Anyone who wants to join the Mumfamily is free to!!

The Mumfamily consists of the following:

  • TinyChat sessions
  • a FaceBook page (ask one of us to befriend you if you wish to join!!)
  • The Mumfamily Tumblr page
  • A large group of AWESOME people
  • A no-trouble joining policy!! If you want in, you’re in!! Just try and take part in activities and stuff as much as you can, even if you can’t, anyone who loves Mumford is part of the Mumfamily!!
  • We’re a peaceful fandom, we understand fandom jokes, but don’t take it far enough to where you make someone angered.
  • The people here will become your best friends, trust me
  • You can start little outside projects (ex. Mumford and Pals!, moomford&suns, various other things). They’re really adorable and highly appreciated!!
  • Welcome to the most peaceful and loving family on Tumblr!!

Just a reminder to you all that I care about each and every person in the Mumfamily and beyond, even if I’ve never talked to you. I’ve seen your posts and wonder how you’re doing, how your day is going. I hope that you have a job that you like, that you get to do things that you love doing. If you’re reading this then yes, this includes you. I love you, okay? If you ever need someone to talk to please come shoot me a message, anon or not. Even if I can’t help with a problem, I’ll listen. I’ll never ignore anyone. x