to forget Hinata, forget Akiteru, forget Ushijima, because this is about you, not them. What more motivation do you need than pride?

And Tsukishima, who believes in Yamaguchi more than anyone, watching as Yamaguchi went up against Seijoh by himself and scored 5 points consecutively. Everyone else was surprised, but not him. never him. He was  just proud

Yamaguchi watching the Shiratorizawa match and knowing with chilling certainty that the outcome could either heal Tsukki of his bitterness or break him completely 


Lover I’ll be Home // just another wonderful
song not available for purchase 😏
Plus a bit of banter 😄

Kili x Hurt! Dying! Reader - Home

Kili x Hurt! Dying! Reader- Home

This is a song fic, in an Au where, instead of Kili dying at the end of the Hobbit, you fall in battle. I chose the song “Home” by Mumford and Sons. It is slightly like a Steve x Reader fic I wrote I while ago, but I hope it’s fine all the same!


~I ran away in floods of shame…
……I’ll never tell how close I came, as I crossed the Holland road…~

Kili woke, fearful, with his muscular back pressed against hard stone, his eyes reluctant to stay open. A small strip of blood wandered from his brow to the edge of his mouth, and he could taste the coppery liquid as it also got tangled in his long hair, vexing him.

Then he remembered you.

With horror clamped upon his bones, he sprang up, and began to run through the damned battlefield.

~..well, you went left and I went right…
……as the moon hung proud and white…~

An abandoned battle axe tripped him, and he fell hard, his nose scraping the hard winter ground. For a minute, he lay there, his skin feeling like water. A trail of ants scurried away from the dwarf, and it painfully reminded him of your journey.

Is that all we were, he thought, ants, just in line to be crushed? Kili rolled over, facing the moon. Should he just give up? Without Fili, he felt like half of….well, half of anything. Just half is never as good as a whole object.

Half is lonely.

The night was starless, and cold. And he was cold without you. The pang of longing he felt for you turned into a screech inside his blood, bubbling it up until it forced him back to his battered feet to run and find you. would have loved it here tonight.~

Kili’s eyes brightened when he saw a lock of your H/C hair winding its way around a rock, so he dashed around its corner to see you.

What he found he wished wasn’t you at all.

As swords went, it was truly as gnarly as they came. The sword which stuck out of your still lightly moving chest was black iron, the colour of Death and all of his demons. Kili stood petrified at the hateful vision that he witnessed.

Your lifeblood wove its way from your chest to your shoulder, tangling through your hair. Kili knelt by your side, and held your pulsing hand.

~Spin me round just to pin me down
on the cover of this strange bed…~

“…Kili?..” Your weak croak caused the hollow dwarf to tighten his grip on your hand, and your beautiful E/C eyes met his tearful ones.

“It’s okay, beloved,” he mused through quivering lips, “I’m here now.” Your own mouth curled into a feeble smile, and he brushed your cheek with the back of his blooded hand.

“..Did we,” you started, but you were promptly interrupted by a coughing fit, and more blood met your cracked lips, “Did we…beat them?” Kili almost chuckled, but then he remembered himself. You had always been so competitive, even in dire situations. This he had always found charming, even when Thorin did not.

“Yes, love,” he croaked, trying to hide the pain in his voice, “we did.” But I didn’t, he thought to himself.

~Spin me round just to pin me down…~

As you began to fade, the moon seemed to as well, becoming fainter behind dream-laced clouds. He held your head as you made yourself more comfortable in his lap.

“Kili?” Voice failing, you pipped up, making his hands shake. No, he thought, because he knew that he must be strong now.

“Yes, Y/N?”

“When are we going home?” Something snapped within Kili, something deep and ancient, and, as the tears of remorse fell, his shoulders shook.

“Soon, Y/N, soon. But you will go before I.”

“Will you follow?” You chirped expectantly, though still sounding like a child.

“In time.” After he said this, your body stiffened up.

“Kili, don’t leave me-” bringing your floppy head to his chest, perching his bristly chin against your scalp, he cried silently into your still sweet smelling hair.

“I’m always with your soul, love. Always.”

~…I’ll be home, in a little while…
lover, I’ll be home..~

Kili looked up to your soon-to-be home in misery, and cursed whoever took all of the stars away. They weren’t there to guide you, so who would? He wouldn’t be able to…the thought of you lost in the heavens made him sick.

Moving his weary eyes back down to you, he saw that your eyes were closed.

“Y/N,” Kili cried, distressed, “Y/N, wake up!” He shook your shoulder wildly, and you were roused.

“Kili….” You sounded like you always did in the mornings when you refused to get out of bed, “let me sleep…”

“No, Y/N,” Kili hugged you closer, “not quite yet.”

“Let me…..” You trailed off.

“What?!” He became distraught, “let you what?!”

~I’ll be home, in a little while…~

“…let me..go home.”

The dwarf was struck to his very core at your words, and more stray tears became visible on his dirty cheeks.

“Why?” Now he sounded like a child, in a whiny tone, as if begging Thorin for another piggy back when he and Fili were children. He could see the contours of your face lift, and you smiled to the lonely moon.

“Because I no longer belong here now.” Weakly, you raised yourself just enough to kiss him lightly upon the lips, and for a second to him it seemed that the stars weren’t so lonely; like Fili was just a touch away.

But then you fell back into his lap, and was still.

His eyes widened, and he shook your shoulders again.

“Y/N!? Love!? Wake up! Please!” But no matter how much he pleaded, your eyes would remain shut. He came to know this. Instead of shaking you more, he brought you closer to his chest, keeping you warm.

“It’s okay,” he whispered tearfully, more to himself, “I’ll be your stars. Don’t worry.”

~…lover, I’ll be home.~

He closed your eyes.

one hundred suns until we part.
a song of achilles mix.

i. follow crystal fighters / ii. big eyes matt corby / iii. and then you greg laswell / iv. at home crystal fighters / v. awake my soul mumford & sons / vi. centuries (fall out boy cover) charlotte owens / vii. 100 suns 30 seconds to mars / viii. love like this (acoustic) kodaline / ix. never play emily and the woods / x. you keaton henson / xi. charon keaton henson / xii. waiting alice boman

A rather daunting playlist that I couldn’t resist making because damn, the Run arc is good.

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Songs: I Bet My Life + Imagine Dragons | Collect Call + Metric | What If the Storm Ends + Snow Patrol | I Love You + Woodkid | Atonement + Anberlin | Monster + Imagine Dragons | Home + Mumford and Sons | Nothing Left Here to Burn + Lovers and Liars | It Ends Tonight + All American Rejects | All These Things That I’ve Done + The Killers | World On Fire + Les Friction | Run + Daughter|

the perfect combination

1996 - The Wombats // Flowers In Your Hair - The Lumineers // Home - Mumford & Sons // Youth - Daughter // Malleable Beings - The Paper Kites // Grow Old With Me - Tom Odell //  Like Real People Do - Hozier // Riptide.Skinny Love.Ho Hey - Louisa Wendorff // All You Never Say - Birdy // Stubborn Love - The Lumineers

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heading home

listen here!

a mix for when youre traveling down this grassy path, the sun beating comfortably down on your fur, and your claws sheathed as you search for the place you know for which you are destined.

i see fire- ed sheeran/king and lionheart- of monsters and men/house of gold- twenty one pilots/music when the lights go out- the libertines/morning song- the lumineers/golden- fall out boy/take your time(coming home)- fun./little lion man- mumford and sons/something good can work- two door cinema club/swing life away- rise against/clairvoyant- the story so far/free translator- the books

ballerinaduck  asked:

playlist: finding you

asldkfjla;dfj this is such a sweet title ;A; :

  1. “Your Hand In Mine” by Explosions In The Sky
  2. “I’ll Keep You Safe” by Sleeping At Last
  3. “St. Augustine” by Band of Horses
  4. “Oblivion” by Bastille
  5. “Little Talks” by Of Monsters And Men
  6. “Always Gold” by Radical Face
  7. “The Chambers & The Valves” by Dry The River
  8. “Taking You There” by The Broods
  9. “Sun” by Sleeping At Last
  10. “To Build A Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra
  11. “Home” by Mumford and Sons
  12. “Fool’s Gold” by The Middle East
  13. “Lost and Found” by Kate Herzig

they call me cry baby || ashley || until dawn 

i. heart out // the 1975 ii. cry baby // melanie martinez iii. polaroid // imagine dragons iv. get home // bastille v. don’t stop // foster the people vi. soap // melanie martinez vii. favorite record // fall out boy viii. weight of living pt. ii // bastille ix. america // the griswolds x. breezeblocks // alt-j xi. youth // daughter xii. ghosts that we knew // mumford & sons xiii. be good // max brodie xiv. after the storm // mumford & sons xv. welcome home // radical face xvi. the paper kites // featherstone xvii. skinny love // birdy || LISTEN


the crownless shall be king again – a kings of middle earth fanmix 
[listen here]

BROKEN CROWN mumford and sonsKING lauren aquilinaBEST I CAN art of dyingHEY BROTHER aviciiCENTURIES fall out boyGOLD imagine dragonsHOME gabrielle aplinDANIEL AND THE DEN bastille | KING AND LIONHEART of monsters and menWE DON’T EAT james vincent mcmorrowEVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD lorde |
AFTER THE STORM mumford and sonsTHE DRAW bastille THE GOLDEN AGE woodkidTHE MOUNTAIN’S KING doug mains and the cityfolk | I HAVE MADE MISTAKES the oh hello’sMOUNTAIN SOUND of monsters and menHOLD ON TO WHAT YOU BELIEVE mumford and sonsWHEREVER YOU WILL GO charlene soraiaPOMPEII bastille |  BLOOD ON MY NAME the brothers bright DIE TRYING art of dying |  BROKEN BONES rev theoryBELOW MY FEET mumford and sons |
WAIT IN LINE james bayFAR FROM HOME five finger death punch |

                        bright and bold: a hufflepuff mix

i. budapest - george ezra ii. rabbit heart (raise it up) - florence + the machine iii. awake my soul - mumford and sons iv. to build a home - the cinematic orchestra v. shake it out - florence + the machine vi. titanium - david guetta ft. sia vii. something i need - onerepublic viii. timshel - mumford and sons

steady as the stars in the woods

// things change. summer ends.

home - phillip phillips ▲ secrets - onerepublic ▲ welcome home - radical face ▲ lover of the light - mumford and sons ▲ old pine - ben howard ▲ destination (itunes session) - imagine dragons ▲ paradise - coldplay ▲ it’s time - imagine dragons ▲ sloom - of monsters and men ▲ how far we’ve come - matchbox twenty ▲ wklv lv jrvsho (sldqr yhu.) - sdqlf dw wkh glvfr ▲ hqwhuoxgh / halwoxgh - wkh nloohuv

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here have another angsty obikin playlist


i. iscariot - walk the moon | ii. soldier on - the temper trap | iii. i want to feel alive - the lighthouse and the whaler | iv. down the line -  josé gonzález | v. i found (accoustic) - amber run | vi. haunt - bastille | vii. youth - daughter | viii. pieces (hushed) - andrew belle | ix. we only attack ourselves - funeral suits | x. i bet my life - imagine dragons | xi. the enemy - mumford & sons | xii. sorry - the intermission project | xiii. home ii - dotan | xiv. small memory - jon hopkins