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Mumford and Sons and Eddie Vedder joined U2 on stage last night in Seattle, WA for “Mothers of the Disappeared”.

EMPIRE FOR YOU     a fanmix fit for kings

1. Karmina  All the kings horses  -  2. Oasis  Stop crying your heart out  -  3.   Daughter  Landfill  -  4. Gabriel Aplin  Human  -  5. Sleeping at Last  South  -  6. Ed Sheeran  Firefly  -  7. Mikki Ekko  Made of light  -  8. Washington  Lover/Soldier  -  9. Raleigh Ritchie  Bloodsport  -  10. Mumford and Sons  I will wait   11. Sara Bareilles  I choose you (live)  -  12. Of Monsters and Men  Empire

Amazing art by the lovely rehsa

After the events of I’m No Angel, Castiel finds himself exiled from the safety of the bunker. He takes to wandering, but the money Dean gives him runs out all too soon. Luck, or perhaps divine providence, lands him on the Amish farm of Jacob and Lydia Beiler.

The Beilers take Cas in, and he learns to do farm chores and care for the Beilers’ apiary. Despite the Amish’s general distrust of outsiders - Englischers - the strange man who can understand their language and isn’t afraid of hard work seems a natural fit amongst them. Castiel thinks he might just go ahead and stay - the placid farmland seems like a good place to heal his broken heart, and maybe forget the man who broke it.

Meanwhile, Dean finds himself so wracked with guilt, he can barely sleep, has no appetite, and can’t stand to see his own face in the mirror. He can’t decide which transgression is worse; the fact that he threw Cas away or that Sam’s unwillingly - and unwittingly - possessed by an angel. Charlie comes for a visit and decides to stay, and it takes her no time at all to call Dean on his bullshit.

With her help and encouragement and a plan to deal with the angel in Sam later, Dean and Charlie set out to find Cas and bring him home. But when they find him, Dean’s surprised that Cas doesn’t want to come home, leaving Dean to face some difficult truths about himself - and how he feels about Castiel.

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| As Tears Go By - The Rolling Stones | (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding | I’m Not in Love - 10cc | Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls | The Cave - Mumford and Sons | Times Like These (Live) - Foo Fighters | Everglow - Coldplay | Awake My Soul - Mumford and Sons | All My Love - Led Zeppelin | The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles | Open Arms - Journey | I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner | Maybe I’m Amazed - Paul McCartney and Wings | Home - Phillip Phillips |

Liar (live at Paradiso, Amsterdam 2008)
Marcus Mumford
Liar (live at Paradiso, Amsterdam 2008)

Marcus Mumford performing solo at Paradiso in Amsterdam on April 25th, 2008 (opening for Laura Marling).

This live version is special because it features an extra verse of the song not found on the record:

“Well, they told me love was a fortress
And I had never put it to the test
And all the while I relied on dishonesty
Well in love we are but amateurs at best”


my bellarke playlist is finally at 50 songs, so I thought I’d share! Listenable on spotify; Playlist Name ‘Bellarke’, user: pundragon17

  • Knocking On Heaven’s Door - RAIGN
  • Can’t Pretend - Tom Odell 
  • Light - Sleeping At Last 
  • Couldn’t Stop Caring - The Spiritual MAchines 
  • Young God - Halsey 
  • You - Keaton Henson 
  • Rubik’s Cube - Athlete 
  • Where’s My Love - Syml 
  • Home - Gabrielle Aplin 
  • The Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin 
  • Mess is Mine - Vance Joy 
  • Gone - The Head and the Heart 
  • Awake My Soul - Mumford and Sons 
  • Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez 
  • Beautiful Tragedy - Mike Dignam 
  • Live Like We’re Lost - Mike Dignam 
  • Bumper Cars - Alex & Sierra 
  • Run to You - Pentatonix 
  • Standing By - Pentatonix 
  • Fucked Up - Young Rising Sons 
  • All of Me - John Legned 
  • Can You Hold Me - NF, Britt Nicole 
  • Tell Me It’s Okay - gnash 
  • i hate u, i love u - gnash, Olivia O’Brien 
  • Armor - Landon Austin 
  • War of Hearts - Ruelle 
  • Pieces - Red 
  • Lost in the Moment - NF, Jonathan Thulin 
  • 5AM - Amber Run 
  • Into the Light - Rupert Pope, Giles Palmer 
  • There’s a Ghost - Fleurie 
  • Sad Song - We The Kings, Elena Coats 
  • Art of War - We The Kings 
  • The Devil’s Tears- Angus & Julia Stone 
  • Surrender - Natalie Taylor 
  • Stand By You - Rachel Platten 
  • I Have and I Always Will - Dave Barnes 
  • The Runner and the Lover - Former Vandal, Shelby Merry 
  • Impossible - James Arthur 
  • The Call - Regina Spektor 
  • Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra 
  • Heroes - Mans Zelmerlow 
  • Here With Me - Susie Suh, Robot Koch 
  • Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur 
  • Everything Comes Back to You - Jensen House 
  • Looking Too Closely - Fink 
  • Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith 
  • Waves - Acoustic - Dean Lewis 
  • You Will Find Me - Alex & Sierra 
  • Someone To Stay - Vancouver Sleep Clinic 

where they are just and loyal || hufflepuff || listen 

i. gold rays // vinyl pinups ii. alone together // fall out boy iii. let’s dance to joy division // the wombats iv. she’s a riot // the jungle giants v. tongue tied // grouplove vi. san francisco // the mowgli’s vii. don’t stop // foster the people viii. laughter lines // bastille ix. different colours // walk the moon x. roman holiday // halsey xi. all this and heaven too // florence + the machine xii. smells like summer // early hours xiii. trouble // imagine dragons xiv. say it, just say it // the mowgli’s xv. i will wait for you // mumford & sons xvi. weight of living pt. ii // bastille xvii. cry baby // melanie martinez xviii. when did your heart go missing // rooney xviv. favorite record // fall out boy xv. crystals // of monsters and men xvi. jackie and wilson // hozier xvii. welcome home // radical face xviii. atlas hands // benjamin francis leftwich xix. be good // max brodie ft. tom rosenthal xx. sunshine lullaby // pebaluna xxi. someone new // hozier xxii. after the storm // mumford & sons

27 Dresses (Part 10)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – None

Word Count – 2,717

Notes –   I had a different plan in mind when I started writing this part, but somehow that’s not what ended up on the page.  I like where it went though.  Now I’m going to have to change up a few things to make this work out the way I want, but it’ll be worth it!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!” Anika @avengerofyourheart, I saved you for last!!  I hope you enjoy your wedding and your groom!

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

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“You don’t have to yell at me, (Y/N),” she shot back at you.  “Dad gave me the dress, I can do whatever I want to with it.”

“That’s what you do, isn’t it?” you retorted.  “You take whatever is given to you and use it however you see fit without any regard for someone else’s feelings.”

“You’re overreacting,” your sister chastised you. “It’s just an ugly dress, you’ll get over it.”

“It was one of the only things we had left of Mom’s and you destroyed it!” you snapped as you clutched the box of scraps and stormed out of the shop.

You fumed the entire way home in the cab.  You were so sick and tired of Nat ruining everything you’d ever loved.  Maybe it was time you ruined something for her.


It was two days before you heard from Nat again.  You could tell that Steve knew what was going on from the way he acted around you. That was the worst part of this whole deal.  You and Steve had a great working relationship before all of this, regardless of the way he felt about you, or rather the way he didn’t feel about you.  Nat had come in and totally disrupted everything, and now you and Steve could barely have a conversation, even about work related topics.

She had decided to show up again with baked goods.  You had to hand it to her, she knew all of your weaknesses, especially when it came to your sweet tooth.  This time, it wasn’t just one slice of cheesecake, but an entire cheesecake. She knew she had screwed up big, and that it was going to be hard to earn your forgiveness this time.

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Mumford Sons “Timshel” Live - Sideshow Alley

Mumford and Sons soothes my soul when it feels like it’s lost something.

sometimes oscar isaac sings things and tbh most of it’s pretty tender

Mumford and Sons performing “Blind Leading the Blind” live at their first opening gig for U2 in Vancouver, May 12th, 2017.